Thursday, May 12, 2011

on sri lanka's response to so called un panel report

those who were trying to force an unjust 'international' (read 'western approved to produce results west want') inquiry on to sri lanka hoped that prejudiced claims made in illegitimately constituted so called un/darusman panel will help their cause.

what they hoped
western racists hoped they will keep sri lanka under their thumb (as in the days of genocidal british empire) by removing and pressuring sri lankans who preferred a truly independent foreign policy, instead of one that aimed to suck up to west regardless of our interests.

racist supporters of tamil tiger terrorist murderers hoped they will get 'revenge' for justly ignominious death of the their sun god/big pussy prabhakaran and his zombies. they also hoped for more propaganda to gather funds in west so they can again kill our children.

willing slaves of west and tigers, working for ngos, hoped they will get more funds for doing west's work.

month later
almost a month after initial leaks (timed at sri lanakn news year holidays to delay sri lankan response, and thus dominate the news by one sided anti sri lanka coverage for few days) the picture is very different. world finds sri lanka almost completely united against the report and its denial of justice and equality to sri lanka.

apart from racists in foreign countries, only the above mentioned western funded slaves have spoken in favor of it. and they have bared their bias, hypocrisy, and disregard for truth, by running away from addressing the issues that sri lankans really object to.

all rest of sri lankans have shown, in no uncertain terms, that they oppose the report and its aims. they have organized marches, gathered signatures by the millions, written prose and poetry, etc., etc., objecting to it. newspapers here are overwhelmed by ppl sending open letters addressed to u.n. sectary general ban ki moon objecting to report, panel, and his conduct.

as a result, western funded slaves, at groundviews and other such places, are in incoherent confusion by their own admission. so in addition to censoring almost all objections to panel and report as usual, they resort to conspiracy theories, for eg. one involving forcing millions to sign petitions, [lol!]; instead of observing that signatures are gathered in public places (and videoed to boot) they prefer absurd claims of the tiger's pet propaganda paper (btw remember how groundviews founder sanjana hattotuwa had to delete its predecessor moju when its accumulation of uncritical re-posts of ltte propaganda became a source of embarrassment). as usual they censor anyone who point to absurdities of this and other conspiracy theories.

how to oppose
in fact, the main discussion in sri lanka is not on whether to support or oppose the panel report, but on how to oppose it; whether to reject it outright, or oppose it in detail.

imo, we should do both, and we can, whatever some ppl say. sri lanka while rejecting the report as a whole, should also point out the injustice, illegality, and errors/sloppiness, in its origin, process of creation, and in its content, in detail. there is no reason to confine the response to one of these.

forthcoming official response seems to be such a comprehensive refutation, and accumulation of many many private responses from individuals is creating another such comprehensive refutation. already lots of errors and even blatantly false references (eg report claims X and supports it by referring to Y, when in fact Y is not about X) have been found in report through private initiative. all this is good.

fight continues
anyway while response is heartening to all who prefer peace, justice, human rights, and democracy, in sri lanka, we must no forget that some of the aims of those who welcomed this report have been achieved, though not completely; there is still pressure on sri lanka to obey the west, tiger supporters still gather funds using false claims, and ngo slaves still get some funds to attack us.

it is by continually defeating their attempts to achieve these aims, that we can reduce them to almost nothing. that is why we should show similar united opposition to their attempts, big and small, at harming us. as with the panel report, by sticking to facts and reason, and aggressively exposing hypocrisy, racism, and lies, we will overcome.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

american 'heroism'!

note - as i have said before, i fully approve killing of mass murderer osama bin laden. but this is not about that.

we were told, that after an elaborate decision making process; under the supervision of barack obama; excellent specimens of america's professional military and intelligence, secretly entered pakistan armed with latest military hardware and best intelligence; attacked a security compound/luxury mansion of osama bin laden; heroically fought and killed 2 of his guards; killed ak-47 wielding osama, who used his wife as a human shield; avoided another 'black hawks down' by destroying their own shot at helicopter, and got back to safety with body and computer hard drives etc..

how 'heroic', 'professional' and even 'civilized'!
george washington would be proud!

hmmm... wonder what old george would say to reality that is emerging through the hypocrisy and lies.

it seems that obambi ordered a group of testosterone injected american thugs, known as navy seals, armed with the overwhelming firepower and armor, to follow a few sneaky cia spies. these then, invaded pakistan (definitely committing a war crime in the process); entered an unguarded dirty house with lots of cows and goats; killed 2 unarmed men and a woman (or 3 unarmed men); shot another woman who was not a human shield in leg; traumatized some very young children; executed osama after he surrendered; panicked when yet another shoddy specimen of american industry, a helicopter broke down without anyone even kicking it; crowded into other helicopter in fear and ran away without taking surviving osama family as planned.

you may follow the emerged lies in these links - 1 , 2, 3. more keep coming.

these sort of lies to bolster, non existent professionalism and heroism, and hide, very real cowardice and brutality, of western military forces are nothing new. among many more, we had the jessica lynch incident during invasion of iraq, and we had numerous cases of westerners killing every non westerner on sight whenever they heard a bomb go off or shot fired in iraq, bombing on alleged targets in civilian neighborhoods from 35,000 ft in the air in afghanistan, serbia and now libya, etc..

in contrast, we, sri lankans, were told by the same west that we were not only unheroic but criminal to fight and defeat (even with our minimal resources) against a well armed (through funds collected in west ) tamil tiger murderers and suicide bombers led by big pussy velupillai prabhakaran. west wanted us to appease the tigers and submit to daily killing and maiming of our children. (you see, we are subhumans; we unlike west after 9/11 don't need to resist monthly equivalents in colombo and elsewhere.) even now we are told, by westerns tools (like united nations, amnesty international , human rights watch , etc, who are yet to seriously criticize or investigate western military actions) that alleged deaths, among very real human shields used by tamil tigers, from accidents, and even of tiger leaders, amount to war crimes on our part. our concerns are never addressed and we are denied just and equal treatment.

robert o. blake, assistant secretary of state of usa for south and central asian affairs, was shamelessly spouting this rubbish yesterday in colombo.
hypocrisy much?

we should resist these unjust attempts at rewriting history to west's benefit and our detriment, by sticking to and exposing facts, relentlessly.

what i find most contemptible and despicable is the attitude of certain sri lankans who unquestioningly believe these lies from west. some of this foolish credulity may be due to the fact that they and their families depend on western funded ngos. but i think some of them were bred into such servility through several generations of willing slavery.

in the sri lankan blogosphere, this kind of thing is observable among others in indi samarajiva ( and padashow.wordpress) and sanjana hattotuwa (groundviews, moju, etc..) and their suckerboys. both want sri lanka to submit to western tools' 'judgment' and fail to even address or recognize the blatant injustice and inequality involved.

they happily welcome west's attempts at resource grabs (as in libya). if they blame west, it is always in past tense. so bush gets lot of abuse, but obama is good even though he is doing exactly what bush did with lot more hypocrisy. indi is on record, saying that west is 'more civilized' and has our best interest in mind, and seriously regretting that sri lanka does not have a 'barackian' administration, etc.. in fact i can fill several posts with on record ass licking of these two alone (i might some day).

iow, their willing servility and credulity, induced by cupidity, lead them to live in a fantasy world, where west is heroic and morally superior.

let us continue to expose and laugh at them, though they will continue to censor (while hypocritically preaching freedom of expression) any attempts to point out, their and their western masters', errors and lies, in their blogs.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

questions that must be addressed by those who want an 'international war crimes inquiry' in sri lanka

i will highlight some basic questions that must be addressed by anyone who genuinely wants an 'independent international inquiry' into alleged war crimes committed in sri lanka.

all those who fail to address these issues betray their bad faith when they say they want justice and truth to prevail in order to reconcile the nation. many have already revealed bad faith (esp. when they commented on so called un panel/darusman report).

why only sri lanka is subjected to such an inquiry? are we the only ones that supposedly committed war crimes while fighting against terrorists? to take an example among many, what about the west in iraq, afghanistan, and pakistan? how does one advocate such a double standard inquiry when justice demands one standard for all? bc west is powerful and we, who are not, must obey? bc we, as 'inferiors' (racially or otherwise), must not demand equal treatment?

why is there an attempt (as with so called un/darusman panel) to focus only on suffering and wrongs of a section of sri lankans at one point of time, instead of all? why this separation of victims? is that justice? was sufferings of rest of us (few nauseating proofs here and here) inferior? how? can such arbitrary differentiations lead to reconciliation?

why now, after we defeated terrorists? why the focus only on last days of tamil tiger terrorists? why was our suffering from terrorists not inquired into for 30+ years? why many many crimes against humanity committed by terrorists not worthy of inquiry then? why did self styled humanitarians and human right advocates do nothing then? why same ppl who push for an international inquiry now, pushed us to appease the murderers then? why didn't same ppl and countries help us defeat the terrorists with least human loss, instead of opposing any attempt to defeat terrorists and end their crimes and our suffering? why no inquiry into terrorists collecting funds in west with help of some western politicians?

are some of the things we are accused of really 'war crimes'? are they not accidents, 'collateral damage', use of human shields by terrorists, etc., etc., common in any attempt to defeat terrorists? why these distinctions made for west's defense elsewhere, but in our case all these are 'crimes'? are we not right to suspect that, in western eyes, our main 'war crime' was our disregard for their pressure not to defeat terrorists (hence arbitrary focus of requested 'international' inquiry and illegitimate un/darusman panel, only on events after we disregarded west's call not to defeat ltte)? how is that justice?

shouldn't there be substantiated evidence before accusations are made? shouldn't those accused have a right to examine at first hand, and question (and cross question) the allegations and those who who make them, before such allegations are judged 'credible'? isn't prejudging this, as so called un/darusman panel did, an injustice?

didn't western funded ngos (like human rights watch, amnesty international, and international crisis group,) making the allegations, fail to appear, produce evidence, and face questions, before a legally constituted sri lankan inquiry when requested? wasn't their subsequent demand for an inquiry with 'international standards' that do not exist anywhere else (see above), rather than normal legal standards accepted by all (including sri lankan inquiry) a call for injustice and special treatment (betraying their colonial mindset)?

must be addressed
these are the questions that must be addressed by those who call for an 'independent inquiry with international standards' if they have any pretensions to intellectual honesty and integrity. it is impossible to claim such an inquiry, is independent, maintains legal standards, serves justice and truth, and leads to reconciliation, without answering these questions.

so far almost all those who have called for an 'international' inquiry have failed to address these issues. this is especially noticeable in articles, internet postings, and media interviews, etc., these ppl gave after the publication of so called un panel/darusman report. by not addressing them they betray their bad faith and disregard for justice and equality.

we, sri lankans, should not be afraid to assert ourselves and demand (aggressively if need be) that ppl who call for an 'international' inquiry must address these issues, bc it is we who are being slandered and denied justice and equality. in some cases we would be (and have been) accused for rudeness and subjected to censorship when we demand our basic rights by raising these issues. that is the usual mode of all such oppressors.

by demanding justice and equality, and exposing hypocrisy of those who fail to address these questions, we will overcome.

sri lankans who fail
we should not hesitate to confront with these questions those sri lankans dependent on western funds (esp in ngos) who join with their paymasters in calling for an 'international' inquiry. failure to address or even recognize these issues, by this sort of willing slaves, deserve open contempt. let them go crying to their masters with our spit on their faces.

those who try to sidestep these questions by saying 'we should not be afraid of an inquiry if we have nothing to hide', or 'we should inquire into our actions regardless of whether west will inquire in to theirs in iraq etc.' are missing the point. we, sri lankans, should in fact inquire into our actions in sri lanka under sri lankan law. we should criticize any undue delay or shortcoming in such a sri lankan inquiry.

however shortcomings or not, nothing can justify our submitting to an unjust and unequal inquiry approved and forced upon us by west. anyone honestly addressing the questions above will realize that any 'international' inquiry constituted at present will be unjust, will treat us unfairly, and serve only western interests.

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Monday, May 02, 2011

osama bin laden, dead. good.

as everyone know by now, despicable mass murderer osama bin laden, head of al-qaida was killed in an operation conducted by american central intelligence agency (cia) in pakistan last night.

this is good news for all those who hate terrorism.

americans rightly celebrate in usa. see photos.

racist double standards

we will see whether those westerners ( and their tools and paid slaves) who advised us not to celebrate our freedom after we defeated tamil tiger terrorist murderers (in the process killing mass murderer velupillai prabhakaran) will give the same advise now. we were threatened, oppressed, and killed, to a greater extent by tamil tigers than al-qaida ever did to west. also our victory was more comprehensive and less costly in lives and resources. but west said we should not express joy at our liberation, then.

we will also observe whether west and its tools will investigate the possible 'war crimes' that were committed in the operations that were conducted while tracking down and killing osama.

for instance, all american operations in pakistan break international law (since countries are not at war, united nations has not authorized such attacks, and pakistani government and ppl have formally and publicly opposed them). in many earlier attacks in pakistan ( esp by so called unmanned drones) lots of innocents were killed. all, such attacks, including the last were authorized by american president; responsibility is his. there are no commissions to investigate any of the western attacks so far (nor for western attacks in other countries).

in contrast, we, sri lankans are 'investigated' and pressured by illegitimate panels, etc. set up by west and its tools (with only allegations to back up the 'charges', and in most cases for actions that were not even crimes). as i said before, this a denial of justice and equality.

i suspect these unjust and unacceptable double standards will continue.

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