Tuesday, December 08, 2009

'rebel without a cause' screen test of james dean, natalie wood, and sal mineo + corresponding scene from movie

rebel without a cause is a movie i love. i have watched it countless times. i am also a fan of both james dean and natalie wood.

so i was glad to see this youtube video (uploaded by blumoon531. thanks!) of a screen test of three man actors; dean, wood and sal mineo. it is actually two tests, second one runs for few seconds and has no audio.

in the next video (uploaded by jimmysgirl. thanks!) you can see the actual (much improved) scene corresponding to the first screen test. the video contains most of the initial 'abandoned mansion' sequence of the movie and is 7 min long. screen tested scene starts at about 3.35 and continues almost to the end (in fact uploader has edited out few seconds of the sequence at the end and replaced it with few seconds a kiss from a little later).

note: second video has very low audio. if your speakers/earphones at maximum volume don't help, you might try downloading and playing it in a media player; after few minutes, audio becomes normal quality and remains so even on replay. no idea why.

for those who don't know already, all three actors in these videos died prematurely.
james dean, famously due to a car accident, at age 24, even before this film (2nd of his only 3 feature films) came out.
natalie wood, from drowning at age 43.
sal mineo was stabbed to death at age 37.

of course you can find lots of clips from movie, as well as fan made tribute music videos on youtube. there are even copies of the atrocious original trailer. i don't think full movie is there. i don't recommend watching the movie (or any other movie) on youtube if you have not seen it already. it deserves better.

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Anonymous said...

Nice find. Thank you.

Delilah said...

a favorite. you might like this song.

sittingnut said...

anon @12/08/2009 12:07 pm
you are welcome

thanks . i like that song

Morq said...

Ado stinging nuts when you don't have something to spew about you just steal stuff from youtube no? Chee. Modaya. Gooo kapan.

sittingnut said...

if this attributed embedding ( encouraged by youtube) is is stealing , what do you call what your near ngo relative engaged in ?

do answer !

Maaraquendi said...

Aney stinging nuts. HOOOOO. Mahinda maamata kadey yanawa. Buy a bottle of coconut oil. Rub some on your anus before he buttfucks you! HAHAHAHA.

sittingnut said...
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Maara-nondi said...

Ado did you just come out of the closet stinging nuts? Now you can rub some cream on your nuts so they don't sting anymore!!!

sittingnut said...

following comment (by the same idiot who posted others according tio ip address ) was left under name 'sittingnut'.

sittingnut said...

I suck Mahinda maama's donga because then he comes in my mouth and i LOVE IT!!!!

12/09/2009 11:49 AM

in this blog nothing is censored but privacy and identities are protected, attempts to violate them will be disclosed.

btw i know from experience that this sort of comment as well identity theft is characteristic peacenik bloggers. in particular thsi is calling card of sanjana hattotuwa and his friends. sanjana hattotuwa actively encouraged thsi behavior in his now defunct moju blog when i disclosed the bais and plagiarisms by prominent peaceniks connected with ngo cpa

posts in this regard can be found at here,here, and here as well in other places .

my_nuts_are_stinging said...

Ado ponna homa Suranga why're you deleting my comments?

cock-sucker said...

Hey stingingnuts how's your job at the insurance agency? If I clobber you are you covered for medical expenses?

sittingnut said...

everyone can see what this ngo parasite idiot/ and friend of sanjana hattotuwa is doing

he does not have any rational argument against me so his bird brain thinks he should attack by posting these silly comments in posts like these. lol

as always he ( as sanjana hattotuwa / indi padashow did) have a confused idea about who i am , so mistakenly attack other ppl (hence that reference about insurance i think ) .

as anyone can see no comments were deleted .
those that were posted under other ppl's names were reposted with clarifications .

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