Saturday, August 04, 2012

british/western cheating & unsportsmanlike conduct continues at london 2012 olympics

just imagine what would have happened if a chinese (or any other non western) athlete has said the following after winning a gold medal:
this was said to bbc by great britain track cyclist for men's team sprint, philip hindes (others in same team are sir(!) chris hoy and jason kenny). they won the gold.

now observe how the same authorities treated four pairs (2 south korean,1 chinese,1 indonesian) of women's doubles at badminton when they tried to lose some games in group stage so that they can get less intimidating opponents in quarterfinals. all 4 pairs were disqualified and sent home. 

what these women attempted to do (lose a game to be better placed to win the tournament) is a common tactic in sports where the tournament format has a group stage. and it is the same  sporting authorities who have discarded the knockout format used in previous olympic games and in table tennis, and introduced a group format, disregarding advice about the consequences.     

imo what these women did was against the spirit of olympics, and i am not going to defend them (nor have chinese and indonesian authorities defended them). but they were not cheaters.

british track cyclists were cheaters, in addition to being against the spirit of olympics.

western media
notice how there is hardly a mention of the british cheating incident in western media. in most of what there is, they falsely claim british were "cleared" when in fact no inquiry was held.

Ye Shiwen
compare that with furor over Ye Shiwen, world record breaking swimmer, who was hounded by western media with completely baseless allegations of doping even after the it became clear that she has passed all dope tests. all the major western media outlets with despicable uk guardian newspaper leading the rapists, with clare balding and bob costas at main british and american broadcasters of games (bbc & nbc) assisting, piled on top of the 16 year old. 

in order to justify their vile claims against the girl, they made up silly excuses. such as the false comparison between ye's faster last 50m in 400m medley and ryan lochte's last 50m in men's 400m medley. (in the process deliberately forgetting that locte was slower than 3 other swimmers in his event in that last 50m, even though he won it). 

katie ledecky
they continued to claim Ye was a complete unknown when in fact she has participated in world championships and asian games and won. in contrast, when a real unknown katie ledecky, who has no winning record, win the 800m freestyle close to world record time there is no questioning from western media . why? bc ledecky is american. 

what better way to illustrate the barbarous western racism than this clear double standard.

to be fair some media outlets have tried to back track.(see here, here and here, esp for their debunking of false claims.) but its too little, too late.

will it get uglier?
given the western preference for winning at any cost it will certainly stay ugly. 

i have not even mentioned how amercan swimmers phelps, lochte, and missy franklin, were given preferential treatment to warm up in diving pool next to racing pool in full view of media, while other athletes had make do with some back pool, corridors away.

or how brazil's women football team was stranded on some roadside for 5 hours before a crucial game with great britain. was that sabotage as brazilians claim, or your average british incompetence in organizing?

that well known incompetence was in full evidence at the games; empty seats fiasco, starter machines that go off before athletes are given 'get set' signal, same athletes scheduled at the same time in two events (in tennis, etc), creaky website with elementary errors(one cannot get to full list schedule through links bc instead putting '04-august' in url link it is '4-august'), leader to follower time splits displayed in road cycling and rowing going bonkers, incomprehensible scoring at boxing, etc, etc,

yes! in spite of many excellent performances by athletes from world over, these london 2012 games are certainly solidifying their reputation as the ugliest and most racist olympic games ever.

but then what did ioc expect when giving the games to genocidal britain? fair play!? lol.

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sittingnut said...

more british cheating at @olympics #london2012 this time in rowing-

Anonymous said...

Katie Ledecky was questioned about Doping and will be tested. Just a thought.

sittingnut said...

more cheating by british at @olympics #london2012 -india cry cheats as british captain goes through

sittingnut said...

anon @ 8/05/2012 4:43 am
1/ everyone is tested.

2/ as for questioning of ledecky, could you post links to any of the major western media outlet stories on whether ledecky is doping like they did with Ye Shiwen ?
you can't post such links bc they didn't question ledecky. this is, as i said a very good example of western racist double standards.

sittingnut said...

more unsportmanlike conduct from west .

an algerian athlete expelled bc he did not "do his best" in one event bc he was already qualified to for final in another event

in gymnastics beam alexandra raisman get the bronze after she got less than catalina ponor of rumania . america's team captain's score raised just enough to go past rumanian. chaet!

sittingnut said...

nd i am only posting things i can confirm by watching. which is very limited)
usa wins the women football semifinal with the help of referee
that article also mentions some other 'bad' decisions at the end
btw algerian athlete taoufik makhloufi (as mention above) who was strangely disqualified from 1500m final bc he did not "do his best" in 800m, was reinstated in 1500m final on appeal and won gold. good for him!
but after he won gold. the british commentator on official olympic broadcaster choose to imply he was disqualified and did not finish 1500m semifinal and was reinstated in final against the rules . while givimng credit to other commentator who tactfully stated the true facts, i would be surprised if racist liar will NOT be fired as deserved.

Anonymous said...

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