Thursday, January 29, 2015

those who endorse removal of cj mohan peiris are beyond law and its protections

removal of chief justice mohan peiris, was carried out by giving unconstitutional power to executive to be legislative and judiciary as well.

sirisena, under orders from ranil's backdoor government, interpreted law & passed a sentence like a court (but unlike a real court, did not hear from both sides), when he claimed that chief justice mohan peiris's appointment was "bad in law".

he is, blatantly assuming power to institute a court, lay down its procedure (one which violates rights guaranteed in constitution), to pass (or assume existence of) laws and to interpret them at will. 

under constitution chief justice can be removed only through an impeachment in parliament. and if there is some fault in procedure of his appointment, that can be determined only by courts (and under rights guaranteed in constitution), after hearing from all sides.

those who have endorsed removal of chief justice mohan peiris, 
  • are willfully endorsing fundamental violations of constitution
  • they endorse degrading both spirit and letter of law. (unlike mahinda, and other previous presidents of sri lanka, who may, in some cases, have acted against spirit of law, but not against its letter.)
  • endorse giving power of executive, legislative, and judiciary to a single person, against all principles of human rights, democracy, and good governance. 
  • denying existence of rule of law in sri lanka, they endorse rule of one man to make and break laws at will.
  • they are denying us, sri lankans, the right to be ruled by our legitimate democratic republic form of government.
endorsers of this criminal activity, be they parliamentarians, judges, bureaucrats, media, bloggers, or just individuals, are placing themselves beyond law by their actions. as such must face the consequences. they must expect to be denied protection of laws and rights guaranteed under the constitution they violate.

when sri lanka reestablish and reenforce the democratic constitution, as it will, soon enough, given its long tradition of democracy. these people who have willfully placed themselves beyond its protection can (imo should) be denied all lawful protections of a constitution they deliberately violated. pleas, if any, from their foreign backers, who now fail to condemn this undemocratic and illegitimate removal of chief justice, should be ignored.  

we must remember and keep the evidence of their criminality, because, from now on, imo, we, sri lankans, who are violated by these outlaws, are, completely free to unleash and support the violent fury of inevitable consequences on them. let them eat their own shit! literally.

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