Saturday, August 15, 2015

corrupt ranil behind attempt to subvert election

filthy pederast ranil, who never won a free and fair election, knows through his foreign imported, public funded, illegally privately used, pollsters, that he is heading for another defeat

with his hands red with blood of sri lankan children sacrificed to tigers in his last attempt to remain in power,
his sick mind craving sadistic pleasures he derived when he personally supervised the tortures during 1980s,
knowing that there is solid evidence to convict him as the primary mover behind central bank bond scum,
etc., etc.,  
he is masterminding his puppet dictator sirisena's desperate attempt to repress the will of the sri lankan people during upcoming election.

sirisena's own interests would have been better served by waiting till after the election to undermine mahinda, especially if mahinda led upfa failed to get a clear majority. but ranil convinced him that mahinda led upfa is heading for a solid majority in order to to make him act now. 

ranil himself was convinced of his own defeat at least by last monday. he was obviously ill at ease and irritable during media interviews last week (in contrast to relaxed mahinda).  ranil was positively glum during last press conference with his alliance partners.

when ranil's attempt at illegally remaining in power through the help of his puppet is fully defeated (with luck this will happen just after the election, but certainly within a year, after all their schemes, some of which will be unfolded after the election, get unraveled when faced with political and economic realities), sri lankans must remember to be just in handing out retribution. ranil should be the primary focus. and no pity should be shown to him. 


lefroy said...

Oh Sittingnut, butt boy, you really shouldn't be making predictions anymore. Remember what happened last time with the Presidential Election? Disastrous. But then again, you brain is full of shit, and you are sitting on your nuts, so maybe you're too dumb to understand that you are too dumb to accurately predict anything. Butt boy, I'm doing you a favour here. I'm doing your thinking for you. Don't try to predict anything. You're not good at it. You are too far fucking dumb to accurately predict anything.

You know what you little libertarian, why are you even calling yourself a libertarian anymore? Which part of you is libertarian? Your tranny dick? Yep, I guess a it's a little libertarian, but other than that there's nothing libertarian about you. I've been telling you this over the years but you're just too fucking dumb and pigheaded to listen. Do you even read your fucking blog? If that's a blog a libertarian would write, the female blogger you stalked would have accepted the flowers you tried to give her. Seriously, stop calling yourself a libertarian. You're misleading younger generations into thinking that being libertarian means sucking Mahinda's dick, and licking his balls and getting butt fucked by me. That's sittingnutcism, not libertarianism.

Yesterday, Mahinda was still campaigning in Kurunegala against the election laws. The STF tried to stop him but to no avail. Mahinda knows no laws, and doesn't even mind your yellow teeth when he lets you suck his dick. Why's there nothing about Mahinda's shit on this blog? Apparently Mahinda's the greatest fucking libertarian of all fucking time.

Look butt boy, I'm not telling you to be smarter. Your mom's a whore and father's a dog, so you can't help your god given shit brain. But at least try not to make predictions. It's dumb for even you.

sittingnut said...

one of pederast ranil's toyboys, lefroy is here again . lol
as everyone can see, his disease in the brain has compounded his born idiocy.

after pederast ranil kicked him out of bed when he became too old, he has been trying desperately to get back in favor, forgetting that ranil obviously prefers twinks .

anyway whenever he sees anything against his master ranil, he copy and paste from old (long refuted) comments by others (he is himself incapable of original thought) and lace them obscenities to cover ignorance and irrationality


lefroy said...

Which parts did I copy paste? The part that says you're sucking Mahinda's cock, licking his balls, and getting fucked by me? lol. That's the most original comment of all time. It's just that everyone says that about you.

Butt boy, I say this with all the love I can muster for a tranny. Don't try to predict anything. You are too fucking dumb for it. If you don't see that even after your January disaster, there really no hope for you. Anyway, when you get your predictions wrong again, and feel like you want to die, the best way to die is by shooting a bullet up your butt hole. You won't feel a thing given how many cocks you've taken over time.

sittingnut said...

lefroy one of filthy corrupt tyrant ranil's former toyboys (since discarded since he holes were all old and dried up up and oozing with deceases) is still trying desperately to defend his former master/lover

unfortunately in order to do so, this born idiot totally lacking in rational faculties, tried copy and pasting other people's comments ( adding obscenities to hide the plagiarism). he is now reduced to copy and pasting his own comments (again laced with even more obscenities since that is only ability ).

anyone can find the original comments by others ( and my refutations of them) simply by searching this blog for all the non obscene words in his comments.

btw notice his inability to understand english, when he asked me which obscenities he copy and pasted .lol

Anonymous said...

Interested to know the follow up of this article after the 18th. :-)

sittingnut said...

anon @ 8/19/2015 2:09 PM

already posted. pl read and comment there (with clarity with regard to what you really mean)