Wednesday, April 25, 2007

we won!

sri lanka is through to the finals of world cup. :-) congratulations to mahela jayawardene and cricket team!

they and selectors deserve commendation for taking a brave decision in sticking to tharanga as well, even though most people, with some reason, thought he should be dropped. hopefully their other talked about (and well defended) decision will also pay off in the end.

hope south africans will give a better fight to the australians than new zealand was able to manage against our team today, but australians should be the team to beat in final

maybe the jobless fellow who has been writing several hate posts a day in ranjitfernandosucks blog will press the mute button on tv remote when ranjith fernando comes on and create a blog called umpiressuck. (today's umpires probably are of the type amnesty was so zealously calling for) unless of course he (like some others i can think of) prefers to criticize mere presentation and words (commentary that does not affect the match in this case) over actual content and actions (such as decisions of umpires that affect the cricket).


Anonymous said...

i didn't get a word of that last paragraph..

Dili said...

He wants the "Ranjith Fernando Sucks" guy to make a blog on umpires who give players out based on how things look rather than how things are

GO LIONS!!!!!!
Lion was hungry, lion ate kiwi he hee - *

Theena said...

The umpires were ridiculous yesterday. Rudi was probably feeling the pressure more than Bond because that decision against Chamara Silva brought back memories of Umpire Cooray. Remember him? His is the silly so who gave LBW decisions when the ball pitched outside the leg stump.

Anyway, who cares? I am still in awe of malinga's first four overs. It was magnficent. Michael Holding, of all people, was on air and he was going, "how on earth do you, as a batsman, play bowling like this?". Then he'd punctuate it with a few "wows" for good measure.

Was it Champaka Ramanayake who found Malinga and fast tracked him into the national squad? Take a bow Champaka. Take a fucking bow cause you have given us a gem.

Anonymous said...

The legend has it that ,He is from the Champaka neighborhood and he noticed him while playing cricket with neighborhood kids.
He attended Vidyaloka Vidyalaya where the cricket coach did not know what to do with "Gal Bola" throwing kid.
Chamapaka (although a Richmondite) got him enrolled at Mahinda and then got him to play for Galle CC with him.