Monday, May 02, 2011

osama bin laden, dead. good.

as everyone know by now, despicable mass murderer osama bin laden, head of al-qaida was killed in an operation conducted by american central intelligence agency (cia) in pakistan last night.

this is good news for all those who hate terrorism.

americans rightly celebrate in usa. see photos.

racist double standards

we will see whether those westerners ( and their tools and paid slaves) who advised us not to celebrate our freedom after we defeated tamil tiger terrorist murderers (in the process killing mass murderer velupillai prabhakaran) will give the same advise now. we were threatened, oppressed, and killed, to a greater extent by tamil tigers than al-qaida ever did to west. also our victory was more comprehensive and less costly in lives and resources. but west said we should not express joy at our liberation, then.

we will also observe whether west and its tools will investigate the possible 'war crimes' that were committed in the operations that were conducted while tracking down and killing osama.

for instance, all american operations in pakistan break international law (since countries are not at war, united nations has not authorized such attacks, and pakistani government and ppl have formally and publicly opposed them). in many earlier attacks in pakistan ( esp by so called unmanned drones) lots of innocents were killed. all, such attacks, including the last were authorized by american president; responsibility is his. there are no commissions to investigate any of the western attacks so far (nor for western attacks in other countries).

in contrast, we, sri lankans are 'investigated' and pressured by illegitimate panels, etc. set up by west and its tools (with only allegations to back up the 'charges', and in most cases for actions that were not even crimes). as i said before, this a denial of justice and equality.

i suspect these unjust and unacceptable double standards will continue.

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Anonymous said...

For Americans end justifies the means. For us?

Anonymous said...

For the west and their slaves bin laden is a mass murderer. But in reality mass murderers are the west(and their slaves like you)

sittingnut said...

anon @ 5/02/2011 12:16 pm
end never justifies the means in any moral system.

anon @ 5/07/2011 10:09 AM
if you want to be irrational and disregard facts as you do in your comment,you are free. iow, you are free to be stupid.

facts indicate bin laden is a mass murderer by intention.
facts don't justify calling whole of west mass murderers on purpose; specific ppl and institutions in west at present are certainly justifiably called war criminals.

calling me a slave without indicating why, only indicate that claim of yours is also unjustifiable with facts .
if you think i have accepted and obediently done things against my and/or others interests, just bc west says so, or in expectation of west's approval, you will have to point them out.


Anonymous said...

When you make enemies of west your enemy you become a freaking slave. When you take western value systems that Sri Lankans don't give a shit and try to promote them here you become a freaking slave, when you name yourself based on western value systems you become a freaking slave

sittingnut said...

love it when i drive a born fool like anon above in to irrational incoherent babble.

as everyoen can see, it( rightly so called ) is unable to give a even single instance of my slavishness.(ie 'where i have accepted and obediently done things against my and/or others interests, just bc west says so, or in expectation of west's approval')

it is unable see that idea and values are not always tied to any locality . it is unable to prove my values are tied to west only.

iow, it is nor open to facts and reason . in that it is very un sri lankan.