Monday, February 02, 2015

resistance to ranil/john amaratunga thuggery should be the first shot

all who desire democracy, good governance, rule of law, and stable prosperity, to prevail in sri lanka, needs to support all forms of resistance to lawless, irresponsible, thuggery, that is being imposed on sri lanka, by filthy pederast ranil's backdoor government. 

of the many many acts they have perpetrated against "yaha palanaya", they hypocritically proclaimed, and their paid propagandists, online and off,  spread,  some of which i have commented on in this blog, i will mention a few thematic ones,
  • gross violation of constitution in removing chief justice mohan peiris, accompanied with physical threats against him and family, made by ranil himself and his fellow thug asad sally.
  • totally irresponsible and ignorant budget. which has resulted in a continuing stock market crash, and would have resulted in a rupee crash, if not for furious selling of dollar reserves built up by mahinda, and threats to currency brokers, by central bank. how long the rupee can be protected by such means is a question.
  • the widespread daily acts of physical violence, and absurd slanders, against opposition and members of previous government. with threats to media & officials that cover the violence and question the slanders.  
  • the irresponsible surrender of our foreign policy, and sri lankan interests, to india and west, purely because these supported private interests of the ranil gang in the regime change, and now say nice things about the new regime, while deliberately preferring to cover their eyes to its violent illegal undemocratic actions. in the process, they are alienating china, whose interests and ours coincide to a large degree, and unlike india and west, is willing to go beyond mere words, and pay for our support. 
due to all these, and more. sri lankans should start active resistance to the ranil's backdoor regime.

the incident of thuggery directly involving john amaratunga, minister of public peace, disaster management and christian religious affairs, is a good example of multiple failings of this new regime. as such it should be used as a good starting point for active resistance.

last friday(30th), he was present, and is on record encouraging his henchmen, to invade a sitting session of the wattala pradeshiya sabha (a local council controlled by upfa in his electorate), and then physically assault chairman thyagaratna alwis, and members with iron rods.  

no arrests were made in spite of video evidence. if puppet sirisena continues to be a toyboy in the hands of pedrast ranil, and fails to remove amaratunga from his cabinet post, that involves oversight of police, a no confidence motion should be presented in parliament, and a non stop protest campaign should be undertaken until he is removed.

we must keep in mind that backdoor government, though its trying to project an image of strength through media, is in fact weak, especially among public in south, and even votes maithree (not ranil) got in north, were merely votes against mahinda, rather than for anything positive. a resistance campaign, will have more than enough public support once it gets going, led by resolute leaders, whose aim is removal of backdoor regime.  

so the question is whether official opposition leadership, made up of people like nimal siripala de silva, has the brains and guts to mount such a campaign, or at least let others in opposition, people who have demonstrated courage in face of relentless attacks from backdoor gov, have a free hand to lead one. we will soon know. if they, nimal & co, fail, they should be replaced with people who do have what it takes to face down the backdoor government. and chase away ranil's thugs to face retribution, unprotected by laws they have intentionally desecrated.
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Anonymous said...

Derana TV will be soon blocked or licence revoked at this rate because under yahapalanaya it's the only media that is trying to be impartial.

People gave a clear mandate for Sirisena. If he choose to be the puppet of Ranil I guess there is nothing for people to do until next election in June.

Anonymous said...

Not related but Upul Jayasuriya had got his share of the pie for the part he played.