Monday, November 14, 2005

elections statistics and scenarios

i was inspired to write this by the article presidential election 2005 : outcome revealed by rajiv de silva in lankabusinessonline website. while i will come to similar conclusions here, i think that some assumptions made in the article are way too optimistic (from a unp point of view). it also fails to explain clearly how exactly the figures for north and east were arrived at. i will explain why and how my more conservative assumptions differ from article's as we go along in more detail.

first i will start with the 2004 general election figures taken from election department website.

table 01
party votes percentage
upfa 4223970 45.60%
unp 3504200 37.83%
tna 633654 6.84%
jhu 552724 5.97%
slmc 186876 2.02%
ucpf 49728 0.54%
epdp 24955 0.27%
others 86625 0.94%
9262732 100.00%

please note that in following scenarios the actual numbers are meaningless and are there for calculation purposes only, it is the percentage that counts.

scenario 01 : a crude add and paste from 2004 results

here i am going to make the following assumptions.

1. nobody has changed their minds from 2004

2. there wasn't any increase in voter registration( please note that except in north east there is no significant increase anyway. as for the increase in north east given the unofficial but real ltte boycott situation i am going to assume(in line with the conservative policy on assumptions here) that will also not matter. more on boycott later.

3. upfa, jhu, and epdp votes will go to mahinda rajapakse

4. unp,slmc,ucpf votes will go to ranil wickremasinghe.

5. tna votes won't go to anybody.

the result in such a situation will be

mahinda 4801649 55.64%
ranil 3740804 43.35%
others 86625 1.01%

total polled
8629078 100.00%

tna 633654


of course this is a totally unrealistic outcome but this will be the base.

scenario 02 :


1. there will be a 2.5% swing(of total votes) away from upfa to unp. (in lbo article it was assumed that there was a 1% swing in all district except in colombo where the swing was assumed at 3%. i don't understand the difference between colombo and the rest especially considering assumptions they made regarding the jhu vote, see below). a 2.5% swing is realistic and is in fact conservative in comparison to historical record of swings in sri lanka. for instance unp lost about 7.5 from 2001 to 2004 and pa almost the same from 2000 to 2001.

2. there will be an additional 1.5% of total votes for the unp. that a large portion of unp supporters stayed away was the only explanation for reduction(much larger than votes gained by upfa and jhu) in it's vote from 2001 to 2004. all evidence suggests that party base is much more enthusiastic than in 2004. i am also conservatively not assuming a similar phenomenon will affect the upfa this time, though it is more than likely given the internal divisions within the slfp.

3. jhu vote will split 2:1 for mahinda and ranil. in lbo article it was assumed jhu 'majority will accrue to UNP notwithstanding the JHU’s political alliance with the UPFA candidate. This assumption was made after a careful analysis of the GE 2004’s voting patterns.' imo that is too optimistic, though perhaps not unrealistic if recent opinion poll data are correct. anyway i am assuming that only one third of 2004 jhu vote(concentrated mainly in western province) will go unp way.

4. that most north east tamils ignore the unofficial boycott, 60% of those who voted for tna will vote and the vote will split 85:15 between ranil and mahinda. for what will happen if there is a more successful boycott see below. as for the split it is in fact very conservative, mahinda's support among tamils actually do not go over 10 % and please note that i have already added epdp votes to mahinda separately.

5. there wasn't any increase in voter registration, same as 2 on scenario 01

under above assumptions outcome will be :

mahinda 4439183 48.53%
ranil 4622403 50.53%
others 86625 0.94%

9148211 100.00%

in other words a 2% win for ranil though he goes over 50% by only a whisker. given that third party candidates 's second preferences if counted will probably split equally, 50% rule won't matter in any case.

scenario 03 : a more effective ltte boycott


assumptions 1,2, and 3 are the same as in scenario 2.

4. more tamils obey the ltte boycott and only 25% of the tna votes are cast this time( which will split 85:15 as before). unofficial postal voting numbers seems to indicate that about one third voted but i will be more conservative.

5. there wasn't any increase in voter registration, same as 2 on scenario 01. i am in effect assuming that all the new north east voters will obey the boycott.


mahinda 4405917 49.36%
ranil 4433891 49.67%
others 86625 0.97%

8926432 100.00%

a very marginal victory for ranil.

please note that i do not expect ltte to actively encourage votes for mahinda though they seem to have concluded that a victory for mahinda is in their best interest.(i will post separately on this stupid and seemingly illogical conclusion).


in conclusion i am still fairly confident of a unp victory even with a ltte boycott . more so because i have made fairly conservative assumptions in calculating above scenarios.

by far the main and most important assumption is the 2.5% swing against the upfa, without it ranil will not win, period. imo the swing will be larger, but this is the minimum percentage required, anything below this will mean we will have that idiot mahinda in power on 18th..

btw i have been predicting a unp victory here and in other places for some time though i must say i did not expect a ltte boycott, anyway in light of the above i will continue to predict the same.

i have calculated several other scenarios which confirm the above conclusion. if any body wants to find out what will happen on different assumptions please feel free to post them as comments, i will try to calculate and post the results back.

if there are any errors in calculations please point them out.


sittingnut said...

i posted on the effects of ltte boycott in nittewa

Keshi said...

Are elections in SL ever fair?


Sam said...

What are you going to to do just in case - just in case - Mahinda wins?

Are you going to hang yourself?

78lives said...

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ivap said...

sam - Na, I think it'll involve some crushed nuts. :)

sittingnut said...

well they are both fair and unfair, since both sides cheat the net effect is probably zero, especially when the electorate is large as in this case.

sam and ivap:

thanks for concern :-)

actually if mahinda wins, i will be calling my broker( like the last time) and buying up blue chip(or what passes for blue chip here) shares cheap, from panicky morons.

pussyboy with 78 lives:
you seem to be a expert in the rather irrelevant field you post on. so why don't you start a blog after getting more real world experience in the said field. buddhist monks even more than rc priests will certainly be able to help you.

or get a shrink

78lives said...

Now sittingnut, I know you were severely beaten by the ugly stick when you were a child that doesn't mean youhave the right to take out on your frustration on other people. Get back to the altar.

Keshi said...

well when will they ever learn that?


sittingnut said...

keshi ppl are slow learners but learners nevertheless.

mr nameless i am going to post comment that i posted about you in .
indi's blog:

some ppl are so insecure that they have to submerge themselves in a group identity. they don’t have a personality outside of that. i think we are treated to a good example of that by mr australian with many names. that the fellow can’t stick to one name and face the consequences is a good indication of his low self confidence.

what causes this ? may be living as a miserable second class citizen in a christian majority country has lot to do with it. a lot of ppl in so called diaspora both sinhala and tamil show this exaggerated love of their country and nation because of similar reasons.

Keshi said...

slow yet learners...yeah lets hope they get to it before so many lives r wasted...


78lives said...

Err...okay're more of a nutter than I thought. I'm gonna guess your little spiel was aimed at me? Who's Indi? And what "christian majority country are you talking about"? Unless you think India is Christian majority? A little fact: It's not.

68lives said...


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sittingnut said...

don't be fooled loser, if you check the source code here (if don't know how to, don't play with me) you will see that i am using the same service as indi and it says you are the same loser from australia that got hammered there.

sittingnut said...

here is the losers data :

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ashanthi said...

Good for you s/nut - it's a bit like bringing the blogger out of the closet :0....

I must say Indi's blog certainly seems to attract a few schmucks - I thought the nutter was Dextr but at least he can string together a few sentences.

I suspect both dextr & this nutter have a huge issue with gays because they live in a country which has the 3rd largest gay population in the world - I think this really affects their sense of "manhood" ...

Anyway - hope you are right. When you see how close the election is, you can see why voter intimidation is needed & why the Tamil vote is so critical.

There is a Tamilnet report that there are tensions in the Jaffna SL army camps between supporters of Mahinda & Ranil - what's your take on this S/nut?

Gosh - wish i could get u to buy me some shares!!

sittingnut said...

let hope for the best.
i did not see the tamilnet story you refer to.

as for nutter this one do resemble dextr :-)

as for shares, market hit a high yesterday. don't know what will happen today. anyway there won't be bargains tomorrow if ranil wins. :-)

Anonymous said...

This was an analysis that says UPFA will win. The swing theory changes this time with Ranil's planned minority votes flowing in for Mahinda.

sittingnut said...

if minority votes go to mahinda it won't be voluntarily. only the ltte is capable of forcing the ppl, but while they are boycotting the election unofficially, they are not going to make ppl vote for mahinda.

68lives said...

LOL. I did check the source code and could find nothing of the kind you mentioned....could you please provide some more information? Don't go jumping to conclusions dear nutter! What is the fascination with Australia? Please stop with the lies.


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ashanthi said...

Sittingnut what is going on - please tell me - what has happened^&**^&^&*

dextr said...

umm. i dont live in brisbane man. i dunno how much u noe abt oz but queensland is like sooooo far away frm meltown....

happy t4011ing.