Friday, November 18, 2005

early trends in election.

first the conclusion
mahinda supporters don't be too eager to celebrate. you might lose.

when i calculated the possible election result scenarios i gave what were probably the least requiremets for ranil to win in scenarios no 3
1. a swing of 2.5% from ufpa to unp from 2004 vote
2. additional 1.5%, who stayed away voting for unp
3. jhu vote splitting 2:1 between mahinda and ranil
4. 25% of northeast voters will vote inspite of ltte boycott.

now lets see how the vote is going with regard to above.

1. a swing of 2.5%

best place to test is in rural districts where jhu was not a factor in 2004.
i will take two
first horowupotana in anuradhapura district.
2004: upfa 56.63% unp 41.42% jhu got 1.14%
2005: mahinda 53.72%(down 2.91%), unp 44.94% (up 3.52%)

next beliatta in habantota district
2004 upfa 64.06%, unp 35.28% jhu did not contest in hambantota in 2004.
2005 mahinda 64.56% (up 0.5%) unp 34.01%(down 1.27%)
remember that hambantota is mahinda's home and jvp's strongest

results for other divisions show same kind of thing
what to make of it?maybe this: there is a small swing in districts outside of southern province, in south mahinda just holding on to his votes.

2. 1.5% additional votes

this is very difficult to measure, so i will not. but here is what happened in colombo central(one of the main unp strongholds).
in 2004, upfa+jhu got - 26,562, unp- 71,599,
this time mahinda 20,395(6167 less) ranil 78,908 (7309 more)
difference other than swing is 1142, this is 1.14% of 2004 total votes. make of that what you will.

3. jhu split

i will test this using maharagama data where unp famously came 3rd after upfa and jhu in 2004.
in 2004, upfa - 43.92%, jhu - 29.41%, unp - 25.87%
in 2005, mahinda - 59.37% , ranil - 39.91%
as you see unp vote went up by 14.04% while mahinda's went up by 15.45% so it seems jhu vote is splitting 2:1 or better in favor of ranil.

4. 25% of northeast voters voting

here there are differing results according to district.
in jaffna less than 1% (some time less than .01% ) are voting even in cleared areas.
but in mannar 29.69% voted, ranil getting 88.72%


so in case of assumptions 1 and 2 requirements are only partly fulfilled, but the evidence is not conclusive.
as for 3, split in jhu is better than expected for ranil.
in case of northeast votes we will have to see how ppl are going to vote in east, but in jaffna district this not going to happen.

so the conclusion still stands, mahinda don't celebrate too early, you can still lose.


Keshi said...

Mahinda or Ranil, both suck...dun u think?


sittingnut said...

no i don't think so.

ashanthi said...

s/nut - is it you leaving those comments on Morqs website or an imposter???

68lives said...


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ivap said...

Hope you are on the phone with those buy buy buy orders.

So, any nut crushing tonight ?

sittingnut said...

i did not see any impostor there though i did not check everywhere. i am sorry if i am ranting against the ppl who boycotted but then they made a choice on their own free will(especially in cleared areas) for war and i can't stand those who want war.

well actually i did. bought at 10.30 and sold at 12.30(some of it) and made a packet. see the cse site, if it is back up you will see what i mean.

manynames nutter:
you sound increasingly redundant. go and call the buffalo he may offer you a portfolio, he has worse ones in the his entourage.

ashanthi said...

oh sittingnut - no one wants war except those that have become virtual serial killers...

you know i don't want anymore bloodshed. I hear echoes miles aways of silent screams - not to mention torture & brutality.

everyone is pretty glum over here about the whole thing - the buffalo with a mo - Sri Lanka's latest porn star could have done the right thing & kept the JVP & JHU out.

i don't think you are ready to listen yet but .. here goes, people in those cleared areas are saying if they had voted for Ranil, members of the SL army who supported Mahinda would have attacked them. They are also saying after years & years of being betrayed at the polls - why should they vote?

Ranil didn't stretch his hands out & reach them s/nut you know this. You can't expect people to sacrifice themselves for you when you have trampled on them & given them nothing.

Remember you said that the UNP should tone down their rethoric? Well they should have never started gloating about splitting the Ltte - it's not something that wins votes.

The Tamil people are tired - they want peace - you know that too. However, their peace is not in their hands. It's in your hands...

You are still there - you have a lot of work to do - So ...

I nominate Sittingnut to be the next President of Sri Lanka, Ivap can be his PM & Morquendi can run the Press office. OK - so i want you 3 to go to the northeast & start campaining to win it back. Truly we already have the urban south - you will also have to do some serious winning of hearts & minds in the rural south.
I'd like to be the Minister of Natural Resources & Tourism. Yaroo can be Health Minister.

Tell me what you would do - where would you start - who would you have to talk to & what would you say

Sittingnut - I know how cranky you are but good on you for still being there. C'mon now - I want you back on your feet fighting.