Sunday, April 29, 2007

very well done! we are proud of you

sri lankan cricket team, which did a great job in proudly flying the sri lankan flag on the way to the final, did the same in the final even though they lost. they showed great character in never giving up to last.

great work and thanks.

congratulations to australia! gilchrist in particular. he made the difference and we did not have any answer, though we tried our best.

we will have to wait four more years to taste kangaroos meat it seems. grrr... here i was waiting to take big bite of that :-)

as for the rain delay, bad light, etc.
first , i think 38 overs was the wrong length after the delayed start.
it is clear that even without the second brief rain interruption, or any cloud cover, 38x2 overs could not have been bowled before darkness fell. they should have reduced the no of overs further from the start or carried the match to reserve day if they wanted a longer game.

secondly, it was certainly ridiculous to start after the second interruption without formally reducing the overs and setting ( and informing all concerned ) the new target .

that second interruption and the confusion was partly responsible for our loss imo.

thirdly it was wrong of australians to celebrate before the match was formally over. i am not quite sure but according to a friend of mine umpires cannot stop a match bc of bad light.( if anyone know better pl correct me) as such even though they made a mess of it, umpires were at least following the law.

all that left a bad taste

but it was great match as far as cricket is concerned and australia won it fair and square.

terrorist pussies were up to their usual tricks tonight. typical behavior. what more can you expect? does anyone really think talking peace and appeasement of such people will work? esp. when we saw tonight the results of that part appeasement, the cfa? they will carry out attacks even when they are reduced to handful. a sustainable peace that respects the principles of democracy, justice, human rights, and freedom, and ltte as it is now, are simply not compatible. as such there is only one way to go.
anyway will write more about this later


ivap said...

As I said to Indi

This isn't really over. Sri lanka are playing a series in Australia next summer in 6 months time. If they can acclimatise and focus enough and have a jayasuriyaesk player to dominate the attack and WIN IN AUSTRALIA the world cup will be a distant memory.

For my 2c worth I think they should focus all their short term focus on beating the aussies at home. Even if SL won this game they wouldn't have given their dues until they beat OZ at home. The real question is will they be up to it?

ivap said...

oops ... "short term energy"

Lanka Personalities said...

A Great Job well done, boys. Congratulations!

Having come to the finals and even giving us a glimpse of hope of making the needed runs in the 38 overs while Sanath and Kumar were at the wicket was wonderful.

No doubt there were mamny screw ups in the manner the ICC handled the game and all its ups and downs. A true 50 over game could have ended much differently.

Maybe they should look at playing the final to its full 50 overs even if it takes 2 days? Managing the media and the sponsors will be difficult unless a contingency is laid down to cater to such an eventuality.

Let's give the boys a rousing homecoming!

As for those airmen from Mullaitivu who come creeping up in the early hours of the mrning to disrupt a game of cricket I say, "to hell with your lot".