Saturday, August 16, 2008

olympics and petty americans (and non americans)

why americans feel so insecure and act petty is beyond me.

but they are. their news media and blogs are full of this shit . finding all sorts of petty faults with olympics, that others (and they themselves if olympics were held in another country ) will simply ignore. its a "show" (in every sense of the word) for devils sake! what next ? criticize chinese martial art films for using stunt doubles and "camera tricks"? petty and ugly.

their disgusting pettiness feed itself on and thus trivialize even serious concerns regarding china, such as its human rights record, tibet, etc .

after all these did not materialize out of thin air. these issues have nothing to do with olympics except in the minds of insecure americans and like minded westerners ( and their slaves in other countries like relatives of indi padashow, sanjana hattotuwa and other such ngo sleaze bags, born ass lickers who gobble up without a murmur everything excreted by their paymasters ).

these issues were there for a long time.
if west want to raise them
(hypocritically since west, with usa leading, do not have a clean records themselves, quite the contrary ) they can, but keep the olympics separate. even dalai lama who supports beijing 2008 gets that, but petty americans do not .

btw let me make it clear, i am not accusing all americans, but only ppl who act in this petty way, which unfortunately seem to be large.

and as i said i don’t get why they act so.
they are the sole super power and the biggest economic power, and will remain so for a long long time . they live in a prosperous capitalist liberal democracy ( at least most americans do. if you are an american belonging to a minority or a non white foreigner, that is different, but i am talking of average american citizens and their opinion leaders ) .

whether or not, chinese stage a successful olympics or even if chinese get more gold medals ( which i doubt will happen this year in any case, though not sure) will not change any of that. nor will such achievements change the fact that china is miserable place ruled by a totalitarians dictatorship. so why be so insecure ?

as i said i don't get it, and it is so ugly and disappointing .

anyway hopefully it will stop as they get the reality.
we will see whether they will do so and have grown up, when they stop posting medal tables ranked according to number of total medals ( gold+silver+bronze) (instead of ranking according to gold medals number) as almost all the news sources which cater primarily to americans seem to be doing at present ( reason - china has more gold medals (end 08/16/08)). i mean that is primary school stuff.

of course others are not free of this kind of pettiness. american failures real or imagined at olympics do not mean anything, period. nor should they. any more than achinese martial art hero beating a white man to a pulp in a movie.

usa as a country and its citizens in general are relatively speaking better (in almost every sense of the word ) than others. certainly better than china at present. rejoicing at any humiliation of americans by chinese or others ( as lot of idiotic non americans do) is petty and ridiculous. and even short sighted. (btw i am not against rejoicing at achievements of national teams or admiration of individual athletic feats, i am speaking of something different here).

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"i don’t get why they act so"
I don't get you.