Sunday, April 01, 2007

terrorists to change their logo?

it seems likely that pussies will unveil their new logo today (1st). the idiotic looking circus tiger pathetically failing to jump out of the loop in the earlier logo has been removed and an artistic depiction a vulva has been substituted in its place. unfortunately all my efforts to obtain an early mock up failed. you may fill in the blank area in the following with your imagination if you want, while waiting.

big pussy's motivation for the logo change is unknown. some have speculated that it was aimed at attracting teenage males to the terror organization. reportedly any teenager staring at the new logo (remember tiger have banned all porn etc. in areas under their control) will be considered a volunteer and will be recruited.

while not confirmed they were going to change their motto too. new one was going to be ’fuck us at your peril'. however second tier pussies supposedly muttered under their breath that since they are getting fucked in the east anyway pussy leadership should come up with some thing better. anyway the motto plan was shelved.

peacenik spin
reportedly pussies are preparing to launch a spin campaign concurrently with the unveiling of the logo under the theme 'pussies for love not war' while carrying on with the usual murdering, child abducting, etc.. as you may have noticed on any given day ( and i mean any given day) peaceniks take up the exact same position as the open propaganda of the murderous terrorists. you will not be disappointed this time round too.

in fact peaceniks have been busy since yesterday, when they received the details of the logo change, to meet deadlines. paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, etc. are reportedly going to say in articles to be published in various sunday papers (in spite of their frequent claims of suppression of media these people's articles are regularly published. as they should be), that big pussy by choosing this symbol instead of the male counterpart, is indicating he is all for love not war. kumar rupasinghe is going to say the same in some tv talk show. they will call upon the government to immediately stop all military operations in response, regardless of actual actions of pussies. "that is the least sri lankan government can do" said one. "only an authoritarian regime will not take big p at his word" another one added.

sunila abeysekera is going to east on a centre of policy alternatives(cpa) funded 'fact finding mission' to gouge the response to logo change. however since she has no intention to leave her accommodation there and never intends to meet anyone, she has already come to the conclusion (that ppl in east welcome this and believe it indicates big pussy is all for love not war) and have instructed her underlings before setting out, to prepare the resulting report accordingly, using borrowed prose if needs be.

sunanda deshapriya, the joker from free media movement, is going to hold protests because some newspaper editors have refused to publish the new logo given what is depicted. fmm insists this was due to government interference and is going to hold protests (all 20 ppl participating) till all newspapers are forced to publish this.

as for peacenik bloggers, sanjana hattotuwa is already busy inventing statistics to back up his upcoming (and rather long) post to be published in his ict4appeasement blog. the post will argue that information and communication technology (ict) contributed to this, love not war, attitude of the pussies, through the influence of online porn industry. he is however still insistent that all information should be censored moderated in order to prevent any abuse, embarrassment, or impertinent questions. he admires pussy achievements in this regard. (in fact he believes that they have achieved the golden mean with regard to censorship.) that is one of the reasons why he advocates that the democratic sri lankan government should give pussies more power, regardless of what the public thinks. anyway he intends to keep tabs on the porn industry in the future, in the same way he is keeping tabs on the computer game industry. we are sure to be informed of any new developments in online porn industry through his 'tastefully' moderated posts.

it is all for 'peace' after all. (who cares if it is murderous. huh?)

btw pussies have announced that they will be holding a competition to choose the next logo and motto in a year or so. bloggers who want to participate are requested to send their entries early.

after the comment exchange below, sanjana unsurprisingly did not have the grace to acknowledge the receipt of my name through email in a comment here . i have decided to preempt any claim that i did not provide it by posting the relevant part of last email sent to him as a jpg . name is visible to all. after this any further claim that my name is unavailable is spurious.

for reasons already given several times in several places, my name will not be posted in text format.
since i prefer not to reveal my name in that format, actions of anyone else doing that without my consent, will be equivalent any other revelation of names of bloggers who prefer to keep their names private .


Sri Lankan said...

How rude ! :)

sittingnut said...

sri lankan:
you know very well that you are ruder and much much wittier than i, in real life. that is why always i ask you to start blog of your own. :-)

btw to preempt anyone who wants to bring up the subject of anonymity and rudeness again. i will reiterate that my name is available to anyone who asks on a reciprocal basis. we would be just as 'rude' to these ppl in real life if we met them (not that we desire to meet 'such' ppl) .

Sanjana Hattotuwa said...

Dear Sittingnut,

So what is your name? Email me - sanjana [at] cpalanka [dot] org.

You already know mine.


sittingnut said...

sanjana hattotuwa :

in the first place you know my name, so do not pretend not to know it.

i sent it to your colleagues the admins at moju blog april 27th last year. this happened after you in particular started attacking someone else under the impression that was me ( mentioning his name ). i asked that the mistake be corrected in both emails to admins and in comments in the relevant moju thread .your comments since then indicate you know what passed in those emails, hence my name. i also had a debate with the admin about his responsibility to innocent third parties arising from this issue. your comments posted in that thread indicated that you were following the comments.

additionally it was just after that (perhaps when someone realized the mistake) that spoofing incident ( ie, when someone else began posting mostly homophobic comments in moju under the name sittingnut) there started. which you actively encouraged.

due to continuing attacks, at about the same time i also explained why i do not use my real name in blogs in a post here and a comment at moju in may 9th ( your name figured there since you were involved ). you commented on the moju thread with that comment.

since you have claimed some responsibility for taking down moju and work at infoshare you can easily check the dates etc for above facts from the stored information. others can do that ( if they want) through cache sites.

it is also ironic that you request my name now when i have said the same thing i said in my above comment in several other threads ( here and elsewhere) where you bought up the anonymity issue.

anyway i sent my name again to the address you provided above . will you request it again next year as well ?

btw my email is in my blogger profile place.

Sanjana Hattotuwa said...

Dear Sittingnut,

Haven't received your email from you to date, but have sent you an email to the address in your profile.

In addition to that which you've accused me of, I have also been involved in all manner of nefarious plots to bring Martians to Sri Lanka to abduct children. The Venutians, upset at my overtures to the Martians, then entered into a secret pact to ensure that the delivery of white vans and hallucinogens to Sri Lanka, to create an entirely fictitious mass panic about abductions in such vans.

Clearly, I have been up to no good.

Best regards,


sittingnut said...

sanjana hattotuwa :
i must say this the first time anyone said to me that they have not received an email in my over 16 years of email use. but i suppose it can happen, so i sent it again to 3 addresses; to the address you gave above, to the address you used to send an email to me requesting a resend, and to another address in your signature stamp in the email you sent me. see that you do not miss this time.

unlike you i don't deal in conspiracy theories or unsubstantiated allegations. what i have accused you of confirm to your documented behavior.

it is you who deal in silly white van conspiracy theories as i pointed out. it is you who deal in false statistics, censorship, pro terrorist appeasement blogging, and generally have a peacenik (murderous peace at any cost) position. and it is you who attacked another person misidentified with me using his real name in moju and then after the mistake was pointed out encouraged the homophobic spoofer.

you are of course free to do all that, laws permitting. but accept the responsibility.

trying to run away from specific accusations by bringing in absurd ones nobody accused you of, as you do with your comment above just won't do.

if you do things be prepared to take responsibility for them, and deal with the exposure of your actions and other consequences. your actions always catch up. :-)

Anonymous said...

so why does sanjana hattotuwa want sittingnut's real name ??? maybe to send white vans lol