Wednesday, November 07, 2007

we should win the test matches against australia

equation is rather simple. without (quite unlikely) interruptions there will be two results in the two test matches. question is who will win?

because we have the better bowling attack we should. (for the same reason, in theory we should have better results from tests than one day matches during next year or two generally; longer the match format better results we should have) while our batting is not at its best and not quite up to the standard of australians (esp. without kumar sangakara) it has more than enough talent and experience to post the scores required to get australians out twice.

if we lose, it will be our fault, period. (yes luck plays a part, but that is why there are two innings, thus two dice rolls, in tests)

i personally don't agree with the way that marvan atapattu was included in the squad. he is a valuable and even necessary addition imo. but i shouldn't have any say on that decision, nor should the minister or the public at large. selectors and captain should have the final say and the responsibility. if they did not want to have atapattu (which i doubt) they should have had the freedom to leave him out.

as i have said before, cricket team is not a government and should not be a politically correct democracy or a popularity contest. if it is, we will end up with a team full of dull dependable mediocrities (a bit like the south african team or in another context american idol/sirasa super star) that always end up in the middle ranks of tournaments and league tables that actually test ability.

anyway i don't think it will have a big effect on these two matches since all the ppl involved in this instance are hopefully bigger than that.


Anonymous said...

One word : Fantasy

ddm said...

The worrying thing is they might not play our best bowler for the conditions. Maharoof is probably the best seam bowler in our squad (given form over the last 12 months) but it's most likely we'll play vaas, dilhara and malinga. Maharoof moves the ball off the pitch more than any of them and the Gabba is all about movement. I'd go out on a limb and play him ahead of vaas..but that won't happen. Shame.

CaptainM said...

Maharoof is totally inconsistent. The next time he gets 6 wickets anywhere will be in a couple of years time.
That goes for our batsmen as well. Jaya will smack a century if its his day, or else go out for a duck.
The aussies on the other hand, know how to play consistent cricket, and thats why they are at the top.

Theena said...

Christ...we need a partnership of Lakshman-Dravid proportions tomorrow to save this match.

Can someone explain why Malinga was left out? He almost got a hat trick against Queensland the other day so his form is fine. And I agree with the assertion that Mahroof is inconsistent.

Keshi said...

hello SN hows u? Rem me? :)

well unfortunately the SL team did pretty bad here in Aus this time...god they need to change that team!