Saturday, May 10, 2008

human right violating criminal monitors of cmev

several racist peacenik criminals and their ngos are supposedly "monitoring" the election under the label center for monitoring election violence (cmev). what can be more laughable?

the ngos involved with cmev are centre for policy alternatives (cpa), the free media movement (fmm), and inform human rights documentation centre.

lets look at some of the few things they have done to violate human and democratic rights sri lankans living in east .

these individuals and ngos opposed getting rid of ltte terrorists from east. and in fact advocated extending ltte's oppressive control of east as an effort at appeasement of terrorists.

they accepted and advocated accepting of ltte's murderous (literally) claim to be sole representative of tamils which is completely racist and undemocratic.

even though they claim to stand up for human rights and freedom of expression they have not stood up for human rights and freedom of expression of people under ltte oppression, or under threat from ltte.

they have never asked that gosl use its resources to bring ltte criminals to justice and stop the culture of impunity enjoyed by ltte .

when did criminal ass licker paikiasothy saravanamuttu, and cpa ask that gosl defeat the human right violating ltte and bring their leader to justice? or question the illegality of the ltte puppet tna mps elections ( where some of them got 90+% of the vote )? or unreservedly denounce the brutal preventing of people's right to vote in 2004 election? never.

when did so called free media movement and racists like sunanda deshapriya, stood up for freedom of expression of people under ltte? never! they in fact kept on supporting ltte terrorists' controls on media and had warm (perhaps even corrupt) personal relations with murderers like roasted smiling pussy and balasingham

the ngo inform ( in the person of sunila abeysekera) in conjunction with cpa were acting as straight ltte propaganda parrots when they passed off a dbs jeyaraj written (as is with him these days sourced with outright falsehoods from ltte terrorist spin office) report as results of a fact finding mission, after the small trinco riot on april 2006. detailed examination of plagiarism ( not that hard to detect this, since whole passages were copied word for word, see the post ) and bias of that report by me, initiated hysterical attacks on me by likes of peacenik underling sanjana hattotuwa conneted with cpa (who then ran since deleted moju blog) and presently run groundviews blog where dissenting opinions and corrections of facts are still arbitrarily censored.

given this history, any sensible sri lankan will know what to expect from seetha ranjani, udaya kalupathirana, and paikiasothy saravanamuttu, convener of cmev.

in fact this morning cmev propagated the easily verifiable falsehood that mobile phones will be shut off in east ( this is very similar to the false, and again easily verifiable as such, report fmm progated in januaray 2007. in conjunction with indi padashow's father) expect more such idiotic and murderous terrorist propaganda parroting from cmev in their efforts dig deep into the terrorist ass with their tongue, hand, and keyboards.


Anonymous said...

S/Nut, Great to see you back!

ඔහේ said...

Well, if you take a closer look at Kottu, or Achcharu you will notice innocent looking, almost personal blogs run by ngo peacenicks.(some pink blogs too)

have a nice day

Rehan said...

Nice write up as usual Sittingnut. The NGO crowd must be fuming with the results of the elction! haha would LOVE to see their tear stained faces. Maybe if they pulled their heads out of their asses for once, they would be able to smell the roses.

Anonymous said...

Sittingnut, you're brilliant.

If only your work could be published widespread in the media for all to see.

I am sick and tired of these NGOs who thrive on the suffering of the innocent and vulnerable everywhere touting concepts they clearly do not believe in nor care about as can be seen with all the criminals involved with the Human Rights and Media Freedom business that have preached to Lanka.

Human Rights and Media Freedom to them is the "in thing".

Soon they will be championing "love for the environment".

Nirmal said...

If only your work could be published widespread in the media for all to see.
Well said anon

ඔහේ said...

Let us have the pleassure of of reading your posts in Sinhala too.

mixedblessings89 said...

Hey :)

You know, this thing about the NGO's and the peaceniks is not just a problem with SL... Did you know that when India had a war with China in 1962, our dear leftist leaders actually collected funds... FOR CHINA?

Known terrorists and naxalites are supported by wide swathes of our media and even the left dominated education community (i.e. the professors, lecturers, etc.)

It's so traitorous, it makes my blood boil. They will all stand up for human rights for terrorists, but the innocent people these terrorists killed in violent attacks, they are not human at all, they do not matter one tiny bit.

It is true what people say, India is soft on terror, so I guess in a way we deserve to die by it, like what happened in Jaipur the day before yesterday. Due to our corrupt leadership, who are mostly either too spineless to stand up and take tough decisions, or just want to remain in power, or are on the payroll of these terrorists... While our brave soldiers die to protect us everyday.

Oh, yes, and I had asked for your permission earlier because, well, it's polite to do so LOL


ඔහේ said...

Thats very true Aditi,
Just look at the yesterday suicide attack, no one(NGO peaceniks) to stand up for human rights.
If you take a look at older posts of sittingnut you will see how he had opposed their cowardy methods of non revealing the whole truth.

Anyway, you know, there are always who do it for "you know what" and there will always be those batty boys and girls who shop for NGOs.

Sam said...

Where the fuck is that twat Mano Ganeshan now that that poor lady Maheshwari was assasinated by the LTTE after she went to see her dying mother in Jaffna? The asshole claims to stand up for the human rights of Tamils but when the LTTE takes out an innocent lady he has fuck all to say about it. Where the heck are the other NGOs as well? How typical.

mixedblessings89 said...

Hello all :)

To the guy/ girl who posted immediately before and after me...
I guess you write in Sinhala, because all I can see are these three little boxes... a name would be really nice. BTW, thanx :)

You know, a really funny (and telling) incident took place right on national television a couple of days back. We have a TV channel here called NDTV 24x7, it's in English, and heavily leftist (and in the words of sittingnut, a peacenik channel)
They were conducting this debate on national security and had representatives of all the leading national political parties there to put there points forth.
They were talking about follow ups on some previous blasts, and about what was done to find and punish those responsible for it, and all these people could think of was how many suspects belonged to which religion. Thay didn't even care who was responsible, and who wasn't... just which religion these suspects belonged to. One of these 'leaders' was like: Why are there only Muslim arrests? Why not any Hindu, or Christian, or Buddhist, or Jain arrests?

I mean, can you see the futility of this? Obviously, only those people will be arrested who had something to do with the blasts, right? And these people were politicking about which religion these terrorists belonged to... politicking about national security. It made me laugh, but I could have screamed in frustation just as well. :| :\


mixedblessings89 said...

Oh, and condolences for that suicide attack on Colombo... I read on some blog that it was at a check point near a temple.
Rest In Peace.