Thursday, January 08, 2015

"tight election" and other myths and rumors

it seems maithree supporters are reduced to floating rumors in social media, and to repeating words "tight election" in every other tweet and blog post they make, as if such repetition will make it "tight".  it is also a symptom of their state of denial as their fantasy breaks.  lol

in fact election is peaceful and there is a high voter turnout. so they know they have to find excuses for maithree's defeat by a significant margin.

that explains the silly rumors about grenades, variety of unattributed allegations from unnamed monitors, people fleeing country, etc. etc. 
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Anonymous said...

I'm out of Colombo and things are not looking good. People literally believe that Namal owns 20 racing cars and Mahinda has an island in Seychelles!

Some argue that war would have ended in 2009 anyway and Mahinda was just lucky to be the president on that special day :D

sittingnut said...

you seem to be out of country than just colombo. perhaps a foreigner?

if you are in sri lanka, and know real sri lanknas , you would know why there is a very high turnout today everywhere except wanni and why that is good for mahinda.

you would also not spout silly thing about what people in sri lanka believe and whatever relations those alleged beliefs have on voting

Anonymous said...

I think that this high turnout is good for Mahinda. I admit that his regime was not good, but, as a Sinhalese, I wish the victory of Mahinda. If Maithree will win, then automatically, Muslims would admit that they are the key to make a king. If such a thing happen, the condition become worse.

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supun said...


lefroy said...

Hey Shitnut. Yeah that's right. Suck my dick you fucking idiot. Sucking the authoritarian Mahinda's dick while pretending to be a libertarian worked out well for you, didn't it? lol. It was fucking hilarious that you continued to be in denial, and tweet nonsense, even when it was pretty fucking clear that Mahinda's going to lose.

You and your fucking stupid analyses and your fucking stupid justifications and your fucking stupid tweets. lol. Now turn around and let me fuck your fake libertarian ass. yeah. That's right. It's really...TIGHT. lol

btw, three days ago I simply said what would happen in this election.

Would have done you a load of good if you trusted me, and sucked my dick then instead of Mahinda's

supun said...

Hahahahahahaha nice one ��������

Anonymous said...

>Claims to be libertarian
>Supports Mahinda Rajapakse

Are you mentally retarded?