Tuesday, October 18, 2011

criminal pols and their hypocritical online hacks

i am loling @ the self righteous pontifications of a certain blogger about duminda silva, gun fights, and criminal politicians, etc..

i mean how did this person, his suckerboys, and family members, forget that they worked, works, and will work for, same sort of criminal pols. just two weeks ago same blogger ran an extremely dirty politician's facebook page.

did you guess who i am referring to? good! lol.
(btw support of this blogger is a sure sign of defeat for pols he supports. check history).

where i stand
as i have said before here, only way to cure the political system of corruption (and attendant criminality) here or anywhere in the world (most of world is no better than here, west just conceal it it better), is to reduce the power of politicians/state over other ppls' assets/freedoms; be it by cutting government spending/welfare, removing regulations and pols' control over regulations, etc., etc., 

i will support such a libertarian program. in the absence of one from any electable politician, my support or opposition, for pols or parties, will depend on other considerations; ref my voting guide for last presidential election.

i will continue to laugh at ppl who pontificate on criminality and corruption of some criminal politicians while working for others. lol.

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