Monday, January 12, 2015

yaha palanaya! political thug upul jayasuriya threatens chief justice

so much for rule of law, and due process, promised by the new government! 

today, president of bar association of sri lanka (basl), upul jayasuriya, and his henchmen, are openly threatening chief justice of sri lanka, mohan peiris, to make him resign, with encouragement from ranil's backdoor government.

this comes soon after ranil's gov, threatened to illegally prosecute those exercising right to freedom of expression.

corrupt thug jayasuriya, who got elected as basl president through violence, seemingly ignorant of constitutional law, claimed that "the association has unanimously decided to re-elect impeached dr. shirani bandaranayake for the cj post."

bar association, which is far from unanimity on anything, does not elect justices of supreme court, with good reason. president of the country appoints them when there is a vacancy. justices can only be removed through impeachment. 

bandaranayake was removed through an impeachment, due to to her corruption. charges against her were originally made by ranil's close associates in unp, such as harsha de silva. new president, maithrepala sirisena, and probably a majority of soon to be appointed cabinet, voted for the impeachment.  

ranil's primary real objection to current cj, is probably his constitutional ruling on land and police powers of provincial councils. ranil having some understanding with racist tna to give tna run northern provincial council more power in return for their support in election, has to get rid of cj and this ruling.

if ranil and his fixers, want the chief justice removed, they should impeach him and follow the due process of law. but since there is no credible allegations of any corruption against current cj, they have no case. hence the use of filthy tool jayasuriya. 

it should be noted that american embassy has been indirectly subsidizing basl, after jayasuriya came in to office, by renting from basl, premises for united states agency for international development (usaid), a controversial agency accused world over for subverting governments. usaid in sri lanka was barely budgeted $15mil for 2014, and most of it was spent to pay foreign staff here and these premises.  

but quite apart from what looks like dangerous foreign interference in sri lankan courts, and despicable back room maneuvering by deviant ranil, one thing is certain

rule of the law is in the process of being violated by these ranil sanctioned threats by jayasuriya. and all who love good governance should condemn them

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Anonymous said...

Well said, this is nothing but good governance. Lawyers protesting CJ to stand down? what nonsense!

The plan is to appoint Shirani bandaranayaka, who is a federalist and whom was appointed to supreme court by CBK and give police and land powers to provincial councils through the supreme courts.

Then both Ranil and Sirisena can claim that they didn't give police and land powers to provincial councils but the supreme court did and they will bow down to the decision.

This is smart play by Washington and their agents. I will also make a prediction here. Upul jayasuriya will come into politics from UNP one day.

Anonymous said...

Ponna nut, looser again. How can you be libertarian , better be librarian. Hoo Hoo. Called Mahinda a cow, then went to suck his bum. Blind to corruption. Ponna nut mariyan.

Anonymous said...

Do you have proof that USAID is renting from BASL?

sittingnut said...

anon @ 1/12/2015 4:24 PM
agree with you! thanks for comment.

anon @ 1/12/2015 4:36 PM
quote me(with link) not being libertarian.

this post demanding due process of law instead of threats, is libertarian.

i called mahinda a buffalo(not "cow"). i still call him that, because it is a very good description. if you know anything about buffaloes, you will know it is not a derogatory name, though it is not completely complimentary either. that fcat also make your other charges redundant. lol