Monday, June 05, 2006

bala's double-talk and peace talks

this is what anton balasingham said to tamilnet on may 20, about the impending eu ban,
i gravely doubt that the ltte leadership will bow down to pressure and humiliation. as such this move will be counter-productive. faced with global isolation and humiliation, the ltte may be compelled to stay away from further talks.
this what he said when asked about the recent developments in yesterday's sunday times.
the ltte is seriously committed to the peace process and a negotiated political settlement. we will not abandon the peace dialogue. the government has to create congenial conditions for peace negotiations by implementing the resolutions adopted at the Geneva talks.
he of course goes on about the asymmetry between ltte and gosl, eu ban being biased, and paramilitaries being impediments, as before, but notice the difference.

this is of course expected and true to form. that earlier statement was merely a crude attempt to blackmail eu was evident even then, only peaceniks bought it.

paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera and co., went so far as to say that 'full scale hostilities' and 'strong military reaction' will be the result of eu ban, ignoring the fact that ltte efforts to restart war commenced long before eu started considering the ban. in fact those provocations contributed to the ban. these people who nominally stand for peace did (and do) their best to prevent international pressure being brought on ltte to restart peace talks.

no doubt, peaceniks will start reverting to usual ltte line blaming gosl for breakdown of peace talks, even though fallacy of that is obvious to everyone else, faithfully following bala now that eu ban is a fact.

to them ltte is always right even when they stay away from peace talks and government is always wrong even though it is ready to start peace talks.

to them peace means peace through appeasing ltte and on ltte's terms only, no matter how horrible that may be. views and concerns of international community, gosl, or civilians, do not matter to them. according to them even listening to other views or pressuring ltte to stop attacks and restart talks is a sure way to war.

and they say they are for 'peace'!


Janapathi said...

What the terrorist Balasingham trying to do now is to protect his ass and to find a way out to travel peacefully and raise funds like the way he did before.
Also to convert the BAN to his favor. Act like good boys for few months, lick EU asses, highlight how difficult it is to negotiate with a Ban on them and convince the EU to lift the Ban.
Then the bugger will issue statements saying 'EU accepted Tamil right to a homeland'. That will give a boost to LTTE terrorists, start the fund raising campaign, increase terrorist wealth, allow them to assassinate few more opponents..

here we go.. let’s talk again.. Till these so called terrorist leaders perish from this world..and find the place they deserve in HELL, this game will go on.. innocent tamils will suffer and die in thousands.. In south of Sri Lanka, Ranil, Mahinda, JVP, JHU politics will go on..provided they are lucky enough to survive from LTTE targets.

Keshi said...

If everyone opend their eyes and realised that LTTE r not freedom-fighters but mere terrorists, then this useless balasinghams and wutnots will be really behind bars instead of talking abt a Freedom and a Peace that they don't even understand!

Real warriors/freedom-fighters were not those who held guns and killed innocent ppl and children...real freedom-fighters r Gandhi and Mandela likes.


Anonymous said...

Since they understand the language of gun powder only, stuff them with it, no point in talking non-violence when they dont reciprocate in the same way, a lot of innocent lives hv been lost, a few more wud loose after all freedom doesn't comes for free but giving safe passage to such ppl is a SIN, we Indians hv learnt that in a hard way on the eve of year 2000 and on many other occasions.

sittingnut said...

yes, he ill try to get it lifted but it is unlikely that eu will do that anytime soon.
unless ltte stops its acts of terrorism eu would have no option but to keep it on. lifting these things are hard.

you are completely right.
ppl (esp those who say they are for peace) should open their eyes and not make excuses on behalf of ltte. it is tamil civilians who suffer most from theses acts of so called 'freedom fighters'. and we should not forget that it was ltte that killed tamil freedom fighters who went about it peacefully.

i agree that we should deal with them in the language they understand if we can.
but sl unlike india is weak and ltte is stronger than most terrorist groups . as such sl is probably unable to crush ltte . but that does not mean we should appease them, we should be prepared to fight if they bring it on.
rather since they cannot win either, we should with help of other countries pressure them abide by ceasefire. and it is clear that ltte grows weaker without war. as happened during ceasefire.

Keshi said...

**and we should not forget that it was ltte that killed tamil freedom fighters who went about it peacefully.

Spot on!