Friday, November 16, 2007

u.s. freezes tro assets

u.s. treasury department has frozen the ltte front tamils rehabilitation organisation (tro)'s assets. because,
"According to sources within the organization, TRO is the preferred conduit of funds from the United States to the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

TRO also has facilitated LTTE procurement operations in the United States. Those operations included the purchase of munitions, equipment, communication devices, and other technology for the LTTE.

TRO's efforts worldwide reportedly have allowed the LTTE to use humanitarian aid, which TRO collected from the international community after the December 2004 tsunami, to launch new campaigns to strengthen LTTE military capacity."
this has been long time in coming (they were after all designated as a terrorist front in fbi's case against canadian and us based terrorists arrested in 2006 august) but is welcome even late. it must be remembered that all prominent ngo peaceniks in sri lanka have taken tro's part at one time or other. this becomes interesting when we consider the following extract of us treasury's press release.

"Recent information indicates that the LTTE has ordered international NGOs operating in its territory to provide all project funding through local NGOs, which are managed collectively by TRO. This arrangement allows TRO to withdraw money from the local NGO accounts and to provide a portion of the relief funds to the LTTE. The LTTE has reportedly exerted pressure to comply on a few international NGOs that have resisted these arrangements."
let us hope local ngos that were used in this way will be named soon and all dealing with tro and other ngos will be made public.

anyway even as it is, it is interesting and sheds further light in certain things.

cha memebership
for instance in 2006 annual general meeting of consortium of humanitarian agencies (cha - a sort of umbrella group of ngos in sri lanka) ngo peaceniks clamored to get tro admitted as a full member ( it was just an associate till then ) even though credible allegations against its activities were already current, till they got their way. given that cha's executive director jeevan thiagarajaha (the same one who was sued by his wife for harassment and physical abuse involving even dogs - wonder why sunday time's original story is now missing. see the google cache here ) is one of those peaceniks that was not surprising. this inevitably and justifiably tainted all members of cha with tro's help for terrorist murders.

white van abduction theories and tro
tro under terrorist pussy direction started the white van conspiracy theories by staging the fake abduction of 20(?) of its members in january 2006 (words "white van" first appeared in this context in tro statement about this) . when obvious problems with its story (common to many of other fake white van "disappearances") were pointed out peaceniks refused to listen and fell to abusing anyone who dared point them out. i came in for abuse at moju (predecessor of groundviews blog, associated with uber peacenik ngo center for policy alternatives) when i raised questions there. this (along with cpa's report on so called trinco riot which as i pointed out was plagiarized from an article by ltte apologist dbs jeyaraj) was one of the main reasons i personally began to doubt the good faith of most peaceniks. before that as my posts here will indicate my attitude was different. people who are unable to tolerate exposure of terrorist propaganda do not stand for human rights. anyway peaceniks still unquestioningly give credence and propagate these white van abduction theories and abuse anyone who question their reality.

moju/groundviews collaboration
moju blog and admins went on to publish (and then defend when their basis and bias were questioned) tro statements in full or part on all manner of subjects, to propagate the terrorist viewpoint until tro's assets were frozen in sri lanka after the u.s. arrests in august 2006 mentioned above. i personally think that the main motivation for sanjana hattotuwa's deletion of moju blog and its replacement by groundviews (where opposition to prevailing terrorist parroting there is subjectively and arbitrary censored) was the desire to cover up increasingly undeniable evidence of moju's past use as a terrorist propaganda vehicle. however he will be frustrated since moju posts can still be obtained through cache sites; nothing ever gets deleted on the internet. when will he do the same for groundviews? i will accept bets :-)

cha reports and tro
anyway after the tro accounts in sri lanka were frozen its propaganda personnel used cha as a convenient backup. most reports issued by cha were done with the help and participation of tro and its current or former employees. for instance it is a cha team that discovered (?!) the bodies of the 15 aid workers (they inexplicably missed the other two bodies(!) hmmmm...- remember the aid worker's employer said only 15 were missing initially) in muttur on the day military recaptured the town when all other ppl were not in a position to visit (!).

and what do you know? peaceniks and groundviews regularly use and publish the same reports or posts based on them. in the same way they and moju published tro's statements, without raising the obvious questions

will they accuse me of calumny again as they did when i and others called tro a ltte front? let us hope so. it always feels great to be right before most ppl .


Guru said...

Hell yeah! This is what I'm talking about. Do you think MR's moves to go to Iran had anything to do with this? Because right after that got through to the media the Americans made "representations" to the government against isuch a move, then donated maritime equipment to the navy and today froze the assets of the TRO.

Anyway, more hot piss on the faces of the NGO karayas and their bootlickers. The NPC must be fuming! Sanjana Hattotuwa must be bawling his eyes out instead of circle jerking with his buddies.

Anonymous said...

Lanka Libertarian = Lankan Jack Ass

AKA War Monger, Racist, Mahinda Boot Licker, Somawansa's Ass Wiper, Ellawala Modaya Thera's cloth cleaner

Angel said...

Oh hurrah! Will accept your bet... I have ten bucks (Sri Lankan bucks = rupees) that say it will happen in a few months time... lol

ravana said...

This post starts off surprisingly well, and then disintegrates into the usual signature brand of conspiracy theory paranoid B.S. that we have so come to know and cherish about Sittingnut's posts.
Keep at it.

Incidentally, did you take bets about your prediction that Sri Lanka will win the test matches against Australia as well?

Sarath said...

Oh fuck off ravana, go get fucked by that pedophile Christian priest you keep harping on about on your blog.

sittingnut said...

thanks for the comments everyone - appreciate them.

thanks for point out the iran factor

anon at 11/16/2007 8:47 am
thanks for the typical peacenik response

you are probably right

what conspiracy theories are here ? care to enlighten us.

ngo peaceniks are not conspiring they are just doing ltte's work. facts not theories, and simple transactions.
all the things i have said. (eg what happed at cha annual meeting, the tro ppl's involvement in cha reports, and date and content of muttur report, the tro's first use of "white van", publication of tro and cha report in groudviews/moju, their censorship of any questioning of those reports ) are easily verifiable from sources.

this is unlike your giving unquestioning credence to white van conspiracy theories ( concocted as is claer now by terrorists and their fronts like tro ) against military

"Incidentally, did you take bets about your prediction that Sri Lanka will win the test matches against Australia as well? "
no i didn't. bc as i said there we can lose due to our own fault. read it there
by this sally you are adapting a typical tactic of peeved little idiot when faced with undeniable facts in argument ( attack the other person with somethings irrelevant )

anyway this bet is open :-)


Anonymous said...

I was waiting to see how the media picks up on the quite noticeable global silence over the total creaming of tamilchelvan. Amazingly, even the pro-govt media hasn't made any significant comments about the relevance of this fact. Meanwhile, the LTTE made announcements of its irritation over Norway's silence over the episode. Except for the usual antics from the south indian nattami monkey club, there's really been no interest worldwide, on the squashing of the bug.

Any ideas on why the SL media has failed to comment on this particular behavior, anyone ?

Reggie said...

Anonymous, I don't know why the SL media has been silent, but I think it's a good thing. The more attention we give that turd Tamilchelvam the more important he becomes. Hopefully the extremists among the Tamil community saw how no one gave a toss about Tamilchelvam's death - least of all the Co Chairs.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some of the NGO monkeys are gonna go hungry, now that the covert funding source titties are drying up.

Seep said...

True say. The wailing is sure to start soon. I bet the NPC, Marga, CPA are gonna start their pro terrorist propaganda soon.

Anonymous said...

Now that SLG also banned the TRO, the monkeys will really be without their bananas. Let the fun begin..

foliage said...

Sittingnut, i'm clear about your position on this conflict, but i've yet to hear you provide anything more than lip service to what you see occurring after this conflict is finished.

Assuming the SL Govt does militarily defeat the LTTE, what would the state do to gain the trust of the tamil population? Would anything need to be done?

Niks said...

No folliage. A defeated Tamil people will have to live with the will of the majority... or go and live in Tamil Nadu - their REAL homeland.

Anonymous said...


In all the years I've watched this conflict, the tamils have lived among the Sinhalese enjoying priviledges they would never enjoy elsewhere, if a similar conflict had existed. Here in the US, we'd throw the whole bunch of the tamil monkeys in an enclosure and throw away the key, like we did to the Japs during WW11.
Help me understand something; why the hell do the Sinhalese tolerate the tamils living among them while allowing them to quite openly carry out hostile activities that would affect the sinhalese in the end?

foliage said...

Sittingnut, if attitudes like the previous two are even minorly representative of the Sinhalese population then there is zero hope of this conflict ever ending.

It might subside, they might even destroy the LTTE, but Sri Lanka will never see stability.

This is my fear, as a moderate Tamil I would like Sri Lanka to achieve stability and develop to its enormous potential. However, any united Sri Lanka will need strong protections for minorities, as any multi-ethnic state has (see Canada, India etc). A hallmark of democracy is protection of minority rights.

On the internet there seems to be a prevalence of hardline racist rhetoric from Sinhalese people. Is this sentiment the norm? I honestly don't know and would appreciate any insight.

If it is, what reason do Tamil people have compromise? If tamils do compromise, how long do you think stability would last in an unfair situation?

What happens after the military conflict ends is something I don't see much discussion on, despite its paramount importance.

Puhlease said...

Please stop preaching to the Sinhalese and preach to your own Tamil people foliage first. Tell them to stop their racist rhetoric. Tell them to stop their terrorism and their facism. Tell them to stop trying to steal Sinhalese land and claiming it as theirs. You do not see the Sinhalese invading Tamil Nadu and claiming 60% of the coastline and 30% of the land area do you? If Tamils do not like living in Sri Lanka among the Sinhalese, then they can pack their bags and go back to Tamil Nadu; no one is forcing them to stay in Sri Lanka. Tamils run to Tamil Nadu even when they bump their knees and stub their toes, and why not, it's their homeland -- not Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

The Sinhalese' problem has always been that they tolerate too much, then flare-up and over-react, then grow remorseful, take a ton of shit, and then hot back finally.

Do not under-estimate the Sinhalese, for when they finally pick up the sword, their enemies always die.