Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ranil's slave mentality - faults australia for respecting sl sovereignty

willing slaves always need a master. 
but australia has let slip the "white man's burden".
oh horror! 

ranil wickremesinghe, prime minister of unelected backdoor government, has once again demonstrated his slavish breeding. in an interview with foreign media, he has faulted australia, and its prime minister tony abbott, for not lecturing sri lankan government on alleged human rights violations here. like the old white racist mass murdering imperialists (willingly served by his ancestors), ranil obviously thinks western countries have a god given right to 'civilize' rest of the world

in ranil's eyes, enlightened west is there to to teach and order us, we, benighted natives, are here to obey and learn from west!

as such, australia is wrong, because unlike other hypocrites in west (uk, usa , canada, eu), who preach human rights to the whole world,while being responsible for the worst and most human right violations in this century, australia, for a change, has given up lecturing us, and decided to respect our sovereignty, and treat sri lanka on equal terms. 

oh horror! pederast ranil and his toyboys can't stand that. 


ask yourself,
why is this obviously incompetent undiplomatic idiot running the government here? 
why is this slave breathing? 


btw notice how ranil takes it upon himself to say that australian immigration minister will receive a "frosty reception" from tnaranil says tna is "a key member of the new ­ruling coalition". same tna that unanimously passed an absurd obviously counter-factual motion, accusing every sri lankan government since independence, of perpetrating genocide

who does this slave serve?

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Anonymous said...

Sigh! I don't know what to do. Take a gun and blow this son of a bitch's head off or shoot myself.

I guess the next in line is China and Russia for respecting our sovereignty and helping us in the biased UNHRC process.

Anura Dissanayaka's (the new found lapdog of Ranil) boys already initiated the war on Russia by force entering it's embassy construction site.

lefr said...

At least he was smart enough to become Prime Minister, unlike you who was so fucking dumb enough to think Mahinda would win, and now bitching about it like a little cunt. lol

sittingnut said...

anon @ 2/24/2015 10:41 AM
frankly way ranil is carrying on, deliberately spitting on sri lanka on behalf of his western masters, would & should, result in his public lynching, soon enough.
since he threatened to harm chief justice and family physically and violated constitution to remove cj, no pity should be shown to the scumbag at that day, he is beyond law's protection.
his masters protests when he is humiliated should fall on deaf ears since they are blind to his violence.

lefroy the ranil's suckerboy is here after failing to answer the questions i posed to him in my january posts' comment threads . as such he would be ignored .

Anonymous said...

What is your prediction this time around? I predict UPFA will come first (but less than 113 seats) then all other parties plus Mayithree molls of UPFA will get together to appoint Ranil as the PM. It would be another blow to democracy.