Monday, February 23, 2015

gay much? passive-aggressive ranil arrests wimal's wife!

insecure repressed hypocrites living with secret skeletons, tend to act in a passive-aggressive manner. this trait can be observed in many closeted homosexuals, who choose not to come out about their sexual orientation (due to intolerance of society and/or their own cowardly state of denial). one suspects, devious passive-aggressive political manoeuvrings preferred by ranil wickremesinghe are habits acquired through a long life spent in back alleys of closeted gays.(see note below on 'outing' him.)

ranil's preference for indirect nastiness, rather than direct transparent action, was again obvious in absurd arrest of wimal weerawansa's wife, for allegedly getting a passport using allegedly forged documents. this comes as wimal weerawansa led campaign, to get mahinda rajapaksa to contest as a prime ministerial candidate in forth coming elections, demonstrated overwhelming public support, at mass rally in nugegoda last week. such a candidacy will wreck ranil's unholy dreams of long lasting power.

same nastiness was on show with the arrest of tissa attanayake, a man who once protected ranil with his own person when unp headquarters, srikotha, was attacked. even though there is zero chance attanayake would ever be found guilty of forging signatures (if they are forged), in the alleged agreement he disclosed to the media during election campaign. he was arrested on a holiday, without informing the speaker of parliament (as should be done with an arrest of a mp), so that he could not be produced before a magistrate able to bail him. (he was immediately granted bail when he was eventually produced). ingrate ranil, wanted him to languish in jail, at least for day, at any cost.

of course, such perverse deviancy always fails in the end.

especially when opponent confronts ranil openly and directly. for example, ranil's backdoor manoeuvrings were crushed utterly by gamini dissanayake (in 1994 when he became unp presidential candidate over ranil), and even by chandrika kumaratunga (in 2003 when she took back defence and media ministries and then eventually dismissed the then ranil government). 

currently, backdoor government is heading towards political chaos (and is taking sri lanka with it) due to ranil's many dishonest thuggish actions

however, sri lanka being a democracy, eventually (and soon enough), ranil would have to directly face voters openly, and will fail. ranil's deviant attacks on people like wimal, who are trying to accelerate, strengthen, and open up, that voter face off, will not help ranil to avoid it.   

it is an open secret that ranil regularly buggers certain young unp politicians and 'journalists' (read propagandists). for instance, he spent weekend before last (14th and 15th), at a southern resort with his male harem. but rather than demanding (or making it obvious as mangala samaraweera, has more or less, done) that he should be allowed to act as he wished in privacy, with his consenting adult partners, ranil prefers to actively deny his sexual preference, and make awkward appearances with his (always glum looking) wife.  

'outing' such hypocrisy in politicians, is a must, for a democratic society like sri lanka. 

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Anonymous said...

Consenting adult partners?
What about youths he raped in Batalanda?