Friday, October 21, 2011

gaddafi lynched and out, puppets in and fighting, west bombed and looting oil, no democracy in sight. success in libya?

tyrant gaddafi lynched and out, puppets in and fighting, west bombed and looting oil, no democracy in sight. success in libya? 

while i have no sympathy for gaddafi, only looters and their paid slaves can think all this a success and welcome it. 

arab spring, fantasy?
same ppl welcomed the end of egypt's dictator mubarak. not surprising how they are silent on the fact that democracy is nowhere in sight in egypt, now ruled by a shacky and intolerant military junta subservient to west just like mubarak. (since this is a sri lankan blog i refer esp to born/paid slaveboy sri lankan blogs like, groundviews, etc. always ready to parrot western narrative/pov without a shred of independent thought). i have already written about the possible outcomes in egypt. i am still of same opinions. 

slaveboys are also silent on west's hypocritical silence and non action in bahrain where the tyrant massacred and imprisoned peaceful (in contrast to libya's armed and violent) protesters. i suspect the fact that tyrant in bahrain allows free oil looting to west, and permanently hosts american fifth fleet has lot to do with it.

but to return to libya.

west (and others, even sri lanka) courted bloody dictator gaddafi up to last year. but it is mainly west (esp. uk and france) that succeeded in getting deals from him. remember all those western engineers etc., peacefully allowed to evacuate when fighting started. in 2009, britain went so far as to release the libyan terrorist who bombed an airliner over lockerbie killing hundreds in a 'blood for oil' deal. (btw i and many others opposed it at the time. slaveboys were silent.) several wikileaks documents have confirmed what we said. wikileaks and normal news confirmed that british ministers, (including prime ministers and royals), american senators, etc, were regular visitors of crazy dictator gaddafi, gaddafi was invited to g8 summit as an observer and praised, english education institutions gave degrees to gaddafi's son, et., etc. 

west's intervention in libya is a classic case of west exploiting quarrels among natives to make looting of assets easier. ruling scum of genocidal british empire would be proud that their modes of operations are still followed by their progeny. only i doubt whether they will succeed. look what happened after the "successful" invasion and installation of puppets in afghanistan. i think employees of western companies in libya will find looting hard if they are also targets. rightly so!

in any case, all of us would be right in not being overjoyed and not welcoming this news.

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Anonymous said...

Bloody mess!

Patta Pal said...

Thanks SN for visiting my blog. One must accept all comments from all walks. You are just one walk in a sea of them.

I stand by what I have written and just don't want to see a bloody mess erupt like it has in Egypt. You obviously chose to misinterpret everything in your enslaved warped mind and that is your right.

You appear to me to be so caught up in the love or is it hate of the West you sound funny!

The venom in your words must speak volumes of your state of mind having arisen from some kind of deep sleep, hope it was not after a bad dream, a few months in the making. Keep cool man we are exchanging ideas and beliefs!!

sittingnut said...

@patta pal

you are welcome
i see that you have not answered any of the questions i raised in your blog. here or there

unable to answer them you have taken comfort in silly speculations about my sleep etc . lol

may be if you are able to be more rational you would be able to explain where i 'misinterpreted ' instead of merely claiming to be so.

and perhaps if you care about truth you should also point out which of my statements are factually wrong and dream like ?

i hate ppl who invade, occupy, murder, and loot, others assets, all the while hypocritically claiming to be acting for human rights. west seems to be doing just that. don't you agree.

am i wrong to hate ppl who do that ?

do answer! don't run!

my track record going back years can be checked in my blog
i was right about egypt, defeat of ltte, elections, etc , etc,

seems that record indicate i am wide awake to reality and facts. are you ? lol