Monday, January 12, 2015

yaha palanaya! ravi k. and mangala in cabinet

ranil's backdoor government, which promised an end to corruption, has sworn in, with other stinkers, ravi karunanayake as finance minister, and mangala samaraweera as foreign minister.  

enough said

unlike hypocritical online hacks like, this blog was never an anti corruption crusader.

as i have said many times before, "only way to cure the political system of corruption (and attendant criminality) here or anywhere in the world (most of world is no better than here, west just conceal it it better), is to reduce the power of politicians/state over other ppls' assets/freedoms; be it by cutting government spending/welfare, removing regulations and pols' control over regulations, etc., etc.."
however if you make a big deal of alleged corruption to win votes, it is but right to point out perceived corruption of those two new ministers alone (and they are not the only ones) would match perceived corruption of any administration world over, including the previous administration here.


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 good governance indeed!  

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Anonymous said...

Hiks Ravi should be the only politician that engaged in corruption while in opposition. Accepting money from a known LTTE supporter as well.

In yahapalana government he is the finance minister.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a good start that we reduced the size of the cabinet to 27 from 100+? A first step towards a minimal government is to reduce those who wield power. Isn't that right Mr Libertarian?

Anonymous said...

100+ was cabinet, non cabinet and deputy ministers. That way current government has 50+ ministers.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 1/12/2015 10:54 PM
thanks for comment.
ravi in last unp gov is proof enough.

anon @ 1/14/2015 2:33 PM

actually number of people who wield power to restrict others freedom is not as important as existence & extent of such power. in this case state's power.
in last government ministers were many, but they were powerless, mere prestige position. mahinda and a core welded actual power in sl state. in this government too, only a few of these ministers will have actual power .

iow not much as has changed since no reduction in state power has taken place , nor has any real reduction promised in their agenda. quite the contrary.

anon @ 1/14/2015 8:00 PM
thanks for comment .
good point as far as numbers are concerned