Thursday, November 17, 2005

election results online

vote first.
let the bloody warmongers from both sides know what you really think about their ideas.

then if you want to check election results online in real time following sites may help.

election department website.

last time they updated as results came out (at the same time as results were released to all other media). they say they will do it this time too. old election data available for reference. some of the links are broken due to bad html but the data is there.

the lanka academic result page

they are testing the page as i write this, with fake data. last time kept the results updated in a very easy to read format. they also had some sort of predicting mechanism last year. reports about past elections by various ngos (cmev etc.) available if you want to read.

upali newspaper group election website.

a dedicated site, upto date. worked well last time. pity about the group's racist newspapers.

lanka newspapers election site

didn't check this one last year, so unproven. they are also testing as i write. but seems to have the right format since results will come out according to polling divisions. they have a handy comparison option for each division too. hope it will work with real data.

another new one, at least to me. will have to wait to pass judgment.


i later learned that wikipedia site also updated election results in real time last year. no sign of that this year.

i might (might mind you) post something here with comparisons (not results) from time to time if i get bored and am not sleepy. i will probably edit the same post instead of posting new ones each time

now i have to go get my finger painted.


Keshi said...

good info, thanks matey!


ashanthi said...

S/nut - matey hows it going??? :-( hope your side is going to win.

What's the situation with violence? God I wish the internaitonal community would take a little bit more interest in us. You know honestly if we had oil they'd be there broadcasting every little bit of it all over the planet.

We looked all over the bloody internet - not one bloody media house give a damn about us me the shits....

sittingnut said...

for 2006 local election result links go here