Sunday, November 16, 2008

congrats to sri lankan militray, sri lanka, and all those who value democracy and human rights

sri lanka opened a land route to jaffna yesterday. this is a great victory to those who value human rights, democracy, freedom and justice. and to all patriots ( though i generally avoid appeals to patriotism here bc of definition problems i do not find anything wrong in it)
it is also a great defeat to terrorists and their ngo peacenik helpers and propagandists who want to appease terrorists to get “peace” ( and to maintain their corrupt lifestyles by serving murderers) by sacrificing millions of fellow sri lankans too ltte pussy oppression.

by ngo peacenik helpers i mean these racist human rights violating criminals like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, sunila abeysekera, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha, jeevan thiagarajaha, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa, as well as certain hypocrites in the sri lankan blogosphere like blogger, son of a corrupt former political appointee who allegedly benefited greatly when ltte imported broadcast equipment and he did not do his job as a regulator).
expect and disgusting homophobe hattotuwa’s groundviews blog to get fired up insult military and sri lanka, as they have been doing all along.


Bawa said...

great post mate...agree 100% with what u say!

dse damn peacenik ngo buggers make a living out of people's misery.. thye don't want things to get better!!!

Nil said...

Well said.

Miss your regular blogging.

morq said...

so go to jaffna now you fuckwit. hooooo. maybe you can find some pussy there that you can afford. too bad those chinese hookers don't like little dick.

dude if you got a job and life maybe you'd have a chance of getting laid.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sitting Nut,
What did you do to Morq's sister? Did you get her pregnant? He sure is behaving as if you did.

Tryer said...
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Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram said...

Try to educate yourself about the meaning of the word "libertarian". You will find many of your posts are exactly opposite of the meaning.

sittingnut, you, my dear are a plain fascist and not a libertarian. Have you heard about trying to disguise a monkey?

sittingnut said...

quote one thing i said that is against libertarian principles? before you try to educate me, may be you should read the blog first