Saturday, May 13, 2006

moju hypocrisy

new post at moju calls me an extremist and and the author calls himself a democractic-pluralistic-centrist. i just call them hypocrites and unlike them i have facts to back me up. i as always let readers judge for themselves.

moju blog allowed a large number (40+ in last 5 days) of scurrilous spoof comments under the name sittingnut to be posted. they only removed them after i made repeated protest comments and sent repeated emails to admins there. however each time some spoof comments were pointed out and removed, new ones appeared within minutes.

as i said before given that no other commenter's name was spoofed so far and that whose project moju is has connections to centre for policy alternatives(cpa) and employs people like sanjana hattotuwa who is connected with cpa, i reasonably suspect that spoofing was intentionally done in order to discredit me and make me out to be an extremist after i questioned the cpa report on trinco.

their new post which has my name on its title (and makes what i take to be a probable and rather lame scurrilous reference to me in the text, since spoof comments were posted with both capital and simple 's') does not mention any of that. so much for their fair mindedness but it does label me an extremist among other things. hypocracy plain and simple don't you think?

i would also ask anyone to point out where i have taken any one of the extremist positions indicated in the post. namely,

  • Bombing, killing and maiming each other is the way to a solution.
  • Negotiations are useless and a terrible sign of weakness
  • All Civil society organizations are a bunch of terrorist ass lickers
  • Tamils are evil aliens
  • All tamils are terrorists
  • All sinhalese are terrorists
  • Burghers? What is that?
  • The government/army can do no wrong
  • LTTE can do no wrong
  • And all the other countless weird old-world psychotic delusions
in addition to not believing any of that, i also don't the take other similar extremist positions not mentioned there . namely,

  • peace is preferable at any cost
  • ngos can do no wrong and are always unbiased.
  • anyone criticizing ngos with or without evidence is an extremist
as i said please point out where i have taken any one of those positions or any other extremist position.

in addition to my comments in moju and other blogs you may want to check my posts in this blog.

btw imo the author of the present post dmonk has a style of writing that is very similar to the spoofer's though he has left all the abusive homophobic language out.

present post was published today, 13 may around 15 hours (though it seem to have been written yesterday and nominally carries the timestamp12. may 2006 at 23:01 ) after i asked logs of moju be made public, a request i have made at least two times before. they have made no reply whether they will make them available or not, so far. may be they are afraid that such transparency would make it clear who is posting the scurrilous spoof comments under my name. putting forward excuses (technical difficulties about dynamic ips etc. as some commenters there have done) shows their own limited understanding.

so i again request that moju logs (at least from 8 may 2006) to be made available. if they are made available i will prove who was making those scurrilous comments. but i expect they wont be because they are hypocrites who post under other people names and then write posts like the present one labeling anyone who disagrees with them extremists and themselves democractic-pluralistic-centrists.

democracy requires equality and transparency not partial disclosure of facts and hidden logs, pluralism requires tolerance and honest debate not discrediting of opposing views with spoof comments, and labeling everyone opposed to one as extremists does not make one a centrist.

(update - the post which was originally at rather tellingly named ""
was changed to the present location
"" after this was posted here)


ashanthi said...

wow - someone's going through a lot of effort.

whilst i support the right of people to remain purely blogger persona in cyberspace, i understand your feelings when being spoofed etc

i don't think moju should hand over log records. it would be a massive breach of the privacy act

the best thing as i said before is for you to list each commentator on moju & alongside list their name

Rediff said...

Cheer up sittingnut. If you criticize the NGOs then you are automatically an extremist. If you criticize the "pada show" of a lot of the pundits who share their views at kottu, you are n extremist.

But if you kowtow to the LTTE and call anyone who points out the flaws of the LTTE an "extremist" -- then you can become a "moderate."

Rediff said...

SLMM hails Navy officer's exemplary behaviour

Situation report - Sundy Times 14/5/2006

The Sri Lanka Monitoring Misssion has commended the officer in charge of Navy Dvora patrol craft P-421, Lieutenant R.J. Walgampaya, for his exemplary behaviour in the face of last Thursday's LTTE attack on his vessel.

SLMM Deputy Head of Naval Monitoring Team in Jaffna Lars Bleymann was on board the Dvora P-421 with the SLMM flag aloft when the attack took place. In a letter dated May 12 to Rear Admiral Upali Ranaweera, Commander, Northern Naval Area, this is what Mr. Bleymann said:

"I wish to thank the SLN in general and Lt. Walgampaya, OIC P-421, and his crew in particular for the fact that I am still here.

"It is my sincere opinion that Lt. Walgampaya yesterday before, during and after the Sea Tiger attack behaved exemplarily. I cannot describe in words how thankful I am to him. His calm and collected behaviour during this operation is a credit to SLN. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. He never wavered, never lost his coolness and never lost his professionalism. Not one single session during the attack did I have any doubts about his abilities. His crew carried out his orders and were never in doubt. They too are a credit to SLN.

"I am proud to be able to say that I was on P-421 during this terrible episode. I would be very grateful if you could personally pass my comments on to him and his men. "Once again I would like to state that they are real credit to your organisation. With people like that serving for you, you can rest assured that SLN is in a very good state.

"I would also like to pass on my sympathy to the families of the victims of P-418. I was lucky enough to be on board with Lt. (Cmdr.) Edirisinghe and his crew only two days earlier."

sittingnut said...

sumna has written a post dealing with this
sumna inc » how-ngos-handle-criticism-the-moju-method/

Keshi said...

Mate why d u even bother going to this Moju site?


Anonymous said...

Serves you right for hanging out in places such as Moju.

004 said...

Moju does tend to come across as a toilet bowl overflowing with elitist crap.

Anonymous said...


I don't know much about the background of these debates, but the more I read about how you are treated, the more convinced I become of the unholiness of those who pretend to uphold noble ideals like justice and fairplay. It is all tasty abstract discourse, until someone else pricks their bubble and forces them look at themselves in a less admiring light.

Then it gets ugly.

Keep up the good work. Keep your cool. People will believe.

Raman said...

What is the latest on this? We are dying to know. So what sould the headline be?


Blogger takes on the mighty CPA and lives to tell the tale!

Evil underbelly of NGO EXPOSED!

Blogger declared insane!

CPA denies using paid attack dogs to scare off unwelcome company!

Truth matters! But how you say it matters MORE!

Once again, CPA defends the indefensible using patented fog attack!

Truth is us; we are the truth. We own it through hard work of others! -CPA spokesman

What is your problem, small fish? Do you want to swim alone? We have a few like you inside already.

Grrh. Grrh. Grrh. Pay time! Show time!

We serve everyone equally (unless you pay us more.)

Sitting Nut: what the heck is that?


Pray, do tell me... I am all ears.

sittingnut said...

thanks, i think :-)

i don't think moju should hand over log records. it would be a massive breach of the privacy act
which privacy act?
they claim to be a open community blog. as such they should be open . it is of course different with a personal blog.

the best thing as i said before is for you to list each commentator on moju & alongside list their name
sorry ? i do not get what you mean.

btw i will send the long overdue email reply to you soon. very very sorry. it is just i don't know where to to start. :-( and i just got back from another trip around the country

thanks :-)
more i observe them, more i tend to agree with your comment.

btw thanks for the extract but may be you should start your own blog?

Mate why d u even bother going to this Moju site?
yes i should ask myself that question more often :-)
it is just that i hate hypocrites like that and want to expose them as they did for themselves with this post. but you may be right i may be better off doing something more useful. we will see.

anon 5/15/2006 2:01 pm
Serves you right for hanging out in places such as Moju.
actually i don't really mind this, it was expected. so it doesn't 'serve' me anything.

elitist crap? yes that is what it is.

anon 5/16/2006 9:10 am

it was not meant to be 'headline' stuff. don't get this wrong. if you live in sl you will know that these ppl do not get any respect when it comes to sl media. they just try to dominate the discussion online bc there are more of the same ilk online.

if you talking about cpa report, i will post responses to questions i sent to authors, if any, soon enough. i have all the time with regard to that. i am yet to get full list. but working on what i have.

Keshi said...

stay away from places that dun deserve ur presence Sittingnut. Thats all I have to say :)


ashanthi said...

which privacy act?
they claim to be a open community blog. as such they should be open . it is of course different with a personal blog.

the privacy act which governs most of the civilized world.

I mean tell us who you think these guys are?

start at the begining machan - thats all you need to do ...

Anonymous said...

I think the above person asking sittingnut to publish other people's names is playing a very nasty game. He (She?) sounds like a person who would set fire to his own house to blame the neighbor. With friendls like that, who need enemies, or even, terrorists?

sittingnut said...

take care

I mean tell us who you think these guys are?
start at the begining machan - thats all you need to do ...

which guys to you mean?
as for spoofer i don't know for certain who he is, so far. but i generally find out .

anon 5/19/2006 1:59 am

ashanthi said...

mojo guys goose :-)

sittingnut said...

i gave one name above and admin names are there . that info share and cpa is connected is a fact that even you can verify by visiting their websites even if you do not have any other evidence.
and if we have the logs we can confirm exactly who is who.

ashanthi said...

s/nut - i can't be bothered with investigating these matters ...

call a spade a spade... so answer these questions ...

1. the writer on mojo who has vilified you the most - writer = blogger is ...
state name.
Your analysis of why they do this is ...

2. Frankly I think we all gave you a bit of a lecture shortly after the latest Colombo bombing so - please take this on board too.

3. The blog is probably going to be the last place on earth where people can speak thier mind freely. I don't agree with a lot of your attitudes re S/L but I certainly want to hear your opinion. Consequently I find it ridiculous that the so called bastions of freedom, ie CPA supporters would try and shut you down.

4. One thing we all have to realise about S/L - in amongst that "anay pow" attitude is a legacy of murder and mayhem. The country smells of blood - it positively stinks. If we do not allow people (like yourself) to express your feelings you will become a frustrated & more militant force. The last thing I want.

5. Irrespective of the above i would much rather read your blog where you tell me what is really happening, what we can do to help and what hope there is if any.

sittingnut said...

i am not sure i get your point (or points ) clearly. sorry my fault probably.
anyway as for moju, i gave what i know about who and my suspicions about why in the post.

ashanthi said...

io machan - how to be getting anyones point when points are all over the show.

Just so long as we will be friends for all eternity - no problems at my end :-)

I would appreciate however that you respond to my other message. I think it will clear things up once and for all.

Anonymous said...

sittingnut said...

Just so long as we will be friends for all eternity - no problems at my end
:-) sure no problems at my end too.

and i will reply soon sorry :-(

Anonymous said...

Ashanthi u need to clean up your political blog of profanity. there are posts which defame certain leaders. You might fall into legal trouble. good luck

sittingnut said...

can you give your advice to ashanthi in her blog pl. :-)
are you new to the internet? bc you seem to believe that ppl can control others here too. not so.