Friday, August 14, 2015

postpone election to ensure fairness and freedom

backdoor ranil's puppet dictator sirisena is desperately trying his best to prevent a mahinda led upfa victory by 'sacking' general secretaries of upfa and slfp. this is done to prevent them from appointing polling agents and nominating national list mps after election.

to ensure free and fair elections, election commissioner, should postpone the election till courts definitely rule on legitimacy of dictator's attempt to sack general secretaries of these major parties. it should be postponed to a date after the advanced level exams currently being held.

if this cannot be done, 
  • he should ensure that individual candidates have the right to appoint polling agents.
  • not announce the names of national list mps of any party until gen sec issue is resolved in courts. 
he should retain his special powers till national list nominees are announced by name, and election is concluded.

postponing election, by two weeks or so, will have another benefit. unhrc report on alleged war crimes in sri lanka will be released during next week or so. ranil and his puppet fixed election date on 17th (in the middle of exams) mainly to ensure it is over before the release of report, since content is likely to increase support for mahinda. this undemocratic attempt to keep sri lankan voters in ignorance would also be defeated through a postponement. 


Anonymous said...

This is really alarming. I knew "they" would not allow Ranil to be removed from the prime ministerial post but I did not think they will chose to go down this road.

Are you sure polling agents can be chosen by the puppet or his lackey? Shouldn't they be appointed already by the legitimate general secretary?

sittingnut said...

anon @8/14/2015 8:42 PM
yes this is alarming and dangerous. a straight dictator style action.
hopefully when voting take place there is a clear message from people. so that ranil and his main underlings in unp, at least, wont dare remain. if he does there is going to be blood.

as for polling agents . i don't think puppet has supporters enough to nominate to each station. candidates have some say in naming polling agents that will mitigate if legit sec gen nominees are some how rejected.

so far commissioner has been fair. he prevented state media from making extra use of yesterdays letter for instance .

we will see.

Jack Point said...

All polling agents have already been appointed. The sacking can have no impact.

All candidates must forward the details of their polling agents along with photocopies of their NIC to the Election Commissioner a couple of weeks ahead of the poll. This is to allow the Elections Commissioners office time process the applications and issue the passes.

Anonymous said...

@jack point
please don't deceive yourself by thinking there will be no effect. Do you think Sirisena made this highly controversial illegal move just for nothing? You need to learn from a elder how Premadasa won the 89 election.

sittingnut said...

@Jack Point
still trying to excuse inexcusable? lol
fact is in order for polling agents to work on election day, arrange logistics, and coordinate them with elections secretariat , gen secretary is needed . with him out they are lost .

sittingnut said...

anon@8/15/2015 1:43 PM
you are right .