Sunday, November 02, 2008

american democracy sending america down the toilet?

it is illuminating experience to observe the american election process.

there is election fraud in large scale even before the election; people are allowed register park benches as addresses. mickey mouse, dead gold fish, and 7 year olds, among others, can register to vote. same person can register multiple times. election officials are not allowed to use available resources like databases of voters to verify questionable registrations. voting machines as usual don't work. all the votes are not counted, etc etc.

(sri lankan electoral process is not perfect and is low tech, but they get the processes and procedures right, way better than americans. for instance, i for one has trouble changing my voting registration from my former residence to current one because of the procedures involving letters from grama niladari etc. that has to be followed. sri lanka also has some common sense procedures like ink, seals, numbering, etc to reduce fraud and increase efficacy of counting. here to commit fraud you have to expend huge (relatively speaking) amount of money and sweat. in america organizations like acorn do that with part time workers paid at an hourly rate.)

then we have biased media. america's media (baring one cable channel(fox news) and few news papers (wall street journal etc)) are usually biased towards "liberals" ( word means leftists in american politics). this year they go beyond that, they are so completely in the tank for barack the phony that they are in serious danger of drowning ( literally. all the liberal newspapars and networks are losing readers and audience )
few examples only -
  • they go after so called "joe the plumber" using illegally obtained private data just because the fellow asked a question that elicited a revealing answer from obama who showed up at his front yard. ( they of course failed ask the question themselves )
  • they look the other way when a lone anchor women in a local tv station ask tough questions from biden and then get banned by obama for her and station's efforts.
  • they publish idiotic smears (some sexist and down right disgusting) against palin and her family and send legions of shit sniffers to alaska, but actively suppress existing evidence (like video of obama with kalidi) that can hurt obama and do not examine his radical record and associations with terrorists.
  • they ask school friends (found through facebook) of mccain's adopted teenage daughter for dirt on cindy mccain but ignore the very real cocaine use (a crime) of obama.
  • etc etc.
all this in addition to unbalanced coverage of real issues ("retribution of wealth" is not socialist!?) or electoral process ( ignore polls that show race is tighter, highlight polls that show it to be a landslide for obama)

i am not talking about some far left website or papers, (or even lunatics at cable channel msnbc), all of the above were done by such media outlets as, new york times, washington post, los angles times, abc, nbc, cbs, cnn, etc. etc. rupavahini and daily news can now compare themselves to these without blushing in the least.

of course, all this, while having an effect, will not be responsible for the election result, anymore than in any other country where election fraud take place and where media is biased.

as i have said before, election results can only be controlled in places where one party has means to completely, or almost completely, intimidate voters, and has complete control over media and electoral machinery. it is only in authoritarian criminal states like ussr, cuba, north korea, nazi germany, and regions like terrorist ltte controlled areas in sri lanka that those conditions prevail.

in all other places, voters themselves are responsible for the results (even if the result is not to their liking), either by voting for that result ( with, or without, getting informed adequately to make he decision) or by neglect (by not voting, registering, or not being vigilant).

so ultimately if america elects a closet socialist,
  • who has done nothing to show he has the character or experience necessary for the job,
  • whose foreign policy is nothing but an immature, premature, and irresponsible, surrender of america's (irritating but necessary for rest of the world that value democracy and capitalism) leadership of the world,
  • and whose economic policies (if carried out) will only help america's ( and world's) economy further down the hole it is already in,
it is american public that will be responsible.
they will get what they deserve. (unfortunately so will the world.)

do americans in a panic mood about economy want to give up its leadership of the world and ideas? and think they can protect themselves with trade protectionism, socialism, continuous apologizing, and defeatism? and want to follow europe to stagnation and slow relative decline? that is what they will do by a vote to obama.

or do they want to stand tall, win, and lead?

they should look at what happened to other former world powers when they just gave up. it will take time for effects to materialize but it will not be pretty for americans.

hopefully obama will not get elected, but that is unlikely according to predictions markets; they give 85%+ chance for an obama win
more likely american public will flush their own country down the toilet on november 4th 2008.

this american election once again proves the hypocrisy of people who take american money to accuse and denigrate other nations' elections and democracies .

rotten peacenik sleazebags that work for partly american funded sri lankan ngos like center for policy alternatives (cpa), free media movement(fmm), inform, etc are in the habit of making allegations (most of them completely unfounded and fabricated by terrorists' spin office) against sri lankan elections if their terrorist tiger/pussy licking candidates is no elected or is not likely to be elected. (note to idiots - this is not to say sl elections are perfect. see above. criticize sl democracy all you want, but do not take american, or any other foreign, donor money for the purpose).

in reality main purpose of such criminal ngos, as usual, is to give as much propaganda ammunition as possible to murderous terrorists to justify their crimes. in order to do that and to encourage even more excretions from donors to their mouths they create specialized ngos like center for monitoring election violence(cmev).

we should always expose their hypocrisy, as well as their propaganda on behalf of the terrorists

thanks for all the emails.
i have also read the emails and comments asking me to write about sri lanka, tamil nadu etc.
will do very soon. almost did so last week. but was busy elsewhere.
even this one was long time in making. hope to add the relevant links for this post, but you can do a search and find them for now if in a hurry.


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in fact i was right as you unknowingly acknowledge by your inscure shrill SHOUTING. lol
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hello stingingnuts. still being a retard i see. perhaps you should move out of your parents house. find a woman or something. you might have to pay for it.

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Hey Sitting Nut,
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TropicalStorm said...

Your early conclusion that Obama will be a left leaning liberal may turn out to be inaccurate after all.

The O-man is already distancing himself from the far-left and may be more centrist than most people expect.

It also may not be a matter of choice even for Mr.Obama. Once in the White House, and faced with realities, his available alternatives may not leave him much leeway to be anything other than a Centrist. At least let's hope so.

In the meantime, TamilsforObama are in high gear and have collected all of about 3000 votes asking for Obama to create a seperate tribal enclave for them in both the North and east of Sri lanka. It's going to be interesting to watch how that plays out.

Bruce Fein alredy made his money and slipped away after giving a truck load of iffy promises which the gooks paid $90,000 for. They got 400 pages of lawyerese in turn and no-elam. Fein dicked the gooks too.