Tuesday, November 01, 2005

update: sri lanka telecom turns down trc request to cut phone links

i had a post yesterday about the telecommunications regulatory commission of sri lanka(trc) requesting sri lanka telecom(slt) to cut idd to solomon islands, vanuatu, the cook islands, the wallis and futana islands, papua new guinea, nauru, tuvalu, tokelau, western samoa, niue estonia, and kiribati for three months.

it seems that slt has refused and has appealed saying that the request is 'not practical' and it 'cannot act as a nanny to clamp down on its customers'. see more details in lbo story here. I am glad they did this.

though when slt goes against the trc it is usually to protect it's dwindling monopoly privileges and to stifle competitors, in this case i agree with them 100%.

it's about time that trc people realized that they are there to make the market more competitive and not to make silly new regulations.


Keshi said...

it's great they refused it...what a silly regulation!


Niroshan said...

Totally agreed. It wasn't silly, it was stupid!

ddm said...

Thilanga Thilanga he's the man, if he can't do it nobody can!

sittingnut said...

keshi and niroshan:
it was both silly and stupid :-)

thilanga is no longer the chairman of slt. he was appointed by unp but was replaced by upfa, he took his time going however.