Tuesday, August 18, 2015

corrupt ngo hypocrites of ranil praise sirisena's dictatorial actions

puppet sirisena is trying his best to suppress free expression of sri lankan political opinion through a free and fair election. in order to do that he is tyrannically removing general secretaries of upfa & slfp, and sacking members of slfp central committee wholesale. remember this is done to cripple one of the two major parties during final stages of an election, and to effect the outcome of election by changing national list appointees.

he is of course driven to this by corrupt pederast ranil. who never won, and knows that he will never  win, a free and fair election.

but note how foreign paid ngo scum are praising these blatantly undemocratic actions. these same people opposed defeating of child killing terrorist pussies. for an example, read indi samarajiva,  member of an utterly corrupt political appointee family. typical of the type, he is totally incapable of working for a living, has no qualifications to speak of, has inexplicably lost money on various web projects which he gets others to create at slave wages, and has hung around one ngo after another. (btw in a blatant act of nepotism, after his corrupt political appointee father got him a job at a mobile company, he manged to extort substantial exit money from it after working just 1 year). such people are so rotten in their heads and so short sighted, they cannot even see the obvious facts.

we, sri lankans defeated such scum when they supported tigers, and we will do so again in spite of all their schemes.

as i said day before election, ranil wont be able to form a stable government even with such corruption and illegal dictatorial violence. political and economic realities will catch up with him, and his toyboys, within a year at most. and true opinion of sri lankans will prevail soon enough.    

when that happens, let us remember filth like indi, scum who are willing to praise any anti democratic tyrannical corrupt action harmful sri lankans, just as long as they get dollars pushed into their holes. their incompetent lazy ass noses should be rubbed on their own words till they vomit all their ill gotten dollars out.

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