Friday, April 29, 2011

wishing all the worst to trashy couple providing the royal circus

to badly paraphrase great english poet milton, it is better to live free than serve in britain. british with any brains (if any) will think so today.

btw john milton actively supported oliver cromwell's kingless commonwealth in 17th century. he defended regicide. all of his work, including paradise lost, resonate with anti monarchist themes.

in spite of that example, british basely serve the monstrosity that is set to put on an unbelievably vulgar mass entertainment disguised as a wedding today.

if last example was any guide, ostentatious event will be kitschy heaven (horse drawn carriages, wedding dresses borrowed from disney animation, gaudy military uniforms, etc.). ignorant defend it as cultural heritage, not knowing that this type of circus was unknown in past.

bad taste
maybe the fact that house of saxe-coburg and gotha (renamed house of windsor during a racist fit in uk), was basically royal trash in origin, has something to do with the bad taste. they came from one of hundreds of petty states that littered germany before bismark unified it. hapsburgs and bourbons would have kept them waiting in ante rooms in old days; before they wormed themselves in to british crown when heir by primogeniture was disinherited due to his catholic religion. then newish english nobility (old normans having died out from hundreds years war and war of roses) enriched with property looted from catholic church preferred it that way (btw this is why some old manor houses in england has names like 'abbey' etc. ).

maybe it is the undoubted fact that (to badly parapharse thomas more from play/movie a man for all seasons) several times along their pedigree several bitches/dogs got over the wall. for example edward iv was certainly not his father's son. and nobody with eyes will claim harry (one who loves to wear nazi uniforms) is charles' biological son. however this er ... mixing of new blood, may be better than the centuries of inbreeding, that resulted in various genetic deceases family gifted to others with its daughters. last tsesarevich being a prime example of this misfortune.

whatever the cause, vulgar taste has come to distinguish british royals from other royals european (spanish, belgian, swedish, etc.,) and asian (japanese malaysian, etc.,). monaco's similarly trashy ruling family and some of nouveau riche arabic royals being the only others that prefer such vulgar display at private occasions.

british values
leaving bad taste aside, it is a telling commentary on british values, that while rest of the world did away with fundamentally unjust primogeniture inheritance, religious discrimination, and other such nonsense, british still persist with them at the top.

similarly telling that britain and its dominions still pledge allegiance and wish long lives to these willing symbols of unlamented genocidal british empire; the political entity responsible for mass murders and other atrocities longer and greater than all others combined. instead of wishing for a quiet extinction of such an embarrassment, remnant of brutish empire gets nostalgic, and want to celebrate its possible perpetuation. crown jewels encrusted with blood stained loot from colonies (most of the gemstones coming from sri lanka) will play their part in that celebration.

that ignorant mawkishly sentimental british public (at least they have buried the myth of british stiff upper lip) prefer all this stink is no excuse for others to wish it well. nor should we let ourselves be led like sheep by mass media into admiring bad customs and vulgarity. (lets leave that kind of stupidity to british welfare recipients.)

so let me wish william and kate a very unhappy scandal rich marriage.

i am sure that the couple who epitomize the idle wastefulness of western upper class (almost 30 with nothing productive from both) will appreciate my wish that they keep up other family traditions just as they do some traditions today. in contrast, those wish them well with tears in their eyes today while watching tv for several hours, will be salivating for a great scandal in 2 years time.

i will even propose a good scandal to start things off - video clips of a threesome with butler (or whatever they call that functionary) come to light; british public getting over their fake shock, show their 'sophisticated' sentimentality through another royal wedding (with 3 partners) and comment on how exactly like his mother william looked in yet another disney faiy tale dress.

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Anonymous said...

What a right royal waste of time this post of yours is... YAWN!!!

Anonymous said...

You are unbelievable. Have you nothing of substance to say?

sittingnut said...

all the worse for you for reading without being forced and then commenting on an alleged worthless post too. lol
what did you expect? an anglican sermon? lol
thoroughly bad taste is subtance enough .... at least for the british royals and their fans.

Anonymous said...

too bad you werent born Royal. I suspect sour grapes and wishing others, especially those you know nothing about nor want to know, a bad future is bad karma too!

sittingnut said...

anon @ 5/05/2011 4:21 pm
er.. i don't believe in karma

may be you should take your own advise about "those you know nothing about nor want to know" before giving it to others .

and you think british royals are not vulgar ? lol


Anonymous said...

You invite pity to even want to write a post like this.

Dont give the crap about why read if it is worthless, as one cannot say it is worthless until one reads it and then a comment is a natural response.

Or are you writing to elicit comments, which those who are seeking attention are wont to do?

Anyway keep on writing the world would be a saner place without such and that is boring too.

sittingnut said...

@ anon 5/06/2011 1:00 pm ( i take it you are the same one at 4/29/2011 12:14 pm)

i must be saying something that goes to your core to elicit such incoherent comments from you.

if you have a problem with what i say, you should first formulate it clearly in your own mind, and then articulate it, clearly. you fail here. (for example, ask yourself and say why you think i am so pitiful to write this? saying that i invite pity does not say anything beyond i created a response in you)


if on the other hand, you think what i say is totally worthless, why go to the trouble of revisiting and making several comments?


so do tell me why i shouldn't comment on bad taste and values of both british royals and those who suck it/them up