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indi samarajiva's 'truth' and sri lankan truth

indi samarajiva thinks, we, sri lankans, don't acknowledge 'truth ', 'shitt', 'bad stuff' etc., about innocents dying and suffering due to military efforts to defeat murderous tamil tigers. instead we, according to him, engage in what he terms 'bureaucratic niceties','pointless', 'legalistic' 'meta-discussions' about so called 'un panel' report '. by his reading, sri lankans are not 'secure in their identity' to face 'truth'.

as usual he is missing the core.

far from being in denial we, sri lankans, have already acknowledged, and more to the point, experienced, suffering from armed violence. it is he who has not. it is to him, and his ilk, that suffering in sri lanka is at other end of a camera.

similarly, since he cannot feel it, he also dismisses out of hand a very real injustice committed against sri lanka by west, (so called 'un panel' and report is the latest manifestation of this injustice as i said in my last post and other sri lankans have voiced in many fora.)

indi's inability to understand sri lankan reality and mindset is to be expected, since he moves exclusively in english-thinking pseudo elite colombo cocoon (perhaps the only section of sri lankan society that did not experience suffering; these are ppl who thought going through a road block equaled end of the world, while rest of us went through suicide bombs. since they live in fantasy world they get all their predictions about sri lanka wrong, be it defeat of ltte, economy, elections, etc. read what they have written and confirm. lazy foreign journalists who make these their sources make the same mistakes.)

even he seems to be aware of weakness of what he says, so resorts to posting a photo of an injured child to illustrate the so called 'truth' and win sympathy for his argument. in the process he reveals how disconnected he is.

[btw in spite of serious subject matter, it is always funny when a self righteous hypocrite (a paid unp propagandist during elections, willing nepotistic beneficiary of his thoroughly corrupt and nasty political appointee father, a willing columnist at blackmailing sunday leader, owner of scurrilous blogs like padashow.wordpress, etc., etc., ) talks about 'truth'. but lets leave all that aside for this. ]

nobody is denying suffering and deaths of sri lankans due to atrocities of tamil tigers and resulting military operations to defeat them.

we lived among suffering and death. we experienced it; we died, were maimed, were splattered with blood of our own children, friends, relatives, and strangers, first as children and then as adults. all of us remember sound of bombs and ran from gunfire. we saw living hells of mangled bodies and then tried to help with puke filling our mouths (worst among many i saw first hand was the dehiwela train bomb).

but indi thinks we don't 'acknowledge' 'truth'! ha!

and let us not forget lost opportunities of material kind either; property, private and public, destroyed and made useless, businesses and paddy fields blighted, discouraged investments, diversion of resources away from health, education, etc., and even cowardly snubbing of our cricket team by west.

sri lankans suffered in all those ways for 30 long years due to tiger terrorism and gov military efforts aimed at bringing those murderers to 'peace' (read appeasement) talks. west promoted all this. during so called ceasefires sri lankans were handed over to unchecked ltte oppression with western support. west, and likes of indi, ignored our suffering at those times. no photos of dead children appeared in his blog then, though they were here. (maybe likes of indi only experiences 'reality' only in photos, so here are few more horrors we suffered, and more.)

finally, abandoning dehumanizing appeasement of terrorists by blood, we defeated ltte in spite of objections from west (and likes of indi).

we voted in and honored those who help defeat tiger terrorists.

we ended our suffering emanating from armed violence.
its our responsibility not just government's or 'military's as indi implies.

but indi thinks we don't 'acknowledge' that!

now we are told by west and their tools we were wrong to end our suffering the way we did, and those who contributed most to end that suffering (sri lankan military and political leadership) are branded war criminals. (note its the same west that is inflicting suffering on others far from their countries. and its the same same western tools who are yet to say anything much on those inflictions of suffering).

we, (just as much as our military and political leadership) accept our responsibility for our actions. but we object to unjust criminalization. we object to west's denial of equality and justice to us.

indi doesn't object to this injustice, he thinks we should accept it, if we are 'secure' in our 'identity'. he thinks our objections are mere 'bureaucratic niceties','pointless', 'legalistic' 'meta-discussions', etc.,etc.!

what can we say! huh?

well indi samarajiva does live in a stinking cocoon, ... by choice.


we know who we are.

we suffered and escaped.
we acknowledged, assessed, asserted, and acted.
we and our children will live with our disabilities and sad experiences. but we are also proud and joyful that we are free from armed violence. we are not bringing our future generations to a world of violence. they will have opportunity to live without disabilities and sad experiences.
that is an identity and responsibility we are proud of.

indi who did not experience, disclaims responsibility, photographs us from cocoon, separates us, and puts imagined words in our mouths. in his distorted lens, we insecurely deny our suffering and our actions.

prejudiced west try to criminalize us, and deny justice and equality to us.

we will overcome these new evils too, with our own efforts. we will be proud and joyful then too.

bc we know who we are; once victims, who after experiencing and acknowledging the truth realistically, overcame our suffering through our own non criminal efforts.

yesterday i posted an early version of this as a comment to indi's post. he as usual censored it (as he has a right to do btw). lol
just now i posted a link to this there. wonder whether he will censor that too. lol
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Anonymous said...

The vitriol in this article is shameful. While I agree you should be able to write what you want, just take a second read and realize that it is not of a human mind but some bigoted outlook of right and wrong.

I am sorry but this kind of writing is what is inciteful, hateful and full of venom, and cause of much of the divisiveness of our society in Sri Lanka today.

We who live and struggle in Sri Lanka, want all to live in peace so we can concentrate on giving our families the best we can, and not constantly worry about people inciting hatred.

Try and do some meditation and you may change your outlook in life, there is hope for you still.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 5/02/2011 9:10 AM
you mean we should forget how we suffered?
furthermore suffer without opposition the slanders and injustices aimed at us by west and their tools ?

only a willing slave of west will say that

Anonymous said...

get over it! we cannot harp on living in the past, we learn and move on to a brighter future!