Saturday, April 10, 2010

few quick thoughts on election results

i have been updating my election result post (where everything one needs to know is presented in one page) as results come in. remaining results will be updated as they become available. hopefully thousands of visitors there, both yesterday and today so far, did find it useful.

as of now according to reasonable speculation (find the full calculation here) upfa is going to get 143+ seats.

results are in line with what i expected before the polls.

ppl have spoken, in a turnout that is high relative to any other democracy (unsupported claims of low turnout comes from losers and/or ppl with pro terrorist agendas). it is now up to all those who respect democracy to accept it and work accordingly.

results are yet another indication that sri lankans are embracing and endorsing the new independent, proud, confident, sri lankan identity and mindset which started to assert itself felt few years ago, with enthusiasm.

they are definitely rejecting, appeasement driven peacenik, dependent on west , subservient attitudes of born slaves here.

as i said several times before, if unp (which did not win even one district) wants to be credible, it has to embrace the new sri lakan reality and attitudes instead of attitudes of a few ppl in colombo. it must publicly dump both policies and ppl who advocated appeasement of terrorists (note both). with a new leadership, it must show that it is sincerely appreciative of glorious victory over terrorists which ensured human rights, freedom, democracy and justice (not to mention physical safety) for all sri lankans. it can differentiate itself from, vaguely left of center upfa, through economic policies, if unp start advocating free markets and private enterprise.

meanwhile the results of the outraged 'aesthetic' senses of that fringe of sri lankan society, the narrow minded slavish english thinking pseudo elite of colombo (which however provide a large number, and until recently constituted a majority,of sl bloggers) will be entertaining to read and watch. sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews for example, has already started vomiting. lol.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

As i posted earlier, i do not get this nonsense about "extremely low voter turn out"? WTF are they on about? 8 million voted this election.

10 million in the PE.

This is BS by the "international" opposition to try and some how discredit MR and more importantly CAMOUFLAGE AND DENY THE DEMOCRATIC WILL OF THE PEOPLE

I am sick of these useless liars who preach democracy and human rights but clearly do not give a toss so long as they get what they want (be it democracy or dictatorship so long as the man or women in charge is a spineless lackey who does what suddha wants he/she is a “good boy”).

Anonymous said...
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sittingnut said...

thanks. sorry for the delay in publishing .

thanks for your comment on other post too.

the completely bogus claim about low turnout ( spread even while voting was in progress) is good indicator a person's mindset.

ppl making it have to deliberately disregard facts (actual numbers indicate 60%+ t/o except in north and east provinces)

why ? they have agenda of their own ( for spinning out humiliating loss or pro terrorist ) .
'journalists' making it are either following that agenda or sloppy. in either case not deserving to be called journalists .

Anonymous said...

Look at this monkey, clearly this idiot just does not get it (part 1):

Parliment doesn’t have mandate of people

A Parliament has been elected but it doesn’t have the mandate of the country. An unprecedented number of people refused to vote at this election, which means that this Parliament does not represent the wishes of the people.
If you look at elections from 1994 – 2004, on average 75.9 percent of eligible voters have exercised their voting right at the General Elections. Even during the 1989 riots, there was a voter turnout of 63 percent. However, this time only 56.9 percent have voted. Why is there such a large drop in the number of voters? Going by previous General Elections around 10.5 million people should have voted this time. But only around 8 million had actually voted. This means that around 2.5 million people refused to vote. If those votes had been cast, the result of this election would be different.
One other thing that should be noted is that the government has received around 1 million less votes than what they received at the Presidential election.
What happened is that a lot of our supporters were disheartened after the presidential election. They saw very clearly how the government had manipulated the votes they cast in favour of General Fonseka. People felt that their vote was not counted. Understandably they felt that even if they came and voted at the General Election the result would be the same, that the government would once again find a way to manipulate the result.
We had continuous discussions with the Elections Department to ensure that what happened in the Presidential election is not repeated this time. As a result apart from the incidents that took place in certain polling stations in Kandy and Trincomalee, the rest of the voting process took place without any problems. There were no issues even in the counter process. However, that alone does not mean that the election was free and fair. A lot of election laws were violated by Government candidates before the election, and there was nothing the police or the Elections Commissioner could do.
People don’t have any trust in the presidency, legislature, and the electoral system. There is a clear need for change in this country. People have expressed their displeasure at the direction this country is taking by not voting.

Anonymous said...

Look at this monkey, clearly this idiot just does not get it (part 2):

We call upon the government to protect the democratic system of this county. Things are deteriorating at a very fast pace. If we allow this to continue democracy will not prevail in this country for too long. We should not allow that to happen.
We also ask the government to accept the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and work accordingly. People in this country need to be assured that their basic rights will be protected. What is the point of talking about other issues, and trying to bring about development if people’s basic rights are not respected? Sri Lankan citizens deserve more than what the Rajapaksa Government is dishing out to them.
The government needs to ensure that media can operate without having to face threats and obstacles while performing their job. It is no secret that at this moment media freedom in the country is in a deplorable state. So many journalists have been killed, attacked, and abducted under the Rajapaksa regime. There are rumours that the government is getting ready to curb media freedom under the new Parliament. We as the opposition will strongly oppose any such move. The only change that needs to be done when it comes to Sri Lankan media is to ensure that they get more freedom. No one is asking for more restrictions on the media.
Several prominent and senior members of the party didn’t make it through this time. But we have a lot of young new faces who have come in. We will take steps to reorganise the party by utilising all available resources. It would be a crime to let these new faces fade away.
Our party will be actively involved not only in activities inside Parliament, but also in activities outside of Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Normally 75% right?

This election there is a 5-10% drop. What the bloody problem then?

Hambantota - 69%
N’Eliya - 67%
Gampaha 67%
Kalutara 67%
Polonnaruwa 67%
Rathnapura 66%
Badulla 65%
Colombo 65%
Trinco 65%
Kegalle 64%
Galle 64%
Matale 63%
Kurunegala 61%
Annuradhapura 61%
Batti 59%
Monaragala 57%
Matara 59%
Puttalam 56%

Vanni -44%

Pina said...

Well said mate! As you rightly say Sanjana Hattatotuwa has started again vomiting. The desperation and the disappointment created by the election results in the minds of dollar crazy terrorist supporters are easily reflected in the myriad blog posts and articles that appear everywhere.

This terrorist supportive monkey Sanjana’s latest ‘bullshit’ is that the Sate media deceives the minds of the rural masses as the former is the only media reaching them. So the terrorist supportive voices do not reach them thereby UNP becoming losers. What this monkey from CPA has blissfully forgotten is that what reflects from the Colombo results where the masses has access to all sort of media but has voted in style to those contested from UPFA who worked and raised their voices against terrorist supportive forces hell bent of dividing our motherland.

Anonymous said...

The reason Ranilam is so happy is because he got 230,000 votes.

This is Wimal's doing (though unintentional) for challenging Ranil, by saying he (Wimal) will get most votes. This made UNP donkeys come out and vote for Ranilam. They absolutely detest Wimal (lol such losers), just see their comments spamming Adaderana against him.

Anonymous said...

You sick bastard shitting nuts aka taprobane uncut.

Anonymous said...

From DailyMirror comments:

+1 # happy sri lankan 2010-04-13 11:05
wishful thinking!!When almost 50% are against this government, hope this fragmented society could shed their differences and celebrate New Year.The initiative should come from the government to win the hearts and minds of all oppornents!!

What a retard invokving Ranilam logic. So those who did not vote = supporters of the opposition. Seriously that is the dumbest thing i have heard to date, but with these Colombians and kalu-suddhas anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

All this "praise" from the US is a carefully laden trap which I hope the Government does not fall for.

You will notice they have twisted to their own benefit the meaning of the election results with their own views and tried to inject them into the results –as if people & MR listened to the US (who in reality wield no power, influence or authority over SL) and want "improvement in human rights" and "power sharing with Tamils and muslims" (Blakes Statements) as well as blindly following the rest of the Wests FAILED hegononomic neo-colonial ideologies to turn us into a puppet state in more ways than one. All of this Rajapakse outright rejected with pro-Lankan polices which the people of Sri Lanka overwhelming endorsed twice when they voted for him at the PE and GE.

Thus when Rajapakse starts to fulfil his REAL mandate (which the Wests knows very well what it is and that he will fulfil it), they will have thus ceded artificial ground to attack him and say "MR is not doing x, y, and z" then toss in "going against his campaign pledges and mandate given to him by the people" to launch a fresh wave of attacks against the country (as well as "punishments") as done before during the last 4 years. Once more we are seeing these democracy preachers trying to deny and camouflage the democratic will off our people.

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the big story here.

The election WAS RIGGED at the preference vote level.

Basil, Merv, and others manipulated their preference vote levels.

Many who should have got voted in on the government were forced to lose due to the rigging of party seniors.

THEY CHEATED....and every Government MP knows this.

They don't care about the people or their votes. They shit on the people with SL and you guys just lap it up.

At least Ranil is a democrat. For all you can say about him being a loser, he is a much better man than many in the government.

You are fools for not getting the real story. Do some research and find out. Democracy is dead in SL!

Indi Samarajiva said...

Adoh shiity nitty surnga ponaya, why aren't you allowing my comments on your other taprobane uncut penis blog eh?

You sick bastard shitty nuts aka taprobane uncut penis

sittingnut said...

thanks all for the comments.


last 2 comments are typical examples of cocooned idiots' fantasy unreal world and confusion.

Anonymous said...

Take it from someone in one of the counting centers.

The election on the government side for the preference votes was rigged in several districts.

The only reason I have the guts to say this is that I am posting from a public computer in a foreign country.

You guys can talk all the crap that you want, but you are obviously not informed. I wish it weren't so, but it is a fact.

sittingnut said...

"I am posting from a public computer in a foreign country."
best place to be "well infotmed" i am sure .


Anonymous said...

But but Ranilam said he was happy with the counting!

Haha. this is obviously based on Geethas's "outrage".

And obviously someone outside of Sri Lanka is "more informed" than those in it. And how brave of you to be "in a foreign country" i guess spitting on Sri Lanka is part of the contract for citizenship in whatever foreign country you are in? Assuming that part is true. lol

Bata said...

Wow more jillmart. Now does anyone have any proof? NO. Even Gonseka and Ranilam who went around screaming "counting jillmart" DID NOT MENTION IT on their election petition to the Supreme Court because they have no evidence. It is just a load of rubbish they made up to excuse their deep unpopularity and rejection by the people. Tough luck, stop complaining. The more you complain and spit on the election process to discredit the nation to cover up your own deep failures which is why you are rejected by masses in the first place and which you refuse to openly acknowledge due to your ugly egos the more unpopular you become. When you then decide to pour scorn on the country to CAMOFLAGE AND DENY the democratic will of the people the EVEN MORE UNPOPULAR YOU BECOME. This is a lesson which Gonseka and Ranilam are yet to learn.

Anonymous said...

You guys have no clue.

I was there and saw it with my own eyes. (would have never believed it myself)

And am posting from a public computer in a foreign country cause if the powers that be know I am spilling the beans there could be significant repercussions for me.

Unlike you, I am an insider in this process, not a zealot pontificating about something which he has no primary source of information.

Anyways, it looks like others are spilling the beans publicly...I still prefer to remain anonymous as I have too much to lose.

sittingnut said...

it is anon above who has no clue about anything sri lankan
as i said some ppl live in a fantasy world. they cannot accept reality so create a fantasy.

in sl the counting is done openly in front of lots of ppl including representatives.
only way to cheat is to stuff ballot boxes before counting ( by kidnapping them or by intimidating chasing away polling booth officials) . both methods will be noticed ( in fact mere claims of intimidation was why there is a repoll ) and both can effect only very a limited no of votes even successful.

as such anon is an anon bc he knows his claims are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

This is my last comment as I am going to take this blog off my bookmarks.

The reason I came to this blog is because the author is good at combining and posting statistics that are not readily available about the election.

The rest of the information is really not intelligent commentary.

I am still posting on public computers because I am pretty confident I will be a very senior appointed government official in the future (maybe even appointed by MR).

I would say I am little bit more of an insider than a blogger who knows little about how the ACTUAL counting process works. I know the tricks they used, but can't reveal them for obvious reasons.

I just want the people of SL to get a fair shake and their votes to count.

The people of SL have been through too much to be serfs to their own government. They deserve better.

sittingnut said...

is it "not intelligent commentary" to not believe unsupported (in fact contrary to established well known process of counting votes) claims of an anon?


i think loss of such an irrational reader will not hurt this blog at all.

only person who will lose is the anon, who by thus running away loses a way to test his (fantastic) thoughts agaist facts and rational arguments ( only thing respected here ) .

anyway everyone who runaway thus from facts and reason, usually come back. they are welcome to entertain us again with their irrational fantasies .


Bata said...

What a load of rubbish.

You and you alone saw this right? Then how come no one else such as CAFFE, CMEV (opposition run "election monitors" so they would scream the most) have not said anything? Cleary this earth shattering event as you claim it to be must generate more interest and more evidence, surely someone else saw it?

If you are genuine and care so greatly for democracy as you claim why do you not go public with your evidence, why are you snoop around on a blog lol?
Oh thats right you who are claiming to be living in a foreign country, might get a plumb Government position.

Just shows how much integrity you really have. Haha.

You are nothing more than a pathetic liar trying hard to mask your failed attempt(s) at denying the democratic will of the people with not only ridiculous and baseless claims of fraud but the comical idea you are not in a position to reveal more details in public because you are going to get a job from MR (LOL!) –the very same man/force/Government you clearly have issues with (well obviously you have no ethics since you do not want to dampen the chances of getting this fictional position).

Bata said...

Your kind of corrupt, unethical inept losers driven by greed were defeated at this election. If you truly were an honest individual and this nonsense you are rattling on about with a fake sense of authority through carefully written words was in fact very real you would do the right thing and go public with the truth which I assume you have evidence for (of course I know you don’t since your all objective is spread misinformation) either within Sri Lanka or since the case with all you “champions of democracy” is that you are “under threat”, do it in whatever foreign country you are hiding in. The fact you refuse to do this because you want a good Government income from a Government you are trying to discredit is why you and your NGO cliques are detested so much. Not that I believe this Government job canard but it is a good example of A) your unethical, money driven nature B) The way your kind lie and manipulate.

When there are crooks, criminals, terrorists, thieves and liars championing “democracy” and “human rights” those things loose all meaning.

Anonymous said...

Guess SL is not the only country to reward failed politicos, look at the "perfect West" Hikz:

The Harper Party sees refugee issue as one of getting votes from both immigrant communities and racists, while rewarding failed Conservative Candidates with patronage appointments. That is why you see Curry-in-a-hurry Jason Kenney speaking from both sides of his mouth. In reality, Kenney not only released the Tamil boat refugee claimants, he also increased "temporary" workers right in the middle of a recession, to benefit his "business" friends.

The Harper Party is now the party of insiders for insiders:


Liberals zeroed in Thursday on appointments such as Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's naming of Raminder Gill a citizenship judge, a job which has a top salary of $102,800 a year. Gill ran and lost three times as a federal Conservative candidate and had also served as a Progressive Conservative in the Ontario legislature.

On Tuesday, Kenney made two appointments to the Immigration and Refugee Board. IRB members earn a top salary of $116,800 a year. One of those new IRB members is a failed Conservative candidate, Gilles Guenette, and the other donated $1,000 to the Conservative party in 2004.


Anonymous said...

But But according to "free, fair and 100% non biased, non racist and truthful" Western media (included in this is Aljerkoff) Gonseka is ALREADY the leader of the opposition!

"DNA wants SF as Opposition Leader"

"Fonseka qualified to be Opposition Leader – DNA

Anonymous said...

Human rights champions at work, how they are saving Africa:

<<"$854 Billion Removed from Africa by Illicit Financial Flows from 1970 to 2008
Hundreds of billions that could have been used for poverty alleviation and economic development lost, finds new report from Global Financial Integrity

March 26, 2010

Monique Perry Danziger, 202-293-0740

WASHINGTON, DC - Africa lost $854 billion in illicit financial outflows from 1970 through 2008, according to a new report to be released today from Global Financial Integrity (GFI). Illicit Financial Flows from Africa: Hidden Resource for Development debuts new estimates for volume and patterns of illicit financial outflows from Africa, building upon GFI's ground-breaking 2009 report, Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2002-2006, which estimated that developing countries were losing as much as $1 trillion every year in illicit outflows. The new Africa illicit flows report is expected to feature prominently at the 3rd Annual Conference of African finance ministers in Malawi, which is currently underway.

"The amount of money that has been drained out of Africa-hundreds of billions decade after decade-is far in excess of the official development assistance going into African countries," said GFI director Raymond Baker. "Staunching this devastating outflow of much-needed capital is essential to achieving economic development and poverty alleviation goals in these countries.">>

Magerata said...

Hey SN, What's up man, have not read you for a while. Hope you are doing fine. TC