Monday, February 28, 2011

my oscar choices

ok, just before the show starts, here are my choices for main awards.
usually my choices (when there is a choice, that is) don't win. which failure, like any conceited person, i attribute to my superior taste. however sometimes they do win, surprisingly so.

btw this selection is from those nominated only; that is, don't think my choice for best movie oscar is my best movie of 2010.

for the record, i do think lower buzz and ever decreasing importance for america's main movie award show is a good thing for the world.

best picture: the social network
film while not great (or truthful), was entertaining and original.
all the choices available were of uneven quality; none of my acting choices are in best movie.

best director: david fincher (the social network)

i hope darren aronofsky (black swan) won't win, bc while that movie was good, director included too many cheap tricks (as in jump-scares etc.,).

best actress in a leading role: jennifer lawrence (winter's bone)
imo this is one of the best performances, ever. too bad this independently produced movie was not seen by many and she probably won't win.
award probably will go to natalie portman from black swan, which is not bad bc she did do a great job in spite of the director.

best actor in a leading role: jeff bridges (true grit)
unfortunately colin firth is likely to get it due to vulgar hollywood's fascination with even more vulgar british royals (esp in historically inaccurate and favorable portrayals). :-(

best actress in a supporting role: melissa leo (the fighter)

best actor in a supporting role: christian bale (the fighter)

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Anonymous said...

Hooo...!!! You were wrong about it all!!!

sittingnut said...

wrong ? well only sort of .

as i said in the post, these are not my predictions(ie what i think will happen) but my preference (what i think should happen).

predictions i made ( which differed from my choice) in best performance category did came true ( portman and firth).

and my choices for supporting performances actually won.

in any case (as i said in post again ) even failures only make me feel superior in taste to silly academy. lol