Friday, September 14, 2007

england, pl send australia home!

request to english tewenty20 team;
in the name of cricket, please please kick the "rusty" (! as if that is an excuse) australians, in their ridiculous figure hugging dresses, out of the tournament.

hope unprofessional idiots at mtv/sirasa/shakthi can show at least few matches without losing several balls due to ads and screen blackouts. today during a 5 over period of english innings against zim, during which i kept count, they managed to lose at least 5 balls including one wicket and one chance. then again that should be expected, they are habitually unreliable (look at their so called "news"!). we better figure out how to get mobile cable tv.

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Theena said...

I don't know, Sitt. The thought of Australia making an early exit is great and all (Despite the fact that I am a fan) but I can't stand the English cricket team for the life of me.

As for the silly telecast by MTV, it's no better than Rupavahini/Channel Eye. One of these channels will have to say 'fuck it' and telecast a cricket match properly. Everyone else will follow.