Friday, November 11, 2005

new versions of software

new versions of my most used applications came out during last week or so. 2.0

i have been using this productivity suite for such a long time i have forgotten when i first installed it. however i do remember that i uninstalled the ms office in all my pcs somewhere in 2003.
it has been able to fulfill all my expectations of such software (especially the spreadsheet called 'calc') and i recommend it to anyone.
i downloaded the new version last week, so far it works fine.
read more about it here.

firefox 1.5 release candidate 1
Get Firefox!

this is the first release candidate of next generation firefox browser, to be released later this year. it is not a final release and is made available for testing purposes only. but so far i had no problems whatsoever( i downloaded it 5 days ago).

read about it here.

google reader

i have been using mozilla thunderbird to read feeds of various kinds, which meant that since i use 3 pcs (2 windows, one linux) in three different places i have to deal with a lot of clutter. so when i found this web-based feed reader in google labs, i transferred all my blog feeds to it. it is still in beta. but as long as the blogs subscribed don't update too frequently (as in 20 posts a day) it works fine. i don't recommend it for news feeds and other such 'heavy' feeds yet.

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