Monday, November 02, 2009

difference a few words make! arrested for internet threats or offensive remarks? + sanjana hattotuwa's silly spin on this

a person named gayan rajapakse was arrested by police for threatening mahinda buffalo yesterday. note the word "threat".

however some ppl chose to report the cause of arrest as "offensive and defamatory comments regarding the president and the secretary of defense". same newspaper (mirror) website in another report filed shortly after, which gave more details like name and hiding place of the person arrested, reported "arrested on charges of having used the internet to threaten president mahinda rajapaksa and defence secretary gotabhaya rajapaksa". also note that the suspect was produced before matale magistrate, who remanded him till 6th .

first storysecond story

i am including the screen captures (click to enlarge) in case the story disappears from mirror website.

i personally think it is rather stupid to arrest all ppl who threaten the president. though there is nothing wrong in police investigating all threats of violence.

given we don't know the exact details of the case and severity of the threat, all we can wish for is that the correct legal process is followed. and that seems to be happening.

what happens when obama is threatened
meanwhile it is worthwhile to to note how ppl who "threaten" the president of usa are treated.
these stories pop up almost every other week. i am just posting a few (most recent and some connected to internet and absurd) .

now how do you think terrorist parroting former peacenik ngo crowd is spinning this?
well most of them were enjoying the sunday peacefully. they will no doubt do their paid spin job today or tomorrow (today being poya)

but sanjana hathutuwa treats his hack job on behalf of racists who support tamil tiger terrorists with a passion and ignores holidays. he will not let any opportunity to smear and slander sri lanka pass. so here is a screengrab (click to enlarge) of what he wrote in ict4peace blog which like the racist hate mongering groundviews blog is run by himand a comment thereof course anyone with sense can see what he deliberately but stupidly left out. (btw notice how he comments on his own post. lol). he is as always ignoring the facts that does not suit his agenda.

i posted a comment pointing out his "cleverness" in not clarifying it was a threat not just offensive remarks that caused the arrest. but i doubt given his past intolerance of opposing views whether it will pass the censorship this time.

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PAPS said...


Anonymous said...

What a waste of time and energy by all parties and what a great career making move for the guy.

As a digital ethonographer I am most interested to find out how this will unfold in Kottu.

Here are some of the things and people to watch out for

1. Will the usual peacenik vs lanka first camps emerge ? [peacknicks of course the Electra and the colombites whoose families depend on blood money]

2. How many will at least make an effort to contact the family and console them at this difficult time ?

3. Will they collect money to post bail or to hire a lawyer or as usual will they just "wise" observers ?

4. What will be the displays of solidarity ?
Will it be limited to poems and emo posts or will there be some action in the real world ?

This will display how mature our blog sphere is.

5. He is clearly identified as a blogger.So will the behavior of the bloggers be different to the actual journalists who rally around one of theirs.

My personal opinion is that he will be released at the next court date and all will be forgotten however it would be will interesting to watch the reactions of this mob in the meanwhile.

Anonymous said...

The US has arrested several people for threatening it's president.

Anonymous said...

Stop slandering the president you closeted NGO + UNP sucker. You should also be put behind bars for slandering the president before you were kicked out from your NGO circles.

sittingnut said...

paps, anon@11/02/2009 8:56 am , anon @11/02/2009 10:50 am:
thanks for the comments and points made

anon @11/02/2009 10:14 pm
you seem to be a ngo troll and live in a fantasy world and not sri lanka.

Anonymous said...

Sanjana Hathutuwa has updated his blog.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 11/03/2009 1:37 am
yes. he had no choice. he"updated" his post almost a day after the second news story in mirror and hours and hours after this post ( not to mention my censored as expected comment in his blog which gave the link to mirror story, and which i posted several hours before this post )

Anonymous said...

uspect Remanded For Lewd E-Mail to President

Gayan Rajapakse, the youth remanded by the Matale Magistrate Courts, sent an e-mail incorporating offensive language and obscene pictures to the Secretary of Defence, CID Chief Nandana Munasinghe revealed.

The CID discovered that the e-mail was sent from an Internet café in Matale, and were able to recover an e-mail address. However upon interrogation, the suspect revealed that his e-mail had been hacked into. The youth denied sending the offensive e-mail, and it was discovered that he had given his password to a former girlfriend. She in turn, gave it to her current boyfriend, Gayan Rajapakse, who was the real culprit, the CID revealed.

The e-mail had been sent to the Secretary of Defence, although it was addressed to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Munasinghe said. Within the offensive e-mail, Rajapakse allegedly said he was “not afraid” of the President. Rajapakse had also accused the President of incest, and had used foul language when addressing him. Five nude pictures of young boys and girls were attached to the email, the CID said.