Tuesday, September 11, 2007


navy sinks 3 terrorist pussy ships. read more about it here.

peaceniks like sanjana hattotuwa would have to wear their now habitual morose faces for longer (hopefully till the end of their miserable lives).

btw i am not dead, just busy :-)


N said...

Also in good news apparently KP has been arrested in Bangkok which if true is absolutely bloody awesome!

Angel said...

Good news.... and glad to see you back. Keep blogging, I love your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man,
great to hear from you, good to know you'r stil around, with ear on the ground.

who cares what Sanjana H.says, who is he anyway.. he is just a tool used by the CPA centerd 'civil society' to further their pro-LTTE cause,nothng else,

one of these days , they'll chuk him out ,once they use him to the max.

poor basterd, exhusting his dictionery over whitewashing CPA and the Pro LTTE 'Civil Society' bandwagon!

all he wants is fame and give him a chance to blote his ego, he'll do anything..anything...

Defencewire said...

Please don't mind me looking at your blog. I'm checking SL blogs out.

Desh said...

Sanjana is a twat. Don't worry about him mate!

TropicalStorm said...

Great job here bro, your views are spot on. For a long time the world thought those who call themselves tigers to be real tigers but now they do look what they really are; whiny pussies. It was nothing other than the inability of each and every previosu govt to fight a war the way it should be faught that gave these assholes the kind of credibility which led to the state of things they became later.

Keep up the good work. When you have a mo' check out these blogs too.



Anonymous said...

10th Pussy ship became artificial reef today.

The fish are dancing for joy.

The sea-tigers should be renamed as a fish-food factory.