Friday, January 09, 2015

sri lankans made a big mistake today

by kicking out mahinda and bringing in maithree puppet, we, sri lankans, made a big mistake. 

it may very well turn out to be the biggest mistake, some of my fellow citizens, will make in their lives. 

nor should sri lankan voters be allowed to say they were deceived or misled into voting for maipuppet. plenty of people saw what is happening and warned before the vote. voters freely chose this outcome with their eyes and minds open. now they will reap.

this being a democracy, lot of us who tried to prevent this mistake, will be dragged along with idiots to disaster. saying, "we told you so", wont be much help then. though i intend to rub noses, of plenty of  people, on those words soon enough. lol.

as said in my pre-vote post, with mahinda we looked forward to a stable continuation of growth and secure peace. but maipuppet's backers alleged mahinda was incompatible with democracy, good governance, rule of law, and clean hands. (you see that is why, he did not interfere with this election, or past elections, and quickly handed over power! at least one slander against him, that he is some kind of a violent power mad dictator, should now be laid to rest). but as i asked, even if this was true, does opening a back door to power to incompetent tainted nepotistic scum like ranil, and chandrika, a solution? is someone, willing to suck up to every sort of fringe party racist low life, going to deliver security and stability, especially if they abolish executive presidency and make him even more dependent? rather he will deliver up those who fought for peace and security to terrorist judges.

the immediate future
we will soon see how maipuppet's masters will publicly squabble and divide the spoils that mahinda built up, after they ruined the country between them last time. we will see almost all of their promises not implemented. we will see current anti corruption, good governance, rule of law, crusaders, in media, ngos, and web, keeping their mouths firmly shut, in return for scraps that fall from table.

all this will come to pass, soon enough. at some point, after lots of damage to country, they will get pushed out, like last time. but unlike mahinda, they will violently resist.

so what to do?  
if we are lucky, maipuppet will actually develop a back bone and not obey his masters. act like another mahinda if you will, and be a successful president. there are even purely selfish immediate motives for this; to get mahinda voters, and even mahinda's brothers and officials, behind him. but that is unlikely, since maipuppet seems to be a born puppet.

other solution is to hope for , and do everything in our power if we can, to accelerate and exasperate  their infighting over spoils and contradictory polices. they will be pushed out all the more sooner. their absurd 100 day program, which will not be implemented, will be good hook on which to attack and press them. 
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Anonymous said...

Hey Folks,

Thank God!

Ruhune Hora gone with the wind

lefroy said...

One would have thought that you would stop making bullshit predictions after your presidential election prediction disaster. But no, being the authoritarian Mahinada's fake libertarian cocksucker, you have no shame. Luckily for you, this prediction is vague enough so you can never be proven wrong for certain, unlike your election prediction tomfoolery. What a cunt.

I tell you what, why don't your change your blog name to Lanka Astrologer? You were about as accurate as them regarding the election, and now as vague as any one of them. Fucker. In the mean time, I'm happy to let you suck my dick.

Anonymous said...

While you're entitled to your clearly biased opinions, next time you express them, please do TRY to use correct grammar and punctuation, and particularly that centuries-old concept of capitalisation where appropriate. Freedom of speech and opinion doesn't give you licence to abuse language. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and while you're at it, since you seem to be quite fond of definitions, why not ask your friend Mahinda to help you look up the definition of nepotism?

Anonymous said...

Mahinda didn't plan on leaving peacefully,him and jillmart-artist gota sent army personnel to polling stations yesterday night... but as it turned out, the army and the police weren't interested. The police and the elections commisioner told them to 'fuk off'; and they didn... not because they were scared, they just couldn't bother. then the Indian Prime Minister Modi and UN General Sectretary Ban Ki Moon had told Mahinda to not interfere... So please... stop trying to whitewash the mofo. I voted for him in 2005, and 2010. I didn't even know who Maithree was... didn't vote for Maithree.... just voted against Mahinda

Anonymous said...

The above anon will believe anything without any facts or using his brain. No point of talking sense to these easy prays!

The next step of the plan is to hijack SLFP by Chandrika. If they can't the SLFP will be split into 2 and then Ranil can please his American masters as he pleases because there is no real opposition.

I Don't want to spoil a new government but we should predict these things before it happens.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 1/09/2015 8:45 PM
only hora is the one who got in to power by a back door when rejected by people; ranil.

lefroy is the typical ranil supporter . idiotic ignorant and corrupt to core.

given the threat of country from such filth, sri lankans must do everything in power to block scumbag ranil. he has no mandate to rule.

it is maipuppet who got elected not ranil.

anon @ 1/09/2015 8:55 PM /1/09/2015 9:01 PM

who made you owner of english? lol.
english is a living language that evolves.

your sort attack me about english, because you can't oppose my "biased opinions" with reason and facts.

btw i used word "nepotism" correctly and ranil is a nepotist.

anon 1/09/2015 10:04 PM
in contrast to undoubted facts like mahinda not interfering with democratic election ( as election commissioner himself said after the election) and handing over power quickly, you advance rumors. lol.

anon @1/09/2015 10:27 PM
agree with you about anon above you .

we will see whether chandrika can get control of slfp, given she lost in her constituency. she would be hard pressed to convince mps that they will win future elections under her leadership. maipuppet himself may have other ideas, since he wants a party to counter balance ranil. he might want to get control of party himself against mahinda , or some sort of support from still loyal mahinda followers

Anonymous said...


look out for champika as well. He was a power hungry maniac from 89 when he was a student leader of JVP. He will certainly push sirisena to have his own powerbase.

lefroy said...

lol. The asshole who calls me idiotic and ignorant is the dumb fuck who predicted a comfortable Mahinda Rajapakse victory, while I correctly predicted a Maithreepala victory. What a cunt. Looks like he has drunk too much of my cum.

He's also accusing me of corrupt. lol. This is the motherfucker who's supporting the authoritarian, interventionist Mahinda Rajapakse while calling himself a libertarian. Fucking hilarious.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 1/10/2015 9:55 AM

we will see what happens. it is a mess and will get messier.

lefroy show what an ignorant idiot loser he is , like all ranil supporters and twinks , wuth each passing comment here.

when asked, he failed to give even one concrete quote & link from me that was against libertarian principles, buyt like all mindless parrots keeps on repeating i am not a libertarian. lol

btw funny how he takes credit for a "prediction" he merely repeated without thinking and explaining.

i have pointed out in my prediction post thread where i was wrong in my prediction , i assumed, as i clearly stated in that post before election, that tamils and muslims were not primarily racially motivated. but it seems that assumption is wrong, and lots of them are in fact filthy racist scum.