Thursday, January 15, 2015

yaha palanaya! backdoor politicos & police raid upfa office

degradation of "yaha palanaya" continues at furious pace.

why is communication equipment (or in sinhala video version of report, mere "audio broadcast equipment") in an election office "suspicious"? quite normal one would think. was there even a search warrant?

no, this was no police investigating a crime, but abuse of police by two corrupt politicos, in an attempt to deprive opposition ability to communicate

perhaps they were frustrated, and this is confirmed by their remarks in video, that all those fabulous riches they claimed rajapaksas have amassed, turned out to be a mirage? let's show a few loud speakers for election work, as an example of corruption! in another similar incident they showed a rusty plane without wings as ill gotten gains. lol.

is anyone fooled by this? is this any different from attacking an election rally stage? a poltico under mahinda who did that, was arrested before election. will ranil allow arrest of rathana & ravi? don't count on that. failure to arrest them for this violence and abuse of power, will again indicate, who was and is, acting more democratically. 

all, except willing fools like, paid to forget reality and parrot propaganda from ranil's media, know that for ranil and cohort, "good governance", is a mere slogan.


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 good governance indeed! 

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lefroy said...

The cunt who said nothing against the murders of Lasantha Wickrematunga, and many other journalists, the cunt who said nothing against bombing MTV and Siyatha TV, the cunt who said nothing against burning down Irudina and Virakesari, the cunt who said nothing against breaking Poddala Jayantha's legs, is suddenly worried about freedom of expression. lol.

But it's okay, since I know you are butthurt after your election result prediction disaster.

sittingnut said...

ponil's twink boy is back ( after failing to answer my questions in other threads). lol

far from saying nothing i said enough at the time. but idiot lefroy don't know how to search.

btw lasantha wickrematunga, was a back mailing thug .
and "bombing of mtv" ? is that what you call what happened? lol
as if we have not seen real bombings and burnings in sri lanka.

who is this parrot lefroy fooling?

notice he is trying to deflect this thread away from this politico led clear abuse of power to attack opposition.

if he dares to come in here again,
if he is not an ignorant , uneducated , turd out of ranil's ahole,he must clearly state whether event highlighted in post is an attack on democracy by people who claim they were ruling for democracy & good governance.
does he condemn ravi & rathana, and their master ranil?

not hard to do, is it?
but instead of doing that easy thing, will lefroy again run from facts and reason ?

lefroy said...

The funny thing is, having a cunt for a brain, you still think sucking Mahinda's dick is a good idea. lol. Still defending his excellency Mahinda Rajapakse killing Lasantha Wickrematunga. Still defending his excellency Mahinda Rajapakse bombing MTV. If there ever was libertarian who sucked an authoritarian asshole's dick, it's you. lol.

And having a cunt for a brain, you think I'm believe in democracy? lol.

Anonymous said...

This is the same Yahapalana gang that blackmailed former president by threatening to arrest his 3 sons and forced him to give the presidency of SLFP to sirisena.

sittingnut said...

ponils' twink lefroy still unable answer my questions , pointlessly parroting redundant spin he was last injected through his holes .

his ignorance & idiocy, is apparent from each passing comment
only a non sri lankan, ignorant of all the real bombings we suffered from tigers, appeased by ranil, would use words "bombing of mtv".

mahinda did nor kill blackmailing scumbag lasantha. person, who is probably responsible, is in ranil's gov at the moment. as i said at the time (look it up) shit lasantha did not deserve his fate, nor did any of the other much more innocent people killed by tigers who were given power by ranil.
only a filthy lover of child killers like lefroy would mourn blackmailer lasantha and celebrate victory of tigers ranil alliancewho killed thousands of innocents .

born slave through habit lefroy use words like "his excellency" . words, unlike him, i have never used.


here are the relevant questions, that lefroy fail to answer and tries to run away from using irrelevant, redundant, already refuted, slanders totally unsupported by facts.

does he admit whether event highlighted in post is an attack on democracy by people who claim they were ruling for democracy & good governance? does he condemn ravi & rathana, and their master ranil?

does he condemn, same way he condemns fate of lasantha, ranil's undemocratically giving tigers rule over parts of country resulting in deaths of thousands of innocents, and ranil's total inaction in face threat to democracy from real bombings targeting innocents carried out by tamil tiger ?

why can't this typical ranil supporter, lefroy , answer these simple questions? readers can judge.

sittingnut said...

anon 1/15/2015 7:25 PM
thansk for comment .
i don't think there was any force involved in transfer of slfp presidency. it in both mahinda and maithree interests to keep slfp united , to maintain its power base , and as a counterweight to unp which is in fact very weak and punching above its weight at the moment .

if maithree acts wisely we will see usefulness of this in about a month or two.
and mahinda if he wants can come back if slfp wanta to win elections.