Thursday, May 12, 2011

on sri lanka's response to so called un panel report

those who were trying to force an unjust 'international' (read 'western approved to produce results west want') inquiry on to sri lanka hoped that prejudiced claims made in illegitimately constituted so called un/darusman panel will help their cause.

what they hoped
western racists hoped they will keep sri lanka under their thumb (as in the days of genocidal british empire) by removing and pressuring sri lankans who preferred a truly independent foreign policy, instead of one that aimed to suck up to west regardless of our interests.

racist supporters of tamil tiger terrorist murderers hoped they will get 'revenge' for justly ignominious death of the their sun god/big pussy prabhakaran and his zombies. they also hoped for more propaganda to gather funds in west so they can again kill our children.

willing slaves of west and tigers, working for ngos, hoped they will get more funds for doing west's work.

month later
almost a month after initial leaks (timed at sri lanakn news year holidays to delay sri lankan response, and thus dominate the news by one sided anti sri lanka coverage for few days) the picture is very different. world finds sri lanka almost completely united against the report and its denial of justice and equality to sri lanka.

apart from racists in foreign countries, only the above mentioned western funded slaves have spoken in favor of it. and they have bared their bias, hypocrisy, and disregard for truth, by running away from addressing the issues that sri lankans really object to.

all rest of sri lankans have shown, in no uncertain terms, that they oppose the report and its aims. they have organized marches, gathered signatures by the millions, written prose and poetry, etc., etc., objecting to it. newspapers here are overwhelmed by ppl sending open letters addressed to u.n. sectary general ban ki moon objecting to report, panel, and his conduct.

as a result, western funded slaves, at groundviews and other such places, are in incoherent confusion by their own admission. so in addition to censoring almost all objections to panel and report as usual, they resort to conspiracy theories, for eg. one involving forcing millions to sign petitions, [lol!]; instead of observing that signatures are gathered in public places (and videoed to boot) they prefer absurd claims of the tiger's pet propaganda paper (btw remember how groundviews founder sanjana hattotuwa had to delete its predecessor moju when its accumulation of uncritical re-posts of ltte propaganda became a source of embarrassment). as usual they censor anyone who point to absurdities of this and other conspiracy theories.

how to oppose
in fact, the main discussion in sri lanka is not on whether to support or oppose the panel report, but on how to oppose it; whether to reject it outright, or oppose it in detail.

imo, we should do both, and we can, whatever some ppl say. sri lanka while rejecting the report as a whole, should also point out the injustice, illegality, and errors/sloppiness, in its origin, process of creation, and in its content, in detail. there is no reason to confine the response to one of these.

forthcoming official response seems to be such a comprehensive refutation, and accumulation of many many private responses from individuals is creating another such comprehensive refutation. already lots of errors and even blatantly false references (eg report claims X and supports it by referring to Y, when in fact Y is not about X) have been found in report through private initiative. all this is good.

fight continues
anyway while response is heartening to all who prefer peace, justice, human rights, and democracy, in sri lanka, we must no forget that some of the aims of those who welcomed this report have been achieved, though not completely; there is still pressure on sri lanka to obey the west, tiger supporters still gather funds using false claims, and ngo slaves still get some funds to attack us.

it is by continually defeating their attempts to achieve these aims, that we can reduce them to almost nothing. that is why we should show similar united opposition to their attempts, big and small, at harming us. as with the panel report, by sticking to facts and reason, and aggressively exposing hypocrisy, racism, and lies, we will overcome.

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Anonymous said...

GOSL knows how to manipulate public opinion.

sittingnut said...

obliviously some fools think gosl is all powerful and all who do not subscribe to their (usually asserted but not reasoned) opinions are all manipulated by gosl. lol.

i bet anon thinks we were manipulated by gosl into supporting defeating of tiger terrorists; otherwise, you see, we would have submitted to tigers daily killing of our children.

Anonymous said...

Whilst this whole saga has strengthened the ruling family's grip on power in SL as it has been used to denounce the foreign barbarians, it will nevertheless severely weaken their credibility and stature overseas. If that does not matter to them thats fine, but it is the Rakapakse legacy that is at stake.

Whatever is said for domestic consumption it is this overseas opinion that they are more sensitive about. Whatever one might think our overseas friends will in the end let us down and when resolutions are passed to arrest a list of them if they ever leave the country, then it is the rest of us who will suffer for the arrogance of a few.

Instead of getting ready for a fight they cannot win the world of public opinion, making meaningful strides in ensuring a future for all can defuse this.

For example India offered to build 50,000 houses in the north and not one step has been taken in conjunction with the donors in making it happen. However the offer of China to build 20,000 houses for forces personnel was immediately acted upon and completed.

The rest of the world knows this and therefore by actions realize that posturing and words are meaningless.

Sending teams to Geneva, New Delhi or Bali to extract international support is a complete waste of time if no action is taken at home to change the status quo.

I wish they get over the smugness and complacency and face stark truth and act accordinlgly in the interests of the country and not personal self rightousness.

Our President is the most politically astute person the country has ever created within the country, but a complete babe as far as international relations are concerned and letting this issue get to this stage is example enough. So can someone teach him to set aside arrogance and accept reality in the greater interests of the country. Only then will he be a true patriot.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 5/17/2011 10:25 am
can't agree with you on any point .

you seem to fear west and confuse west with international opinion like a slave.

we will see whether west will go beyond words to use force of any kind ( sanctions, 'arrest lists') . so far they have failed to carry any of that out .

even at west's barked command , you , like a true slave, are willing to suffer their injustices bc of fear. like a cowardly slave you are willing to sacrifice those who contributed most to defeating tamil tiger terrorist murderers of our children( not just the ruling clan but our military) to west prejudiced judgment already shown to be unjust and shoddy as in this report.

don't expect other sri lankans, free unlike you, to follow you, to lick to west's bottom .

too bad i don't know your name to spit on your face !

Anonymous said...

Good work SN!