Tuesday, December 20, 2011

what to write?

that is the question.
what to blog about in a peaceful prospering sri lanka? 

country is getting positively boring.
that is a good thing.
if you are not a political blogger. 

living in such a country is great if you are a family man or an unmarried one; if you are trying to make money or just want to be lazy. it is definitely the place to be if you want to enjoy life, or be miserable by choice.
i am thankful it is like that, now. 
and we, sri lankans, will keep it that way.

but what to write?

be more personal and less political? but i cringe when people indecently expose their own diaries to public as blogs.
write about foreign stuff and my reactions to art and techs? and my thoughts on philosophy and religion? maybe. iow, be boring? maybe.


what to write?


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Anonymous said...

You can write about the Republican race for Presidential Candidacy... Who's your preferred candidate?

Anonymous said...

Why not do what you usually do? jerk off in front of your computer while fantasizing about a particular female blogger?

sittingnut said...

anon @ 12/21/2011 12:00 pm


anon @ 12/21/2011 3:56 pm

is that what you do? just bc you do that don't imagine everyone do it.

btw there must be better jerk off material on the net . learn to use google

Mango said...

Your latest fan Emanuel Stokes is awaiting your response :) :)


Go, get him!

sittingnut said...

was not online for days. back today .

posted response about an hour ago waiting moderation it says

Isuru D. said...

So you say you are Libertarian and you are from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is filled with people with collectivist ideas. There is no end in sight on attacks on civil liberties. No media freedom at all. I know it is a developing country which just disposed a ruthless terrorist group. But the so called democratically elected government has done little to nothing solve any of the above problems. If I was both a Libertarian and a Sri Lankan

sittingnut said...

isuru d-
sorry for delay, i was sick.

your comment is unfinished.

i don't think "Sri Lanka is filled with people with collectivist ideas."
that is just your opinion. imo there are all sorts of ppl in sri lanka. and in fact, they have always voted for pragmatists, rather than 'collectivists'.

your claim "No media freedom at all. " can easily be contradicted by looking at the latest news stand and reading all the attacks on government .

attacks on civil liberties here are no different than same in any other democracies like india, usa, eu countries etc .
that is no excuse and it is not a good thing as i have said many time here. and we should oppose them here.

i prefer when ppl are specific when they make claims and not hide behind empty generalities