Tuesday, April 06, 2010

wikileaks video of u.s. helicopters killing ppl/reporters in iraq + some thoughts

i tweeted on this earlier but in case anyone missed, here is wikileaks video of u.s. helicopters killing ppl and reporters in iraq in 2007. details are in the video. its authenticity has not been disputed. (warning : some may find this disturbing.)

as far as i can see no major western news media organization has posted wikileaks video in their main outlets in full (in blogs/cnn ireport/etc, yes, but not in frontend)

on sunday americans also admitted that their coalition forces had a role in killing of some afghan women in february. there were many other similar incidents in the past.

meanwhile american installed and later elected afghan president hamid karzai has continued to condemn international coalition's disregard for civilians casualties.

he has also claimed that westerners are responsible for the fraud in recent afghan elections. he even named alleged main fraudsters; peter galbraith, american former deputy head of the un mission, and philippe porillon, french former head of european union election monitoring team. (the story is also available in non western media w/o the pro western anti karazi spin. i selected a western source so that reader can decide what is spin and what is not therein)

there are claims of fraud in recent iraqi elections too (anyway why does results take so long (weeks) to be released in both those countries? in sl they come out within hours and the process is open).

my thoughts
now i fully support american war against terrorism and use of military violence in the process.

i am also aware of the almost certain possibility of accidents, as well as outbreaks of indiscipline, criminality, and insanity, in some members of military in spite of all the best efforts of political and military leadership, and institutional precautions.

what i cannot stand is hypocrisy.

why is sri lanka and sri lankan military accused of all sorts of war crimes in its fight against ltte tamil tiger terrorists (with almost no credible and authentic evidence to back up the charges) while western government aren't (even with much more solid evidence for their alleged crimes)? accusations are certainly not made on the same level.

even when they are made there is a telling difference in how accusations are framed; it is never the 'americans', 'british', etc., or their governments, who are committing 'war crimes' but some specific soldiers, 'bad apples', etc., but in accusations against sri lanka it is always 'sri lankans', 'sinhalese', 'tamils', and sl government, who are committing the alleged war crimes.

all that is due to double standards, hypocrisy, and yes, racism .

of course realistic sri lankans expect that sort of treatment from west. we know we have to fight our own battles and cannot expect west to act with justice and fairness to us. look at the pathetic predicament and treatment of karzai for what happens to ppl who depend on west.

that is why we should not allow those hypocrites to assume some sort of fake moral superiority in order presume to pass judgment on us. we have to aggressively confront them with facts and truth and reveal their hypocrisy and presumption. it may not have any effect on them, but we need to make our position clear; they have no right to judge us.

but there are born and paid slaves here who see no such double standard in behavior of the west in spite of evidence. that sort of filth believe the best about their masters in west and worst about us. its about time sri lankans at large treat these as they deserve. i for one has always done that.

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Anonymous said...


Kirigalpoththa said...

Where is HRW, Channel 4 and other Human rights activists?

Magerata said...

HRC is very biased. what SN posted is a potion of crimes they have committed. All the coalition forces have committed similar crimes. Blackwater from USA and ArmorGroup UK are mercenaries working in there have committed similar crime.
That is the reason HRC, HRW has become a joke, except for Milliband when it comes to Sri Lanka. That moron still trying very hard to hurt Sri Lanka.
http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090817/scahill you can see here what private armies doing in August 2009, while everyone were chasing Sri Lanka.

Perera said...

Its so funny how Western media has pretty much censored this and the other atrocities they commit but love to lecture little brown people becuase they think they are superior and of course they are never wrong so whoever they kill is always righteous culling.

Most comical are the responses from all the retard kalu-suddhas here who take pride in defending their masters. Such mental slavery is pretty saddening and amusing at the same time.

Bai Kai Moon UN Secretary General said...

Ado where is HRW & AI, Milliband, Blake and the US State Department on this? Oh thats right its because they are the West enemies, so no human rights. Hikz (Sinhalese are also Wests enemies since they refuse to bow down to suddha so no human rights for them either).
"Robert Fisk: Into the terrifying world of Pakistan's 'disappeared'"

In the first of a series of reports from Pakistan, our correspondent meets the wife of one of 8,000 citizens who have gone 'missing' at the hands of the state


Koichiro Matsuura –UNESCO Chief (until I got fired) said...

Hello do you remember me? When you dirty little brown people destroyed our favourite Tigers propaganda outlet “Voice of Tigers” Radio (built by Norway and imported into your country by friend of the West Ranilam Wickramsingham) that was a source of 100% unbiased and truthful report I personally was outraged and called it a violation of media rights –no do not worry suddha did not influence my decision at all.

'The video released today via WikiLeaks is graphic evidence of the dangers involved in war journalism and the tragedies that can result,' he said.

Reuters has pressed the U.S. military to conduct a full and objective investigation into the killing of the two staff.


Bai Kai Moon UN Secretary General said...

Again i see no need for a UN panel because this is protecting the rights of my masters.

More Human Rights at work:

"An Islamabad garden now, light with bright oak trees and big birds that bark at us from the branches, beneath which sit two humanitarian workers, both Europeans who have spent weeks in the Swat valley during and after the Pakistani army's offensive against the Taliban. "There were dozens – perhaps hundreds – executed by the army. They were revenge killings by the soldiers, no doubt about it. A number of people we had reported to us as arrested – they were later found dead. What does that mean? The Americans and the Brits were aware of this, of course they were, and they intervened with the government. But what does this say about the army? In one village, two bodies lay in the street for two days – it was a way of showing the local people what would happen to them if they supported the Taliban. What does this say about the army? Can they control Pakistan like this?"


But the drones dominate the tribal lands. They killed 14 men in just one night last month, at Datta Khel in north Waziristan. The drones come in flocks, and five of them settled over the village, firing a missile each at a pick-up truck, splitting it in two and dismembering six men aboard. When local residents as well as Taliban arrived to help the wounded, the drones attacked again, killing all eight of them. The drones usually return to shoot at the rescuers. It's a policy started by the Israeli air force over Beirut during the 1982 siege: bomb now, come back 12 minutes later for a second shot. Now Waziristan villagers wait up to half an hour – listening to the shrieks and howls of the dying – before they try to help the wounded.


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