Thursday, January 08, 2015

3 basic questions to answer before voting

whoever we vote for today, mahinda or maithree, answering these 3 questions will help clarify our thoughts, thus giving meaning to mark we make.

1/ with terrorists defeated, economy growing, and prevailing democracy even enabling us to kick mahinda out, should we kick him out and why? give reasons.

2/ if mahinda and his administration have faults (nepotism? corruption? ... ) would they really be cured by maithree and his backers? are they without those same faults?  

3/ can maithree, dependent on failed politicians from unp and slfp, and fringe parties and racists of all kinds, be a resolute leader, able to keep as prospering and safe, especially with institution of executive presidency abolished?

if we are responsible sri lankan citizens we must be able to answer these 3 before voting.

here are my anwsers.

1/ we mustn't kick mahinda out because he has been a successful president.
2/ maithree backers are perhaps worse.
3/ maithree will be a weak president and a disaster.

you are free to answer differently. but do answer them. and if you do disagree with me, let me know in comments section, with reasons for all 3 questions. .

i have also made a prediction, based on facts and rational calculations, that mahinda will win with a significant margin. track record of previous such predictions here, such as 2010 one, are excellent.  

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lefroy said...

More dick sucking by the authoritarian Mahinda Rajapakse's libertarian bitch boy.

1) Mahinda's been successful at killing 11 journalists

2) Didn't happen anything like this during the time Ranil was in power

3) lol. Here we have a libertarian fan of authoritarianism.

sittingnut said...

ranil's twink lefroy parrots rote learned propaganda inst5ed of answering questions here.

btw who are the 11 journalists? so called list usually parroted include people killed by tigers for working in state owned media.

loser ranil, leader of unp merely because of his family, ran a uncorrupt administration? lol indeed.

supporting a president with proven record, who is not beholden to failed politicians and racists, is "authoritarianism"? lol

Anonymous said...

I'm yet to find a Sirisena backer who is voting for him bc they actually believe he would be a good leader for the country. All are voting for him for pathetic reasons. A good reason not to vote for Sirisena.

Jack Point said...

To respond to your questions:

1. Economic growth is in fact very poor, the statistics produced exaggerate growth.

For a detailed explanation see:

The LTTE is a not a current issue, in my opinion:

2. Will Maithre deliver? See my assessment here:

3. A strong leader? Sounds like a nice idea but is this in our best interest? See

Jack Point said...

On the economy see this as well:

lefroy said...

lol. Authoritarian Mahinda's libertarian bitch boy doesn't even know that Mahinda is authoritarian. What a pathetic little cunt. Bitch probably doesn't even know what libertarianism is. Motherfucker is even praising the highly interventionist economic policies of his master.

As for journalists killed, who the fuck is EPDP working for? Who the fuck is TMVP working for?

Sampath Lakmal de Silva,
P. Devakumaran,
Ranjith Kumar,
Suresh Kumar,
Mylvaganam Nimalarajan,
K. S. Raja,
Selvarajah Rajivarnam,
Lasantha Wickramatunge,
Chandrabose Suthaharan,
Aiyathurai Nadesan,
Taraki Sivaram

So how does it feel when you fake libertarian ass is handed to you, bitch boy? Feels good?

sittingnut said...

bloody loser ranil's twink refroy, driven out of his mind as usual by another election loss, posts a list of people (some of them not deserving the title 'journalists' ) killed by various killers, mostly by ltte. when the born idiot can establish any verifiable evidence linking deaths of of these and mahinda, lefroy would be worth listening to.

only true connection between these deaths and mahinda is that ltte which killed thousands of people(including some of these) and innocent children, was justly defeated under mahinda's leadership.
in contrast ranil allowed the tiger pussies free rule over large part of land and people, to kill and despoil as they wished.
does lefroy, who make unsubstantiated allegations against mahinda, deny this substantiated fact about ranil?

if he does not deny, does he think ranil, or his puppets should ever be allowed power in sri lanka ?

leftpy will run like a filthy cur from this questions, and try to go in a tangent, if he ever shows his ranil's shit stained face in this thread.
same way he is yet to answer the questions i asked in main post, preferring to vomit unrelated list of dead poeple.

where did i ever praise "highly interventionist economic policies" of anyone anywhere?
if lefroy has seen me doing that why not give quote and link. he wont, because i have never done that.

in fact i invite anyone to quote and link me saying anything contrary to libertarian principles.

far from having any "ass handed to me" lefroy seems to be offering his ass to all and sundry, may be he just realized ranil's is barely a man. lol.

sittingnut said...

anon 1/08/2015 8:01 AM
agree with you . sirisens backer are in for a big surprise today

lefroy said...

The bitch ass cocksucker's asking me "where did i ever praise "highly interventionist economic policies" of anyone anywhere?" lol. The motherfucker has forgotten his previous bitch ass cocksucking post, where he said "except for the expansion of government service (and claims of increase in subsides), i have no great objections to any of this. and since sri lanka as a whole is far from being libertarian, most sri lankans would approve, rather than object to even that. though government's visible hand in reduction of certain imports, and its direct hand in infrastructure development, are violations of free market principles, these are in fact not free markets to begin with. in any case mahinda has never been a free market capitalist." lol. Apparently being a libertarian means having no problem with manipulating the trade balance and supporting huge government infrastructure projects (apparently the bitch ass doesn't realize his ass is getting taxed to pay for those.)

As for the journalists, lol. It's the bitch ass dick sucker who gets to decide who's a journalist and who's not. He also apparently thinks the EPDP is the LTTE. The bitch ass probably also think that it as the LTTE that attacked Sirasa and Siyatha TV, and burned down Irudina newspaper, and broke Poddala Jayantha's legs.

What a pathetic lesbian cunt. So how does it feel sucker? Does my dick taste good?

sittingnut said...

jack point:
quite apart from official gov/ cbank statistics , similar gdp growth figures are given by imf, world bank , rating agencies, etc.

similarly growth in electricity use , export growth, motor vehicle registration, bank deposit and loans growth, consumer spending, etc etc all indicate this is no illusory growth.

you are free believe in propaganda in ranil's uncle's paper and terrorist supporting ngo run groundviews, which seem to apply custom made economic theories and stats for sri lanka instead of those used everywhere else.
you are also free to live in fantasy and think terrorists have vanished when they are clearly visible in several foreign capitals on certain days waving tiger flags. as well as spouting blood curdling hate in northern provincial council.
unlike you, i don't think weak leaders, beholden to racists who loved terrorists, and beholden to fringe parties, and failed politicos rejected by mass of people, out to get their own petty agendas through back door, at the cost of country as a whole, a good thing

sittingnut said...

lol didn't i say lefroy will run from my questions about ranil? lol
he also fails to quote me "praising highly interventionist economic policies"

my quote he uses has no such praise. instead it states facts about mahinda' position( not a free market capitalist) and his polices( not free market).

he obviously has some comprehension problem related to his mental illness.

unable to provide any substantiated evidence between mahinda and deaths of people he listed as asked , lefroy clutches at other allegations. lol fun to see the idiot run

maybe typical maithree supporter is like this born idiot ignorant scumbag lefroy? certainly if there are any rational people in that camp example of lefroy here will make them jump out.