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illegitimate "un panel": denial of justice and equality to sri lankans

so called panel advising united nations secretary general ban ki moon has officially presented its report.

murderous tamil tiger sympathizer/propagandist running a so called citizen journalist blog (far from it) leaked parts of it to media few days ago during new year holidays in sri lanka. most media did not want to print before official u.n. release, some did print it, edited. while i have no problem with leaks, calculated attempt to control media narrative before sri lankan government had time even to examine the report indicate the bad faith and secret agendas of those responsible.

lot of ppl have commented on the report and its content. mostly nonsense, though some made sense.

i will comment on content of report in detail another time (if ever). for present, i will point out why everyone who wants justice to prevail should object to both panel and report on principle.

imo, this report symbolize the western governments' and their tools' denial of equality and justice to sri lanka.

very constitution of such a panel to look into alleged war crimes in sri lanka is a blatant instance of injustice.
where are other such panels to look into war crimes committed by usa, uk, and other western countries in iraq, pakistan, and afghanistan? [btw deaths in pakistan due to american bombing implicate obama himself as a bloody war criminal since they cannot be explained away as collateral damage from a legitimate targeting or a case of indiscipline in military; no target in pakistan territory is legal under international law at present and missions were authorized by obama.] unlike allegations against sri lanka these crimes are substantiated with visual and documentary evidence.
why are we treated differently?

it is an ad hoc panel with no judicial capacity but its report pretends to judge events and claims. where is the justice in such vigilantism?

the panel claims there are 'credible' 'allegations' of war crimes sri lanka. that is a ridiculously unjust statement. how does one judge 'credibility'? by what standards? by whom? they would have been more specific on these points if they were treating us with justice and equality. report's extremely shoddy choice of words betray unstated prejudices of its members.

the allegations referred are in fact mere allegations nothing more. they are not subjected to any kind of test and cross examination. no verifiable supporting evidence is presented. no procedure is detailed as to how those who made the allegations were examined by panel. iow, those sri lankans slandered by the allegations (esp. in the sl military) are shabbily treated and denied justice by the panel.

all these injustices against sri lanka are augmented by certain western media institutions (those in uk in particular ) and ngo tools of western governments (amnesty international, human rights watch, etc ). they incorrectly and implicitly refer to this mere ad-hoc advisory panel as a properly constituted 'un panel' established by united nations with powers to investigate. they make 'allegations' into positive facts. in the process they unjustifiably convict innocent sri lankans of war crimes with no indictments or even evidence. [if i have time i will expose some of the most blatantly racist 'journalists' and ngos involved and detail their explicit distortions here. i have protested in their websites whenever possible and so have others. all who want justice to prevail and hate racism should do so whenever they see any, in spite of censorship these hypocrites impose.]

panel calls for an "independent investigation complying with international standards". by all means, let all war crimes world over be subjected to an equal and just investigation. however there is no chance for any such at present.

instead, an investigation that meets western approval, forced only upon sri lanka cannot be an "independent investigation with international standards" by definition. all sri lankans should object to that. so should all who want justice to prevail.

sri lanka should investigate all crimes committed in sri lanka. sri lankans should be free to object to any injustices or lack of standards, if any, in any such investigation. unjust hypocritical westerners and their tools should have no say in it and should stay out it.

not crimes
in addition to above injustices there is a tendency in report and some western media and ngos to criminalize certain actions of ours when they are in fact not crimes (certainly not when westerners commit similar; as they have many times)

  • sri lanka had the right to end our 30 year long suffering due to ltte's actions and threats and ensure human rights, freedom, democracy, and justice, for all sri lankans. that is no crime.
  • given its bestial atrocities (among others deliberate killing and maiming of our children) sri lanka had the right to consider ltte a mere armed gang of criminals. that is no crime.[btw only racists equate tamils with ltte and think ltte was fighting for tamils using such means with tamil support].
  • sri lanka had the right to militarily defeat the tamil tiger murderers. that is no crime.
  • sri lanka had the right to ignore western attempts to save our murderers from defeat. that is no crime.
  • sri lanka has the right to point out ltte was mainly funded (in later years ) by racists in diaspora seeking asylum in western countries. that is no crime. [btw most western governments (usa exempted) did almost nothing to to stop this funding].
  • did some innocents die from accidents or what westerners callously term 'collateral damage', or ltte's use of 'human shields', when military was defeating ltte? yes, but that is no crime.
  • did sri lanka restrict media and foreigners' access to military operations? yes, but that is no crime.
  • did sri lanka screen for ltte cadres among displaced people escaping from ltte control? yes, but that is no crime.
  • did sri lanka keep displaced ppl for few months in camps (where no unusual deaths or epidemics occurred) until they were screened, land mines were cleared, and basic infrastructure (roads,schools, etc.,) were restored? yes, but that is no crime. those camps were partially funded and run by u.n.. vast majority of ppl were resettled within a year. no crime.
  • is sri lanka rehabilitating ltte cadres who surrendered after their defeat? yes. large numbers have been released and most are in mild captivity with access to red cross. few leaders are actually out on bail awaiting trail. again no war crime. [btw very existence of those leaders make liars of those who claim that unlamented ltte leadership was killed after surrender.]
  • etc., etc..

while i don't approve few of those actions as a libertarian (i have given my views on almost all in these in detail in this blog), they are not war crimes.

to imply any of these are crimes is to deny us justice and equality. we, sri lankans should object and protest all who commit such injustices.

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Anonymous said...

You know the order was simply to defeat the enemy, minimize casualities amongst innocent civilians. This the army aided by the navy and airforce did in quick time. Minimizing forces casualties was also paramount so when LTTE fired behind the human shields, the army fired back into the no fire zones using heavy artillery. They did not want to put their forces in unnecesary harms way due to suicide cadres so hand to hand combat was sacrificed in favor of heavy bombardment. Just look at the numbers of forces killed and wounded in the last week of the battle and you can then glean fact from fiction.

Why on earth the govt. cant say the way it was I have no idea as it is no crime to fight this enemy to win and not surrender, as surrender is to fight another day.Why do they keep on saying not one innocent civilian was killed!! Hence this farce in reply to the farce!

SL1ST said...

Good post. Please blog regularly as you used to do.

Paspanguva said...

Talking about the US regarding their war crimes is like trying to take legal action against England for exploitation of our countries resources during the colonial period. The US is the new super power of the world, they do as they please, just like the way the Brits, the Dutch and the Portuguese did back in their day.

I hope you have some time to analyze all the UN documents in more detail. especially the technical note on the channel 4 video. Where even the panel admits that there were somethings which didn't add up like the date of the alleged recording (which the Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka states asJanuary 2009, but the meta data in the video states as 17th July 2009)

There is so much more that should be discussed about this video as well as its report.

Anonymous said...


Don't talk against Portuguese in this blog. The author doesn't even have a real Sinhalese name but a dirty Portuguese name and is even faithfully following the religion given to his ilk before him by the Portuguese.

sittingnut said...

of course i don't have a "real Sinhalese name"( whatever that is ) i have a sri lankan name. lol

only those like the anon who want to insult sinhalese pretend that sinhalese are intolerant. far from it. as a man with a "portuguese" name and a once catholic i can testify that buddhist sinhalese are the most tolerant ppl in the world. anon is obviously neither and want to insult them.

unlike western funded blogs ( like groundviews and indi.ca) which are intolerant, i allow complete freedom of expression here. anon is either from one of those (which push an agenda that sri lanka is intolerant). he would not be able to post such comments in either.

best way to expose the hypocrites like anon is to be truthful and open .
we always enjoy when dogs like him run away from truth as from a stick.

Anonymous said...

Sinhalese are the most tolerant of the whole world because we have been gifted with the most tolerant religion. But we have been cornered and kicked too much by western colonists and their leftovers like you. For example how many sinhalese were killed, raped and chased away from their traditional land by Portuguese, dutch and english just to convert us to their mythical religion? But how many still roam our streets with western names and how many still lead a Christian way of life like nothing happened? There should be a stop to this slavishness!

sittingnut said...

all religions (including buddhism) are based on supernatural/mythical ( god,karamic cycle etc ) foundations.
as such if actually believed and followed are intolerant, basically bc subjective beliefs clash with other beliefs .

thankfully nobody follows religions as they were preached, this is esp true in sri lanka.
buddhism practiced in sri lank ais very different from that preached.
that is why sri lanka is tolerant.

obviously anon unable to counter what i said in earlier comment, and/or living in a fantasy sri lanka, is taking refuge behind his own irrational intolerant fundamentalism .

as i said before only a few slavish fools like anon spout such nonsense. they are either ignored or easily brushed aside with facts and reason.

Anonymous said...

This fool had his education in an anglican cultured institution that had been producing western slaves for centuries so thinks buddhism is another religion like his masters religion. Does buddhism talk about divine gods, etc? Can you give one single example where buddism is proved wrong by modern science?

I pity you! obviously you couldn't experience such a wonderful, tolerant and scientific way of life like buddism even when born as a Sri Lankan because of the elitist, anglican environment you were raised.

sittingnut said...

anon above is hilarious in its irrational babble, resulting from its fury at its inability to refute what i have said in all the posts it comments on .

anon claims to be a sinhalese buddist but as all can see is not acting like one .

unlike almost all sinhalse buddists in sri lanka , anon is both intolerant and stupid . i think it is trying to spread a false idea about sinhalse buddists by pretending to be one . if so, it fails when confronted with facts and reason

what is an "an anglican cultured institution"? bc i would not call any of many educational institutions i attended that. anon would name it and point out how all those who it produced were slaves , if anon itself is not a slave. lol

in a revealing moment, anon, going by its own small brain incapable of thought, obviously believes that other ppl are incapable of independent thought, and like parrots repeats what they have been taught. lol

"Does buddhism talk about divine gods, etc? "
did i say it did ? no what i said was, it is based on supernatural foundations like karmic cycle.

"Can you give one single example where buddism is proved wrong by modern science? "
modern science is yet to prove existence of any karmic cycle and reincarnation. without that buddhist 'logic' and 'philosophy' falls apart completely and is pure rubbish.

i will say it again, all religions ( including buddhism ) are based on supernatural foundations . prove me wrong !

religions (including buddhism ) , if their fundamentals are actually believed and followed are always intolerant; basically bc subjective beliefs clash with other such beliefs.

thankfully most ppl ( esp in sri lanka ) don't believe in such rubbish; so they are tolerant.

everyone can see that anon is incapable of being 'tolerant and scientific " . as such he is not like vast majority of sri lankans including vast majority of ppl who call themselves 'buddhists' in sl .

best way to deal with fools like anon is to confront them with facts and reason ,and see them make jokes of themselves as anon did here.