Friday, June 09, 2006

good riddance

united states with the help of iraqis got rid of abu musab al zarqawi, whose real name was ahmad fadil nazzal al-khalayleh, yesterday.

to come back to sri lanka, will we ever see a pic like the above of big pussy ? or will we see him dug out of his hole like saddam? imo coward like him will take the saddam route. he may even take the related wijeweera/gamanayake route.

lets' see.

one thing is certain as long as he remains free we won't get real peace.


Niroshan said...

It was reported in local news today that LTTE did not show up at the talks. Have you got any info. on that.Has Thamilselvam fled LTTE?
That will be good news!

sittingnut said...

no i have news on that except what is in the news.
anyway ltte seems to have lost the plot and seems to be getting deeper into a pr disaster(from ltte's pov) of their own creation in oslo by demanding eu monitors leave and being generally uncooperative. even solhiem seems to have lost his patience with them. government should do it best to appear reasonable.
as for ltte defections, there have been rumors about tamilselvem for sometime, as well as about sea tiger chief and some others. one cannot quite say which ones are correct and which ones are 'disinformation' from military. i wouldn't be surprised if some in ltte leadership want to cut their loses and escape. after all they are human.

Keshi said...

YUKKK he looks like a loser anyways.


Electra said...

oh very mature, keshi.

ashanthi said...

whilst you're busy publishing gory photos on your blog feel free to publish the latest ones on display on Tamilnet

I feel utterly sick

I suppose if they had time, they would have burnt the bodies.

It's not as if we don'tknow that this is what happens everytime soldiers with guns walk into a suburban home - is it s/nut

Asvajit said...

Im sure he looked less of a loser when he was alive.

Keshi said...

**oh very mature, keshi.

electra I dun intend to be 'mature'. I will be mature when I am.

I called him a loser cos he was an evil guy. And he lost his life in the same way he lived his life..through violence. Just cos he's dead, d u want me to respect him? Dont bring in that 'respect the dead' crap...not in this case. He was a terrorist so lets not respect killers.

Sorry if that too dint fall within ur 'mature' walls.


ashanthi said...

keshi - we mightn't always agree but you are funny - thanks for making me laugh girl - s/nut's being a goose at the moment.

Keshi said...

Ashanthi lol! where is Sittingnut btw?


ashanthi said...

I don't know - hiding I gather 'cause truly Kesh - he's been an absolute goose.

He just thinks that he can keep calling me an ltte supporter and that means he can negate any of my arguments.

I also don't like his anti-peacenik stuff.

Anyway - sure enough he'll be back to give me more stick as soon as he reads this.

Great that you're still around, keep me laughing when there ain't much to laugh about these days.

Keshi said...

Ashanthi so he spat the dummy on ya? awww...:)

Sittingnut come bakk I miss ya!


ashanthi said...

yep - and he's been spitting the dummy at everyone - anyway I agree, be good if he would come back and answer a few of the questions he got asked.

i hope he is alright.

sittingnut said...

hello everyone!
sorry i did not respond.
i was busy and out of town last weekend and early part of of the week, then i decided to take a complete break from everything and basically do nothing for the rest of the week.
just got back to colombo. will respond in detail later.

came here to temporarily delete two suspected spoof comments. more details later.

electra said...

keshi, i wasnt asking you to be respectful towards the dead, no. actually it's a LOT LOT simpler than that. i was just sitting here wondering 'how old are these people? sittingnut and keshi?'. firstly, dead or not, terrorist or not, it is so morally incorrect to say something as flippant and immature as 'YUKKK he looks like a loser anyways.' what the hell is that? what kind of person says something like that, 'anyways'?

grow up, really. its a simple matter of having a peaceful approach to issues and not a blood-lusting way of condoning violence.

and speak english the next time.

sittingnut said...

above comment by electra was originally posted at 9.57 6/16/2006 5:57 pm.
another comment by 'sittingnut' was published immediately before.
due to morquendi's antics on an earlier post i temporarily deleted it to make sure it was not a spoof. once i got confirmation that it was not a spoof i reposted it .

as explained earlier anybody can post anything here as long as they do not pretend to be someone else.
still resting will respond in detail later.

Mahisha said...

The different betwwen the kiling of al zarqawi is that his death is really not a victory for the US - a lot more will fill in his boots.
In LK, the death of Prabakaran, smily face and Anton (Dr.??) will make it easier to disarm the LTTE - - the LTTE leaders are the ones who would loose if there is peace.... do you think Trinco and Jafana Tamils like them? Praba, Smily etal will surely be stoned if they give up guns....

sittingnut said...

i missed you too. sorry for the delay in responding.
you are right.
he looks like loser, and he was loser in life and will be in history too.

happy to know you sometimes read my posts.

i was just sitting here wondering 'how old are these people? sittingnut and keshi?'
well old enough to say things like that. :-)

it is so morally incorrect to say something as flippant and immature
lol. is there a 11th commandment that say that ?
you are of course free to think that.

anyways i think english is a living language not a dead one.

ashanthi :
i am ok thanks :-)

It's not as if we don'tknow that this is what happens everytime soldiers with guns walk into a suburban home - is it s/nut
really? is that what happens in australia?

as for gory photos, they are real and they are public. and i use them if i think they help me make point.
and the one you referred to in tamilnet were also in sl newspapers along with dbs jeyaraj posts you linked to in nittewa . so much for your alleged censorship.

btw did you ask me any questions here?

asvajit :
glad to see you here.
but i have to disagree, he looked a loser in life too with his gun toting video and live beheadings.

thanks for the comment.
you are right.
big pussy and co (smiley face! i will borrow that if you don't mind) are much more crucial in sl than this loser was to to the iraq. that also says what kind of 'war' we have and for whose benefit it is fought here.
and yes without guns they will be stoned

Castedeus said...

You think these pictures are gory? Well they are. According to General Caldwell (US military) however, this is a picture of al-Zarqawi after he was cleaned up a bit. Ponder on that.

sittingnut said...


what is your point? that we should not post pics that are gory ?
or reality is even worse?

Keshi said...

hey Sittingnut WB! :)

Ashanthi he's bakkk yeyyyy!

Heyyy Electra...

**i was just sitting here wondering 'how old are these people?

does age matter? I dun think so. How old d u think this dead guy was when he committed all those insensitive crimes? He wasn't 14 btw. What kind of men go and kill that way? Ask yourself that question first before questioning us.

Ok I agree that I may have been harsh saying that he looked like a loser but the truth is he WAS a loser. Thats not gonna change is it? Electra r u tying to say he's a WINNER? I hope not. I dont wanna pretend here to be such a kind soul when I didnt feel compassion for someone like him. These were my honest feelings. Electra remember I aint Pope or Mother Theresa to be so compassionate towards a mass murderer. He died doing what he lusted the most...and that is violence.

**dead or not, terrorist or not, it is so morally incorrect to say something as flippant and immature as 'YUKKK he looks like a loser anyways.' what the hell is that?

It means he's a LOSER :), didnt u get it? Cos he adopted Violence and only losers adopt violence.

**what kind of person says something like that, 'anyways'?

Someone like me. Cos I hate Violence and I believe anybody who adopts violence/terror need to be addressed that way. Well thats my way. Ur way might be different but try going to Iraq and preaching ur words to them. I bet ur even scared to think of going there.

**grow up, really. its a simple matter of having a peaceful approach to issues and not a blood-lusting way of condoning violence.

nah I didnt lust blood there. Im quite the opposite actually :) Like I told u b4, I hate violence and any kinda terrorism. But Im not Buddha am I? What d u want me to shanti shanti shanti? I guess its u who need to grow up and wake up too. Cos I cant believe ur trying to make me deny a fact...that he was a LOSER.

**and speak english the next time.

what language d u think I used? If there was any part u couldn't u'stand, let me know. And u speak sense next time...don't preach compassion to me when u yourself really know deep down that this guy was a cold-blooded murderer.


anonymous said...

"even though i am no worst than a beast.
do i not have the right to live?"

this post seems to be a little over zealous and insensitive, the pictures displayed have been paraded around throughout the media not only as digital photos but enlarged, mounted(on acid-free material no doubt, so it will last for posterity) and framed so that this grotesque picture can be seen for the trimph that it is!? jesus this new emerging generation is more stupid than i thought. and most likely you will try and justify that he was an evil man and did really bad things, right? big fucking deal! it is no more righteous than celebrating the death of another starving african meat baby.
grow up already you fucking children!!!!

Castedeus said...


Does it seem like I even insinuate that pitures like this should not be published? If you have a moment, read my comments on Janapathi's blog on the subject, which should help clarify your doubts. If these were pictures taken after he was cleaned up, in this case, of course the reality would have been worse!

sittingnut said...

i am happy to be back
new post soon.

anonymous :
if you want to live in a fantasy do so. you are free(as long as ppl like the loser above are dead).

castedeus :
thanks for the clarification
will check out the comments when i get a moment.

Keshi said...


**big fucking deal!

yes ur right it's a big f#cking deal :)

Now u grow up...improve ur language oldy.


Keshi said...


if one of ur family had died in the hands of this man, u wouldnt be blabbering 'compassion' here would u now? Ur the insenstive folks, cos u don't feel for the 1000s who died cos of this LOSER, just cos the dead were not related to u. Get a life and some brains!


Castedeus said...

No problem Sittingnut. You go Keshi:) You ARE funny!:) Thanks for bringing on the smiles:)

anonymous said...

ok, then let's be nice then if you really want to. i feel you are missing the point. despite the possibility of any of my family members being killed be someone who was too jaded to know any better i still have the integrity to refrain from belligerently displaying images of the cadaverous kind of this deceased individual, you are just as clouded as this man you so loath, and because you loath him is precisely why you need to grow up. you think because this person did many an evil deed, justifies you to make ridiculing comments and display him in a disrespectful manner, without any further knowledge except that someone told you to hate this person and the possiblility of it being in any way inaccurrate has completely slipped your mind? i was always taught to question everything and that everything is relative, but i suppose you would prefer to continue to be the safe little automatons that you so ambivalently protest to be...shame... i guess ignorance is bliss huh?

anonymous said...

by the way you are only as old as you think, and by my calculations 12 years old sounds about right for you. maybe you should continue to play with your life affirming dolls and leave all the big issues to the adults.

Keshi said...

Anonymous u need a break..go to Cocos Island or something. Or wear robes and serve the sick n poor in Culcutta. Now thats real compassion - not blabbering compassion here abt a guy u have never even met.

btw I may be 12 but Im not 35 and venting out my anger with the F word..thats sick. Ur parents certainly forgot to teach something to u.


Keshi said...

Castedeus ;-)


sittingnut said...

nice of you to deal with 'anonymous', he clearly lives in a fantasy.


are you say saying we are such ignorant fools that all we know about this loser are false ? :-) do enlighten us. with 'accurate information' .
since you are clearly unable to deal with reality, do get another fantasy and leave the one where dead terrorist murderers deserve the same sympathy as innocents.