Thursday, March 22, 2012

how to treat usa and west’s unjust cannibalistic demands

not satisfied with gorging themselves on innocent blood and resources around the world, america and west (and their slaves) demand that we obey their unjust and oppressive demands. hypocrites prefer to disguise these demands as concern for human rights (tell such lies to children burnt alive by american drones in pakistan or being tortured by western military and intelligence, but not to ppl like us who still have a brain to think freely).

if we resist, usa and west threaten to feast on our and our children’s blood and flesh, in stages. no idle threat this, they did so feast when they funded tamil tiger terrorists,  and during genocidal british empire. cannibal west so feast in other parts of the world now. 

well they will not get any obedience or blood from us, if we have anything to with it.

instead of treating these filthy cannibals (from obama, clinton, blake, etc, down) and their their hypocritical and unsupported claims about human rights with diplomatic tact and respect, peaceful protests, etc, as the government has foolishly tried to do, we have to wise up and realize that these scum will not be satisfied with anything less than our total obedience to their oppressive and exploitative  demands (and if we resist, our blood).

so what to do?
sri lankan government cannot fight or oppose them directly, alone; west is too powerful, and opponents of west too scattered and timid. for now. however government must remember that world will be a very different place politically and economically in 1 or 2 decades (in our active lifetime) if present trends hold up, as even the westerners acknowledge. government must plan its resistance to western coercion accordingly.

for present, sl government will have to be content with resisting western injustice diplomatically (but with less respect) at each step, giving in only when western racist coercion is too much.
however individuals are not governments. 

we are free. let use our present freedom to resist western injustice. 

as i have always advocated here, do not be afraid to aggressively confront the western filth who try to impose or parrot unjust demands (whether they be individuals connected with western governments, western funded and dominated institutions who apply racist double standards (eg amnesty international, human rights watch, etc), western media and media ppl deliberately lowering journalistic standards so that they can attack sri lankans, or private individuals). confront them with facts and truth. expose them and their hypocrisy and racism to world. and keep a public record their actions. 

do not be discouraged if there is no immediate effect from such confrontations (though in most cases there is enough to encourage one). do not be discouraged if they in desperation attack you about the form of confrontation (usually about our  imperfect english). history, the way it is trending, will help the triumph of truth and justice, sooner rather than later. if you stand by justice and truth now, at some point in future, exposed individual western filth would have nowhere to run and wont be able to cover up (or claim ignorance) of their present unjust and racist actions. you, and others who may want to use the material, will have enough then; these racists will get their noses rubbed in their own scum.

but there are others here in sri lanka who must be forced to face justice, now.

we must treat local willing slaves in western funded ngos and tamil tiger proxies (and their dependents) same way their paymasters are treating us and others around the world. coercion is been used and more attempted against us by west. let us not be hesitant to use the same, in proportion. we must expose their criminality and demand that law be used against all the tamil tiger terrorist collaborators (esp in western funded ngos). evidence of their collaboration is verifiable and publicly available. as such when they are in prison let us demand that government refrain from pardoning them as it has done before. and if authorities fail to act against these asslickers of west we may have to take direct action, same way some ppl took direct action when police were late to arrest some murderers recently.  

by these methods we may perhaps make it clear to western cannibal hypocrites that their barbaric demands will be hard to realize in sri lanka. but even if they prefer to persist with racist injustice, we will prevail in the end. if we stand fast, truth and justice will win. 

we defeated racist cannibalism of prabhakaran and tamil tigers.
we will defeat the racist cannibalism of obama and west.
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