Friday, March 31, 2006

local government election results 2006

people searching for online election results have started visiting this blog due to my posts on 2005 presidential election.
unfortunately of the sites i linked then none only one seems to be carrying results tonight.

election department website's result section which did not work earlier in the night, seems to have fixed whatever problem it had. so the results are available now. however their website became very slow and utterly useless by morning last november.
here is the link

election department website.

other sources that are carrying results of this election ,

department of government information (official results only- latest)

here are the sites that are not carrying results this time even though they carried results last november

election department website.
the lanka academic result page
upali newspaper group election website.
lanka newspapers election site ( linked above is part of this)

however they might start later in day.

2002 local government results.
here is a pdf(433kb) (from elections department ) that carries 2002 results

my thoughts
as for what i think of this election and some speculation on its outcome see here

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Keshi said...

U know Sittingnut I dun think SL elections r ever fair or there's not much to say abt the results :)

Have a great weekend ok!