Sunday, April 15, 2007

sri lanka through to the semi finals!

with south africa's defeat last night or rather this morning, sri lanka's position in the semi finals is assured. we will play in semis even if we lose to both australia and ireland in the remaining matches. this will be the third time sri lanka plays in the semi finals of a cricket world cup. (others being 1996 and 2003). well done!

team points
played wins
australia 10
0 0 +2.30
new zealand 10
0 1 +1.07
sri lanka
0 1
south africa
0 3
0 3
west indies
2 5
1 0 4
2 5
1 0 4
ireland 0 5
0 0 5

after last match, super eight points table has basically split into two. remaining matches between already qualified australia, new zealand, and sri lanka, will determine who plays whom where in the semi finals.

remaining matches
15th - ireland vs bangladesh
16th - australia vs sri lanka
17th - south africa vs england
18th - sri lanka vs ireland
19th - west indies vs bangladesh
20th - australia vs new zealand
21st - west indies vs england

on the other hand south africa, england, west indies, and even bangladesh, will vie with each other to determine who will be the fourth team in semis. england vs south africa match on tuesday the 17th will be the crucial one. possible combinations in case of south african defeat in that match can be quite complicated. if they win they are through and others will be out. it is a pity that we failed to kick the sa out early on.

sri lanka should aim to come out top of the table. this would allow us to avoid australia in the semis (not because we want to avoid them, but because sri lanka vs australia final will be delicious). to do that sri lanka probably will have to win both of their matches with sizable margins so that it ends up with 12 points and a higher net run rate than either new zealand or australia (one of whom will also end up with 12 points in case we win both our matches). sri lanka can also avoid australia, if australia defeats both new zealand and sri lanka in their two remaining super 8 matches and we defeat ireland. but why count on our defeats.

it is a pity that in grenada the toss seems to play such a big part in who will win. hopefully mahela will be lucky on monday.

btw if we beat australia on monday it will end the australia's 25 match long unbeaten world cup run extending from 1999. last match they were beaten in a world cup was on may 23rd 1999, (in the first round of 1999 wc by pakistan).


Anonymous said...

Great news ! Go SL Go!

Niro said...

i think that if we are to win the WC, we should be able to beat any team we face. we see a lot of hesitation when everyone talk about the matches against AUS. imo, SL should be able to beat AUS on the 16th. who is to say who's the best if AUS beat us in the next game(16th) and we beat them in the finals or vice versa?

anyway, hope our boys will bring back the pride.